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  1. And at the end of the day, it's like, ok where's the problem for the consumer? We complain when the prices are high, and then complain when the prices are low? Those of us without an axe to grind with PXG, should have no issues with their current direction. Quality golf clubs, generally built and shipped quickly, at lower prices in a lot of cases relative to their competition. I simply don't see a problem with that. Anyone who chooses to pay $3-4k for a latest gen iron set doesn't have a gun to their head. And especially now, we all have pretty good visibility into PXG's pricing, and can make informed decisions. My set of Gen2 P with Steelfibers that I picked up near the end of the line for Gen2, came in at a lower cost than my Pings, and could 100% be in my bag. Outstanding set of irons.
  2. I have a steep swing, so I don't make it easier on my body. That said, graphite has made a world of difference for me. I can still get some soreness after a round or a bunch of rounds, but nothing terrible. Over the years playing steel shafts, even 10-15 years ago so much younger, I had significant shoulder and elbow problems. I just don't get that anymore after switching to graphite, and frankly, during the pandemic years, I have played much more golf than I ever did previously. There is really not much question that graphite is easier on the joints than steel, and now with Steelfibers, and Recoils, MMT, Catalyst, etc., these graphite shafts give nothing away to their steel counterparts. Phenomenal shafts. I actually go a step further and put backer rod (prosoft inserts) into my Steelfibers. Makes them that much more resistant to vibration and pain. YMMV.
  3. Love the Steelfiber i110 and fc115. If you are looking for that 115-120g range, then don't sleep on the fc115. I have them in a set of PXG Gen 2 P irons, soft-stepped once, and they are excellent shafts. For me personally, I should have soft-stepped the fc115 twice, but that is to get them down a bit in weight and just a tad softer. The i110 are outstanding, and as is widely known, swing weight quite low. I think my Pings must be at C9 without the lead tape I have added to get them D2-D3. The i110 regulars play firm but with some kick, and work great for me. The i110 stiff were like re-bar for me, incredibly stiff and harsh. Can't game those in my irons, but I do play them in my Cleveland wedges soft-stepped once. YMMV and good luck.
  4. These are both outstanding heads. I own both, and have played both extensively this season. Epic Max is definitely more forgiving, has more draw bias and IMHO sounds and feels better. Max LS is still forgiving but not quite the Max, is more fade biased, and has an odd sound to it like a tink. All-in-all, both are great and worth a look, but the Epic Max works better for me and my game. 9* Max works great for me, while I have the 10.5* in the Max LS. YMMV.
  5. End of the day, it’s like any other club we all buy to make our game better. It isn’t point and shoot by any means. If anything, I’ve found it pretty tough to figure out entirely in terms of tee height, shaft length, hosel settings, shaft, etc. I think I have landed in a decent place with the 300 Mini for the time being with a Tensei CK Blue TM driver shaft I had around, but I will do more testing in the off-season when I have the course to myself. That said, I think it is a terrific golf club. It looks good, feels good, sounds good, etc. IMHO, TM did a heck of a job with the 300 Mini overall. It just comes down to trying to dial it in and tame it, and that is where it will work for some, and not for others. YMMV.
  6. I still love the fact that a thread that has become more about PXG thriving, is titled "Is PXG going of business"...lol.
  7. You are in the realm of KBS proprietary shafts, which often has very little specifics. I have a set of SLDR irons with KBS C Taper 90 shafts, which were really proprietary for TM. For all intents and purposes, this may be the same shaft as the KBS C Taper 105, which was also proprietary for TM I believe. I don't know that anybody really knows. But these are all perfectly fine shafts. And for that matter, the C Taper 90 I have in my SLDR irons are definitely stiffer than regular KBS Tour 90 shafts. I think that they just took the C Taper Lite profile and either made those into the C Taper 90/105, or made some tweaks to soften the profile a bit, maybe lighten the weight a bit. YMMV. That said, if you do like the C Taper 105, I would look at the KBS Tour 105, which is a terrific shaft, and less boardy than the C Taper line. Or you could look at KBS Tour, or C Taper Lite. All good shafts, with some different profiles.
