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  1. Comparing two driver heads of the same model, where the stated loft of one head is 9 degrees and the other is 10 degrees. Assuming the same swing, delivery, and a slightly high-toe impact location (robot arm?), what differences could we expect? IME, the 10 degree driver head would generate less ball speed, >1 degree increase in initial launch angle, and more spin than the 9 degree head. I can't explain why technically. I'm guessing bulge and roll has a part to play in this, but would really like to hear a better explanation of the physics. Thanks!
  2. > @JoeJoeJoeUrBoat said: > CBs peaked at 718 if you ask me, they were gorgeous. So sad. They ruined the CB. The short irons look hideous. And to hell with the T100. I don't play blades, but for me it's the MB's or jump to another brand. Good thing I'm not in the market for a new set of irons (at least I think I'm not).
  3. Srixon Z785 right handed Loft:9.5* Shaft: Tensei Pro Orange 60 TX flex
  4. Oh yeah, great giveaway! Current handicap 9.3 City, State Yorba Linda, CA Do you currently use any tracking device? Garmin S20 How many rounds do you play per month this time of year? 6 Willing to take pictures and write a thorough review YES Thanks!
  5. City, State? Yorba Linda, CA Handicap? 9.3 Current Driver? Titleist 917D2 What model would you want to test? Z785 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX member review thread for Srixon Z Series drivers and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Yes!
  6. Have you been fit before? Yes, many times. *What location would you go to? Los Angeles, Ca Type of fitting (Driver, Iron, or Putter)? Iron If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? We require you provide quality photos, and provide a review of the fitting? Yes!
  7. So like I said in my OP, lots of bashing in regards to 17/1700. :black eye: The SLDR is history but there are many newer low spin driver/shaft combos out there. Again, despite the naysayers, its certain some folks have the swing and the equipment to consistently hit these numbers and still find a high % of fairways. If this is you, what are you using?
  8. What Mitsubishi shaft model, weight, and flex you would choose! TENSEI™ Pro Orange 60 TX What color staff bag you would want? Red What model (Tour F1 or Tour F4) golf balls you would want to win. Tour F1
  9. Yups. I recall putting a screw in the toe area. My miss is definitely heel. Rarely hit out on the toe. The random hook totally makes sense now. :scare2:
  10. Absolutely true if you found the right loft /shaft combo. The only guys who hated it were the ones playing too little loft and the hookers. I play a fade and loved its heel bias. Easier to square up. What do you mean by heel bias? More weight in the heel? I think this may be true as I recall having a random pull hook with my SLDR 430. Hardly "unreliable", but it did make me scratch my head once in a while. Overall was a great club for me at the time.
  11. Clearly, the "loft-up" marketing campaign is dead. More often than not, the mention of 17/1700 elicits some bashing or at the very least a flip of the hand from the experts. But looking back at past few years, I'm wondering if some of us have made a mistake by going back to more traditional launch conditions? So then, is anyone still playing 17/1700 at launch (or trying to) and what club/shaft are you using to do it?
  12. Sweet giveaway! What is your handicap 8.3 Current iron shafts and flex Nippon Modus 120 S Closest Authorized Fujikura Dealer (Search HERE) Pro Max Golf in Placentia, CA Choose your PRO Iron weight/flex HERE 95i Tour S Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES You must be a U.S. resident age 18 or older. YES You must be prepared to test equipment on a golf course with two weeks of its receipt.YES You must be willing to write a thorough, honest review in our standard format with proper pictures from a camera (video too if you'd like).YES You must
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