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  1. I've bought shafts from CC previously (note the Accra shafts in my sig, which I frankly do really like and have no issue with), but likely won't again. There was a purpose and a convenience in this one instance, and I am fine with how it all went down. Not getting into the general muck and mire, but as to the question of whether they will return your pulls to you, they absolutely do and will. That is talking about re-shafting existing clubs, whether irons or woods. I've always gotten my previous shafts back. I think the worst of the issues come with how they handle new clubs a
  2. Just stop buying the really cheap ones, and pick up the CaddyTek from Costco. Been totally reliable for me over the years, and the current gen has the "jolt" feature. https://www.costco.com/caddytek-golf-laser-rangefinder%2c-caddyview-v2-%2bslope.product.100419508.html
  3. I've played Gen1 0311 (essentially P), OG 0211, and Gen2 XF. Gen1 0311, which were really touted in all respects as a players iron, are pretty darn forgiving and have a look and a sole no smaller than say a Ping i series. They look and play very forgiving for a players-type iron, and feel great. As noted above, the OG 0211 are sort of a progressive set, which are kind of in between a Ping i and G series, with more of the feel of the i, and the forgiveness of the G. Great set of irons. The Gen2 XF were bigger than the more recent Ping G series. I did not
  4. All good. Makes more sense with some context. I think this is sort of a new era with graphite shafts. You've had premium graphite shafts around for awhile with shafts like Steelfibers and Recoils, but now there are MMT, Project X Catalyst, Kuro Kage, etc. I am in my late 40s, and I have kind of thrown in the towel in general on steel shafts. Just too much pain associated with those, and I have iron sets with Steelfibers, Recoils and Kuro Kage. The shafts are fantastic, I have virtually no negative effects like golfer's elbow, and the performance is there. If the MMT 90 were
  5. I don't quite understand the concept of getting fit, and then not trusting the results (assuming it was a competent fitting). MMT's are some of the best graphite shafts around. That would make really nice iron heads with the T100s, and really nice shafts, equals really nice irons. What weight did you get fit into with the MMT?
  6. Thanks, good info. Probably a pretty safe move for you being a SF i80 user. I am a SF i95/110 user (Recoil 95, Kuro Kage 105, etc.), so anything under 90g tends to scare me. If I decide to order G425s, would be nice to avoid the big up-charges for Steelfibers, Recoils, etc., but it would be a gamble for me to go with the Alta CB.
  7. Not much of a difference. The Elevate 105 is essentially the successor to the XP 105. Maybe a bit more more spin and launch with the Elevate, but not a ton. I have played them both.
  8. So, the Max LS has really been great for me. I have owned 9* and 10.5* Max and Max LS drivers, and have settled on the 9* Max, and 10.5* Max LS. And among those two, both are fantastic, but I just love playing the Max LS. Ton of fun to play, very consistent, neutral bias for me even with a natural fade, very forgiving and keeps spin in check. Great drivers.
  9. This is how Callaway has been doing it lately. They don't show you the 50% bonus, so you do have to have some faith. Yet, with a couple of buys and trades for Epic line drivers, I have had no issues getting the full 50% bonus when trading in say 3 drivers for one driver purchase. YMMV.
  10. When I buy iron sets, I generally start at 5 iron. Then, when I actually use the 5 iron out on the course, with on and off success, I generally go back to a hybrid. I am not advocating for anyone else, and there are plenty of guys here who play 4 irons. Have at it. But for many of us, there is no question that hybrids are easier to hit than long irons, which to me includes 5 irons, and possibly, 6 irons as well. After I was fitted for my 4 hybrid shaft and really saw the benefit, I had the builder order me the same shaft for my 5 hybrid, to have as an option. I tend to end up
  11. What did you go with, the Alta CB stiff, which is in the low 80's weight-wise? That is great if the stock graphite is rivaling SF's.
  12. Well sure, if you want low spin, forgiving and long... Seriously though, coming from the standard Mavrik last season, the Max LS is very good, and just so much fun to play. As to any fade bias, I hate fade biased drivers with my natural fade, and the Max LS is no problem with that. I frankly play it at +1/N, with the D setting turning the ball over too much. And you can always adjust left/right bias with the sliding weight. I have the Max and Max LS, and both are excellent, with the Speed users loving theirs as well. OP, if the G425 LST is not working for you, seriously give t
  13. Ditto. Just did two recent Epic purchases with trades, and no issue on sending in multiple clubs. Got the full 50% bonus.
  14. Yep, I did see that PXG has increased their no up-charge selection now. Definitely a positive development. Still not a huge selection, but shafts like KBS Tour/120, Nippon 850/950, now no up-charge.
  15. That's awesome. And meanwhile, I also played the Mavrik last season and loved it, and have since moved into the Max LS and Max, but not the Speed. I demo'd the Speed, and did not seem to get along with it as well as the others, but seems I need to give it another shot. What a great new Epic line by Callaway, though.
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