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  1. How many years old is your current bag? my score is - 44 44 years old driver - sim max - 1 year old 3 wood - Taylor made r11 ti- 10 years old hybrid - Taylormade RBZ - 9 years old Irons - Ping i15 - 12 years old wedges - Pm grind 2 - 2 years old putter- Cameron select Newport 2 - 10 years old
  2. It is a custom option only.. no retail options
  3. My issue is the jacked lofts on the newer GI ping irons.
  4. I was fit for these years ago and we all know the drill.. what’s new and shiny decided to throw these back in.. my god they are truly like cheating. . I still feel.. based on performance, finish etc.. these are the best irons PING has ever produced. i even added the SW which I never used as a trial and wow. Easy to hit but still chip with. hope this lasts cause my golf game will thank me for it lol
  5. > @marmaduk said: > @kjbowen. > What type of paint do you use and how is the durability? I think that looks awesome. You can use cheaper paint but I use the automotive cans, the more expensive stuff has better hold and more durability. All of my clubs have a clear coat so that are very durable
  6. I may have over stated.. the gouge was not enormous.. it was a gouge on the first swing with custom irons so it devastated me.. And ty I am totally excited as well
  7. I will try and keep this brief but it was a cool story. When the PING G25 irons came out I was smitten. I wanted them so badly.. as soon as the demo clubs came in I went and had the ping rep do a full iron fitting . I ordered a set of irons 4-Pw. Once they became available mine were built and sent to me. First round.. first hole I hit a 9i out of the rough only to find out my ball was unde a hidden rock. There was now a gouge in my 9i after one swing with my new clubs. This upset me so much that a week later I ended up returning the set for 90 day store credit full value. (Dumb move) I bought a plethora of used clubs and started swapping irons. I always wanted to buy another set of G25s just never did. Fast forward to today.. I walk into my golf shop and what do I see.. my exact set of ping g25s.. gouge and all. I purchased them for $169 I had zero choice but to buy them as what are the odds they get traded in to the very store I was walking into . Well just a cool reunion and I am beyond ecstatic to get these back in my bag.. oh yea.. even the same grips I specifically wanted are still on them lol
  8. Decided to match my favorite club so it matched my driver.. Re-did the head flat black to match the driver. Hope you guys dig it
  9. First question The G15 as a driving iron it perfect for me. Forgiveness and distance As far as the swing weight.. when I shafted it up I had planned on having it swing weighted but I ended liking it the way it was so I left it alone. I do not know the swing weight My putter is 385 . I had it deep killed which removed approximately 10 grams then added the heavier weights as I like a heavy putter
  10. Need to re do the paintfill.. only had a tiny amount of black.. it will look better when I can add the proper amount of paint
  11. A club that is being put on trial head to head with my RBZ.. of course it couldn’t be standard.. