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  1. Has anyone played both these and the Bridgestone j15 cb? I love my stones but wondering what if anything would be gained with a possible switch. Any comparisons would be appreciated!
  2. that’s exactly what I’m planning to do lmao
  3. Lol. More just wondering if others have experienced the same issue, and if so what they do to prevent it from happening knowing it can occur. Definitely won’t be sending the putter back.
  4. Hey guys, got a 2021 phantom the week of their release as an order through my pro shop. It’s my first Scotty and my first time spending so much on a putter, but It’s been fantastic and has been worth the investment. With that being said, I have had an issue with the shaft band where they write the custom specs. After my first round with the putter, one of the numbers on the length somehow smeared. No big deal. Now, however, the entire sticker is illegible. I am VERY anal about my clubs, and even switched out of my 14 way bag to avoid excess friction in the band.
  5. Anyone still gaming these? Any opinions on feel, forgiveness, distance etc? Thanks!
  6. Anyone else have any more feedback on these irons and on the finish? Toying with the idea of switching from my p790 to these.
  7. I was looking specifically at the t100S- is this the same head size as the regular t100?
  8. Anyone compare the 2019 p790 directly to the t100s, and can comment on feel, forgiveness, distance etc? currently using the p790 but the mid to longer irons occasionally have too little spin as has been noted. I’m interested in the t100s- are distances similar? any info would be appreciated thanks.
  9. Ordered last week actually. Think I just got lucky! You will love it!
  10. Quoted one month for 33” lefty. Got it today! Beautiful putter wow
  11. Just put my order in today for the 5.5 gonna take the plunge. Was quoted 3-4 weeks due to my custom shaft length (33”). Pumped!
  12. I had the O works red two ball and sold it because it was too soft; we play on somewhat slower greens so I found distance control to be terrible for me. How would the white hot insert compare?
  13. this putter just got the top spot on another sites blade putter testing. Anyone try these out yet and how do they perform?
  14. Anyone compare the 699 to the 2019 p790? Being a lefty, the pros are not an option otherwise would have got a combo set. Currently playing the 790s and like them but don’t love them.
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