  8. I actually did power spec the i210's, but the G425's are standard loft. I didn't really buy the two sets with the intent of blending, but it is always a possibility. Reality is, when I play the G425's, I have no complaints when I start getting in the shorter irons and wedges. I can use the forgiveness at any rate, and enjoy the full set of the G425's. It's all good. Hope to get a few more weeks in of Fall golf here in NJ, will enjoy the G425's the rest of the season, and will surely play the i210's more in the off-season, and see where things shake out in the spring. Thanks.
  9. I don’t typically think that forgiving players irons cost me strokes, but gotta say, today my i210 irons cost me some strokes. They look so good, and feel so good, but no question my swing needs to be more “on” when I play them or similar players irons. I will gladly go back to my regular G425 irons on a consistent basis, but my irons like the i210 aren’t going anywhere. Fun to play when the swing is grooving. But the G425 are simply noticeably more forgiving.
  10. By all means, feel free to do some touristy stuff, stop at Chelsea Piers, etc. But in all honesty, NYC is simply not a real golfing destination (especially in December…). No real must-see or must-do stops, IMO.
  11. I love the KBS Tour 105 stiff. That was my preferred steel shaft until I switched to graphite. Basically, you will be in the class of the Nippon Modus Tour 105 and TT Elevate 105 (or if you can still find them, XP 105). KBS Tour regular flex (around 110g) would be pretty similar I would think. You can also look at DG 105, and maybe Project X LZ 105. These will have differing profiles and tendencies (like lower launch in the DG 105), but within that 105-110g range. Also, Ping AWT 2.0 would be in the same vein in terms of weight and feel. I also liked the C-Taper Lites in terms of performance, but couldn't really play them regularly due to their boardiness.
  12. I know it is common knowledge, but can confirm, SF i110 swing-weight quite low. I know that would be a problem for some, but I actually prefer it. I’d rather start with a low SW, and then just customize with lead tape based upon feel and performance on the course. As Stuart noted, i95 swing-weights higher, and while I like the i95, I just love the extra weight and performance of the SF i110, so I deal with it. I’ve had two iron sets with SF i110cw built by Ping in the past few months, i210 and g425, and they both came in at D0 or less IIRC. Both sets have varying degrees of lead tape from 5 iron through gap wedge, as I generally like to progress heavier up the set.
  13. May?? WTF did you order, lol? Of course, you must have some backordered shafts, grips, etc. I received my May order of G425 irons in July, and my August order of i210 irons in September. Sorry to hear about your troubles, and kudos for your patience.
  14. I have a set of Gen 2 P with Steelfiber fc115, and they are awesome. I soft-stepped those once, but should have probably done twice. Still great, though. That said, the i210 are incredible irons as well, and are really up there with the best of the best IMHO. Recently received a set of those with Steelfiber i110. The i210 really feel better than a number of forged irons that I own. Can't go wrong with either the P's or i210's, and I am happy to have both.
  15. Ditto on the other thoughts. Recoil 95 F3 would be a good approximation of KBS Tour 90, whether stiff or regular. I find Recoil 95 F4 stiffer than KBS Tour 90 stiff.
  16. Ok, but aren't you still at the same place where you simply need a different weight and have purchased (or can purchase) any variety of aftermarket weights? If I reached out to Ping, Callaway, etc. every time I tinker with a shaft, shaft length, higher or lower swing weight, etc., they'd want to kill me. Plus, it is generally common knowledge here that of all OEM's, Ping is the biggest stickler about procedures, policies, etc. I'm still not seeing the big issue here.
  17. I was very excited to just receive my new set of i210 irons from Ping, and as I often do, go back and watch reviews of the irons when they were released. And the reviews are from summer 2018! Three full years ago, and the i210 seem as solid and relevant today as they did 3 years ago. Pretty remarkable in this day and age IMHO, especially with us WRXers.
