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  1. Again, despite the naysayers in this thread, heads absolutely make a difference. I have both an Epic Max and Max LS. Max LS fades more, and Epic Max turns over much easier. That is pretty known—nothing earth-shattering there. You’re on the right track with the TM D drivers. Those are very nice, and do help turning the ball over in certain settings. I hit a stock fade, and need to be mindful of driver heads. I’ve said in this thread before, TM D drivers, Callaway Mavrik, and frankly the Epic Max is the best driver I have played in quite some time. With the lighter Smoke im10 50, I have no problem keeping it on the right side (I am a lefty). Good luck—you’ll get this sorted out. Do try the Epic Max if you can—great head.
  2. I kind of disliked the B21. Just didn’t work for me. At the time, I moved back into my Mavrik driver, but have since moved on to the Epic Max, which I much prefer to the others (and handily beats out Ping G425 Max and SFT for me). I mean, I would not say the B21 is the most forgiving driver out there by any means, but if it works for him, more power to him.
  3. Recoil 95 F3. MMT 90/95, soft-stepped if necessary. Catalyst 100 soft-stepped twice. Those are a few suggestions.
  4. For some reason, your post drew too much snark and too many smart-a** responses, but whatever. I think it’s a reading comprehension issue common on this forum. Sort of like the ongoing P790’s Delayed thread, where the clear intent of the OP (the forest through the trees) was that in spite of the ongoing supply chain issue, TM misled initially about a quick build and delivery, and has now kept pushing back his delivery month after month after the initial promise. Not a supply chain issue, but an OEM communication and execution issue. Yet, every response is don’t you know there is a supply chain issue, shut up, suck it up, etc.
  5. Ah, screw it, order placed for a LH 19* with Trono 75S. UW may not work for me. Trono will most likely be too much shaft for me. But what are we here for if not to make stupid impulse purchases just because it’s a deal in a sense.
  6. I have Steelfiber i110 R in sets of G425 and i210, Steelfiber i95 R in a set of G410, and Steelfiber fc115 stiff (ss 1x) in a set of PXG Gen 2. My favorites are the i110, then fc115, then i95. I like that weight in the 105-110g range, so however good the i95 are (and they are great), they trail a bit behind the heavier Steelfibers for me. Amazing shafts overall, and much easier on the body. I’ve played Recoil 95, which are nice as well, though not in the top range for me. I love the Project X Catalyst 100 as well. Have never really given the MMT 95/105 a test, but would like to. Tons of great options out there these days, like the ones I mentioned, plus KBS TGI/PGI.
  7. Back to the task at hand, I would go Mavrik (standard) or Epic Max if I were you. I prefer the Epic Max, as it is a good bit more forgiving than the Mavrik. But as was noted above, the standard Mavrik is definitely draw biased. Played it extensively last season, and it is a wonderful driver. Great feel and sound also. I personally never really got on with the Mav Max driver. Epic Max to me is the best of both worlds in terms of forgiveness and being able to turn the ball over (I play the sliding weight around the middle of the channel). I've also played the TM D drivers, and those are very good as well. Sim Max D can be had pretty cheap and is a nice head. Pretty easy to turn the ball over. YMMV and good luck.
  8. I would have said the same thing. I picked up a set of Gen 2 P irons with SF fc115 when they were being phased out, and they are awesome irons. Great deal, that can't really be replicated right now with the Gen 3 or Gen 4. But the PXG P series is great in this genre IMHO. Very forgiving for players' irons.
  9. And at the end of the day, it's like, ok where's the problem for the consumer? We complain when the prices are high, and then complain when the prices are low? Those of us without an axe to grind with PXG, should have no issues with their current direction. Quality golf clubs, generally built and shipped quickly, at lower prices in a lot of cases relative to their competition. I simply don't see a problem with that. Anyone who chooses to pay $3-4k for a latest gen iron set doesn't have a gun to their head. And especially now, we all have pretty good visibility into PXG's pricing, and can make informed decisions. My set of Gen2 P with Steelfibers that I picked up near the end of the line for Gen2, came in at a lower cost than my Pings, and could 100% be in my bag. Outstanding set of irons.
  10. I have a steep swing, so I don't make it easier on my body. That said, graphite has made a world of difference for me. I can still get some soreness after a round or a bunch of rounds, but nothing terrible. Over the years playing steel shafts, even 10-15 years ago so much younger, I had significant shoulder and elbow problems. I just don't get that anymore after switching to graphite, and frankly, during the pandemic years, I have played much more golf than I ever did previously. There is really not much question that graphite is easier on the joints than steel, and now with Steelfibers, and Recoils, MMT, Catalyst, etc., these graphite shafts give nothing away to their steel counterparts. Phenomenal shafts. I actually go a step further and put backer rod (prosoft inserts) into my Steelfibers. Makes them that much more resistant to vibration and pain. YMMV.
  11. Love the Steelfiber i110 and fc115. If you are looking for that 115-120g range, then don't sleep on the fc115. I have them in a set of PXG Gen 2 P irons, soft-stepped once, and they are excellent shafts. For me personally, I should have soft-stepped the fc115 twice, but that is to get them down a bit in weight and just a tad softer. The i110 are outstanding, and as is widely known, swing weight quite low. I think my Pings must be at C9 without the lead tape I have added to get them D2-D3. The i110 regulars play firm but with some kick, and work great for me. The i110 stiff were like re-bar for me, incredibly stiff and harsh. Can't game those in my irons, but I do play them in my Cleveland wedges soft-stepped once. YMMV and good luck.
  12. These are both outstanding heads. I own both, and have played both extensively this season. Epic Max is definitely more forgiving, has more draw bias and IMHO sounds and feels better. Max LS is still forgiving but not quite the Max, is more fade biased, and has an odd sound to it like a tink. All-in-all, both are great and worth a look, but the Epic Max works better for me and my game. 9* Max works great for me, while I have the 10.5* in the Max LS. YMMV.
  13. End of the day, it’s like any other club we all buy to make our game better. It isn’t point and shoot by any means. If anything, I’ve found it pretty tough to figure out entirely in terms of tee height, shaft length, hosel settings, shaft, etc. I think I have landed in a decent place with the 300 Mini for the time being with a Tensei CK Blue TM driver shaft I had around, but I will do more testing in the off-season when I have the course to myself. That said, I think it is a terrific golf club. It looks good, feels good, sounds good, etc. IMHO, TM did a heck of a job with the 300 Mini overall. It just comes down to trying to dial it in and tame it, and that is where it will work for some, and not for others. YMMV.
  14. I still love the fact that a thread that has become more about PXG thriving, is titled "Is PXG going of business"...lol.
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