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  1. You should be all good, OP. They're a solid seller, and I've never had any surprises in the US in terms of cost, duties, condition, etc. Enjoy the new club.
  2. I guess winter setting in isn't helping testing and chatter about the B21 driver, but I have taken advantage of a mild winter to get out on several occasions with my B21. I believe I am finally cracking the code of the B21 to start seeing what it can do. I played the Mavrik and Mav Max extensively last season, so I started out approaching the B21 in a similar vein, shaft-wise and the like. I don't know how much of a generality one can draw from my experience, but I have found pretty consistently that for me, the B21 "wakes up" with a bit of a heavier and stiffer shaft. I got som
  3. Of course. It’s essentially a current gen driver. You’ll probably never see one out on the course, but these are nice drivers—totally comparable to the big boys.
  4. Ha, all good. Vibration dampening is still totally relevant. Now, if you were asking for input on the Ping G5 driver or something like that, then that’s another story, lol. Anyway, for those of us getting up in the years and with some creaky joints, this is top of mind. I still own sets of irons with Steelfiber 95 and 110, and Recoil 95, so real premium shafts. And those are in fact great shafts, that I can play well with. But something seems off for me with the overall consistency, and I seem to come back to steel pretty often. And I don’t really try to come back to steel wi
  5. 10 year old thread my friend... Anyway, aside from some minor differences, vibration dampening is vibration dampening. I have prosoft inserts installed in some steel shafted iron sets. It helps, but is not the same as graphite. That said, while my graphite shafted iron sets are easier on my joints, I just can’t get locked in with them on a consistent basis, so I am back in steel for the time being. YMMV.
  6. Hey, play whatever works. With Callaway, there are some shaft/head combos where I hit more fades with the D setting as opposed to the N setting, and vice versa. Think about all of the variables between your shaft, how you have the weights in the Max head, the characteristics of that specific shaft, how you address the ball at -1/D, where your head is at contact, etc. If it works, it works. With a natural fade/cut, I do tend to go with 9* heads when possible, to then loft up instead of down if necessary. I do find that going -1 and opening the face does tend to accentuate my f
  7. Thanks. Especially with the reduced pricing, I'd prefer to get fitted by a PXG fitter if I were going to go with a PXG driver, rather than grasping at head, loft and shaft. Tough right now with winter setting in here in NJ. And these do pop up pre-owned from time to time, so if I get that impulse, helpful to have some frame of reference.
  8. What loft do you play in the XF? Do you find it generally low launching (where you might loft up, say go with 10.5*), or high launching (where you might loft down, say go with 9*). Thx.
  9. I'm with you on the conditions. I took out my Gen1 0311 irons last weekend here in NJ--cold and wet, but getting out for winter golf is better than sitting around doing nothing IMHO. Have you said what line you have, T, P or XF? I tried out the XF, which were nice, but a bit too large for my liking. I think I would have been better off with the P, which are still generally very forgiving. I love my OG 0311 irons with Nippon 950 stiff shafts that I picked up used, and to be honest, they are bigger heads than many comparable players irons like the Callaway Apex '19, so still for
  10. Agreed--I've bought plenty of stuff from them, and have used them for trade-ins as well. Good shop.
  11. These beauties finally arrived. There was a shipping snafu, and my first order never made it to DD. PXG re-built a second order ASAP, and I just got them in hand. Winter has set in, but hoping to get these out in some winter golf to see how they compare to the prior Gen forged wedges (which I love).
  12. Pound for pound, I think the standard Mavrik is probably longer, but in the end, this really comes down to launch, spin, etc. I don't know all of the variables with your testing, but your results seem pretty true to form for me. I got along with the 10.5* Mavrik more than the 9*, and it was the reverse with the Mav Max, where I preferred the 9*. I don't think the Mav Max is noticeably shorter than the Mavrik, though. Although I have the Mav Max in my sig currently, the driver spot for me is open for next season. I ended up coming around more on the Mav Max, so it is
  13. I am in winter golf season here in NJ, so if I can get out (which I have been able to), the conditions aren't great. And I also like taking out different sets this time of year. That said, I did take out the 0211 with Elevate Tour a couple of times, and I am unsure at the moment. Because of PXG's very limited no-upcharge shaft options, I went with the Elevate Tour even though they are heavier than my typical 100-110g shafts. As a lefty, I have been pushing iron shots to the left with this new combo more than I would want, and I suspect the heavier shafts are an issue. At lea
  14. I would add to that KBS family, the Tour 105, which is pretty comparable to the Modus 105 IMO. I was previously fit for the Modus 105 S, and frankly prefer the KBS Tour 105 S. There are other shafts in that weight range to consider with differing characteristics, like the DG 105. All good shafts though. Sounds like you may need a new fitting anyway.
  15. Promising day out there with the B21 today. I was with a couple of buddies, so I couldn’t do my “winter golf” thing, bringing out a bunch of shafts, changing settings, etc. I had my one setup with the 9* B21, Speeder Evo III 569 S/R, +1/N. I felt like I was finally able to tame the beast and see what the B21 is capable of. No fades really to speak of, which had been the tendency with other shafts I had tried with it. No real draws either, and definitely no hooks. It was essentially one cut after another, which is my preferred shot shape. Problem was, as a lefty, my cuts wer
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