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  1. My pops has supported me through all sports. First baseball and now that we are older, golf. It is the one thing we can do together that no one else in the family shares with him. Although, he can be frustrating to play at times he is still my favorite to play with!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Very much appreciated
  3. Just curious if anyone has a method or trick to restoring the black finish on a R11? Would something like casswell blackener or some type of blueing oil do the trick? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the help. Appreciate it!
  5. Are the tips in Taylormade metals all the same? Meaning, will a r11 tip fit in a r9 head? Any help here is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Yes, that can be definitely frustrating. You can repaint logos, letters and crowns but there doesnt seem to be any secret to refinish the gunmetal finish... DIY at least. Thanks for the comments guys
  7. Thanks for the reply. Was this for the sole of the club or the crown? Sorry, should have been more clear. I am going to repaint the crown with matte finish but want to know if there is anyway to restore the luster in the black polished sole/face.
  8. To anyones' knowledge, is there anyway (DIY) to refinish or touch up the black finish on woods? (i.e. the i20 or R11) I bought a used s9-1 pro that I wanted to black out and matte... The finish on these seem to wear worse than the newer clubs. I am not sure if there is anyway to do this but any ideas are greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  9. Is there a certain grit that should be used when sanding off the OEM finish? Sorry, if this was said before... Didn't see anything. I have an old launcher ti head at home that I want to experiment on with a skymark. I assume I should sand "out" the skymark and/or smooth out, correct? Love the look btw. Impressive!
  10. Can you pm pics of crown/face?? Head cover included?
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