  18. I have sets of G425's and i210's with identical setups, other than the i210 are Power Spec lofts. I just got the i210, but took them out yesterday for a round (after playing Saturday with my G425's). Both are very smooth with Steelfibers. It was windier yesterday with the i210, so when I came up short on a couple of holes, I think it was more that than any sort of difference in forgiveness. I essentially shot the same score Saturday and Sunday. Both are fantastic sets. i210 look a bit better, feel a bit better, and are a bit less forgiving. I am certainly a much higher handicap than MtlJeff, and I could certainly play the i210 regularly and not lose much compared to the G425's. But no question, there is something that will always be special about the Ping G-series irons, and how forgiving they are, and especially with the newer releases, how good they look as well. These are not your G10, G15, G20 sort of iron, and I have played all of those as well. YMMV.
  19. Well, though I didn’t have to wait that long for my set, I can confirm that the i210 are worth the wait. Took my set out for its maiden voyage today, and they were so good. Just what I would have expected compared to my G425 irons—slightly better looking, definitely better feeling, and only slightly less forgiving. Love the Power Spec—highly recommend that. I can see why the i210 has the cult status they have. Good luck to those waiting for their sets—hang in there.
  20. Love my G425 irons so much, I ordered a set of LH i210 5-UW on 8/7, before the price hike. I was quoted a December ship date from Ping via Carl’s where I placed the order. Figured I would end up cancelling at some point. Lo and behold, I see a package from Ping headed to me show up in my UPS tracking this week. I am thinking, what the heck could that be. Then I think, nah, couldn’t be the i210 irons, but what else? Well, it was in fact my i210 irons arriving today. About 6 weeks, so really darn good all things considered. December, lol. Same shafts as my G425 irons, but went with power spec on the i210. Can’t wait to hit them.
  21. PXG recently sent a couple of replacement irons to DD instead of directly to me. DD shipped out via Fed Ex on 9/10, and eventually arrived here in NJ on 9/19. You'll [hopefully] get your clubs, but it will likely take a few more days. Fed Ex is a sxxt-show right now.
  22. I don't know the technical answer to your question. But keep in mind there is no "standard" lie angle, as 2* up in one iron could be very different from a different iron in actual lie angle. For example, Titleist are generally more upright standard than Mizuno. Putting that aside, lie angle is easily adjusted in forged irons, so I wouldn't sweat it too much. You can always play them as they come, see what your results are, and adjust from there if needed.
  23. I tried the fc90 stiff in a set of Epic Forged, and never really got comfortable with them. Lighter weight, different specs than the i series, whatever. I have played i95 extensively, and as between fc90 and i95, I prefer i95 (R flex). As between i95 and i110, I prefer i110. Works perfectly for me, as someone who was most comfortable playing steel shafts in the 100-110g range. I play Steelfiber i110 R in my primary set of G425’s, and they are a great combo. I have fc115 in a backup set of PXG Gen2 P irons, and I soft-stepped those once, but now would probably do twice to get the weight closer to my preferred weight. I know I am headed in a bit different direction than you were looking for, but bottom line, if you are looking for lighter, softer and more active than the i95, then definitely try the fc90. Good shaft, and it does what it is intended to do as an alternative to the i95. YMMV.
  24. Usual suspects. Steelfiber i95/i110 (or fc90 if you want a bit softer), Recoil 95/110, Catalyst 100, MMT 95/105, KBS TGI. I have similar steel preferences as you (Nippon 950, Modus Tour, AWT), and I personally prefer Steelfiber i110 over the others. Also have sets with SF i95 and Recoil 95, and really like those as well. Love the Catalyst 100, and people love the MMT and KBS as well. People are all over the map with these shafts and preferences as can be expected, so no way to really know what would work best for you. Tons of great options though.
  25. Big difference, probably. ESX are in the 60g range I believe. Only way for you to know is to hit them, but I wouldn’t expect that you will like them long-term if you want and actually went with the Recoil 95. The 95s are legit steel shaft replacements. Not so much when you are down in the 60-70g range, even 80g IMHO.
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