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  1. Have you tried the spider x at all, and if so can you compare the feel? We play on slow greens and I like my spider enough, but the firmer feel of the Heppler I think may help quite a bit. The tyne3 looks like a no brainer to line up.
  2. This is exactly the model and length I’ll be getting, so fingers crossed I have the same experience! If anything I might go 0.25” shorter which again in theory would help negate a flexible shaft. Thanks ??
  3. Hi guys, asked this in my Heppler thread, but have you still noticed the adjustable putter shafts of the Heppler being a bit too soft/flexible? I know this was an issue with the sigma 2 line, and wondering if they addressed it with the Heppler. I would b playing the putter at 33” likely, so I’m hoping that won’t be too much of a problem. Thanks.
  4. I know this was a big issue in the sigma line- was it not addressed in the Heppler line?
  5. I definitely play a shorter putter (33”, sometimes 32.75”) and planned on keeping it short. Definitely want pp60 (I like the flat front), and wouldn’t be adjusting lie angle. If I ordered the putter at 33”- ping would just pre set the length but it’s still an adjustable shaft- do you think swing weight could still be a concern?
  6. Anyone gaming the Heppler for a while now, and can comment on how they have gotten along with it? I’m looking at a tyne3. Recently purchased a Cleveland hb soft but it’s too soft for my liking and it’s affecting distance control. Also have a spider x in rotation as well. Used to game a zb redwood and that felt perfect but was tough on short putts. Any long term thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. I’m struggling a bit with distance control due to the softness but play on very slow greens. Feels like I need to hammer it so I’m leaving myself plenty of 3-4 footers coming back. Overall tho it’s going well will just be an adjustment.
  8. Anyone know the best way to clean the finish on the soft premier line? I used the putter a few times, last time in wet conditions, and it’s streaked up pretty good. Don’t want to wear the finish when I clean it either, as it feels somewhat delicate as though it will wear quickly. Loving the performance.
  9. Just got my #4 in today and took it to the practice green for an hour. Love the finish on this putter. Very anti-glare. Putter sets up very square and I love the stock skinny grip. A very minor gripe is where the alignment line is, you can see a VERY SMALL discontinuation of the line where the step in the back of the putter is. Not that it isn’t one solid line, but if u look closely there’s almost an appearance that the paint is a bit blobby there if that makes sense. Not a big deal at all but hard to unsee once you notice it haha. LOVE the feel off the face. Soft but not mushy to p
  10. Just took the plunge and ordered a #4 blind; for the price it was worth the gamble. Hoping it works out!
  11. Anyone directly compare these two putters? I’ve read about the firm feel off the face of the Heppler, but other than that how do they compare in performance, etc. looking at the anser model for both but possibly the voss in vault 2.0.
  12. Hi Guys, Looking at the new Cleveland HB soft premier putter line that just hit retail this past weekend. Cant find any reviews on the line yet. Anyone try them out yet? I would be purchasing blind (coming from a Spider x mallet and looking to go back to a blade- prior used a Redwood ZB), and am a lefty so would be looking specifically at the #4 blade model. From what i gather, outside of the finish and other cosmetics, its basically the regular HB putter, so any comments from that line would be very helpful. Thanks!
  13. Going for a fitting this weekend to test the LST head to head vs my Max. Even if the LST beats it, I’ll never sell the max. Just automatic. The tour 65 shaft is amazing- I would be surprised if that shaft doesn’t end up giving me the best numbers with the LST.
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