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  1. Probably not that (the lack of performance). WRXers gonna ho--that's it, and will always be it. I ho, and own some PXG iron sets, and they truly are excellent, from the 0311 line down to the 0211. Are they better? Not really, but certainly as good if not better than others, if you like the look, and the feel, and the turf interaction, etc. And of course, with the prices of the 0211 bringing them in line or cheaper than comparable sets, it is easier to give them a try, easier to unload without maybe taking a huge loss, etc. My .02 cents.
  2. You pay return shipping back to them. They will re-shaft in a comparable shaft (in other words, I don't think they would do an up-charge shaft from a no-upcharge shaft, at least not without some extra dough). They'll cover return shipping back to you. Need to call them and set it up within the 30-day return period. Then that is that--no more return policy, or re-shafting.
  3. I'm not a big fan of playing majorly over-length irons. Unless I am mistaken, the primary (maybe only?) reason that graphite shafts are generally longer than steel shafts, is for swing-weighting purposes, correct? I'd rather play standard length, or maybe 1/4" longer, and then use other means to get SW up, such as lead tape. But no, I would never go another half or full inch over standard. I demo'd the KBS TGI 90 in a set of Mavrik irons, and they were ok for me, but I didn't love them. Obviously, like any shaft, it is very personal. From my limited experience with them, I w
  4. Jon is great. I don't know about other locations, but that Hackensack location is not just a fitting factory. I am there pretty regularly for one thing or another.
  5. I am a certified forged iron junkie, so I keep a lot of the forged sets I pick up. I still have a set of JPX 900 Forged with Modus Tour 105 stiff, but from what I recall, they were not as forgiving as I was looking for at the time. The 919 Forged do seem to be a good bit more forgiving, but I have not really taken out the 900 Forged in some time. Don't sleep on the Apex 19--they are really good. And if you find a set of i200 with a shaft that works for you, those are great irons also. Really good feel for cast irons. The PXG 0211 is another very nice cast iron that is not too chunky.
  6. Yes, frustrating the direction Mizuno went with the 921 Forged. Very silly to stop at the 5 iron. That is why I recently picked up a lightly used set of 919 Forged with one of my preferred shafts, the Recoil 95 F4. Once I get them dialed in, they may go into my bag. Lovely irons. It depends on what your priorities are (forged?, distance?, topline and sole? etc.), but enjoying irons in this same general area, and being a lefty, I would look at the Apex 19, Ping i210, PXG 0211 and P, Forged Tec, TM P790 (bigger and distance), TM P770 (smaller, more players).
  7. I agree with the suggestions--919/921 Forged, Apex 19, T200, i200/i210, etc. I was initially scared off by the 'P' moniker, but ended up preferring the P (in my case, Gen1 0311) to the XF out on the course. The P line is very forgiving in its own right. It was kind of funny, as I went back and read some reviews of the Gen1 0311 after I picked up my used set, and I was seeing the word "blade" used in many of the reviews. And I was wondering why all the reviewers kept referring to the original 0311 as blades, or blade-like. And then I looked at the PXG page for the Gen1 0311 iron
  8. I haven’t played the 950GH Neo, but I assume they are similar to the standard 950GH. I am currently playing the standard 950GH stiff in a set of PXG’s, and I have Recoil 95 F4 (stiff) in a set of 919 Forged. Performance-wise, I find them very similar. Nice and smooth, with high launch, but not ballooning for me. I actually just posted in the elbow pain thread that unfortunately, even with prosoft inserts in them, I am still getting some elbow pain with the 950’s. So, from a wear and tear standpoint, I think the Recoil 95 would be superior. If I could easily and cheaply swap
  9. That’s great. I was just relaying what I had read, not from personal experience. I always keep a stock of prosoft inserts around, but also bought that 50’ of backer rod to have around. And all of that said, I installed the inserts in my NS Pro 950 shafts, and I still have darn elbow pain. Sucks getting old (all of 47 yo). I might be back to Recoils or SF soon enough...
  10. There is some concern that backer rod could trap moisture and cause rust in the shaft, but I don't profess to be an expert. The prosoft inserts are pretty cheap themselves, but the backer rod can be bought in bulk. This is it, the 5/8". https://www.amazon.com/Sashco-30623-Pre-Caulking-Filler-50-Feet/dp/B000DZKZP2/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=Sashco&dchild=1&keywords=Sashco&pd_rd_i=B000DZKZP2&pd_rd_r=fd9be8b0-a95f-4e6e-a08f-1995a63531d4&pd_rd_w=GGzuQ&pd_rd_wg=6UHd7&pf_rd_p=42e41e42-79c0-42f8-8a91-d71b944e9fa8&pf_rd_r=9KVY2C7H08XVQ65BEEV8&psc=1&am
  11. I can give my .02 cents on some PXG irons I have hit this summer, with a steep swing. Started out with 0211 irons with Elevate 95 stiff. Really liked the irons--reminded me of like a Ping i200. This was early in the season, but I don't recall any issues with bounce, whether too little or too much. Turf interaction was very good from what I recall. Kind of liked the Elevate 95 shaft, but it was somewhat spinny and short for me. I might have stuck with these with a different shaft, but got rid of them. Tried out the Gen2 XF with Steelfiber 95 R and Elevate 95 stiff. Gen2 XF lo
  12. I've played Steelfiber extensively. Was fit into the 110 (R), but never really got entirely comfortable. I think I prefer the Steelfiber 95 (R) to the 110, but still not 100% sold on these either. Currently, giving my first go with a set of Recoil 95 (F4--stiff), which are very impressive in a set of JPX 919 Forged. I've hit the TGI, which didn't blow me away. Also the Steelfiber FC 90 (S), which I would need more time with. I generally don't like the more "stock" shaft type of graphite in the 60, 70, 80g range. This stuff is so personal, but at the moment, I would give the
  13. OP, I am not sure I saw the reasoning for you going from heavy stiff steel shafts, to ultra-light graphite in your 30s. First of all, there are plenty of lighter weight steel shafts that could have been a middle ground, PX LZ, Modus 105/120 (even 950), KBS Tour 105/C-Taper Lite/90, True Temper DG 105/Elevate 105 (Tour), etc. Plus, within the graphite realm, there really is a big difference between the lighter stock shafts, and the premium graphite shafts like the Recoil 95/110, Steelfiber 90/95/110/115, etc. So, I would say that you may have gone a bit too far down to these ligh
  14. I know you are looking for specific shaft info, where I can't really help you compared to the LZ. As others have said, definitely look into the prosoft inserts. They are very cheap, and easy to install. Anytime I have been re-gripping one of my iron sets recently, I have installed the inserts. I also like the CP2 wrap grips. And definitely look into something like these elbow braces from Amazon--best $8 I have spent in a while. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XDNSXBY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Otherwise, I have found the TT Elevate shafts to wo
  15. I started the season playing the 0211 irons with Elevate 95 stiff, and I am ending the season playing the Apex 19 irons with Elevate 105 regular. Both outstanding sets of irons. Played some nice golf with the 0211 irons, but never got totally dialed in with them and the Elevate 95. Unfortunately, PXG does not offer the Elevate 105, and the Modus 105 is an up-charge for some reason. Elevate 105 is a better shaft for me than the Elevate 95, so I might have done better with the 0211 irons with those shafts in them. In any case, I guess pound for pound, the 0211 are more forgiving
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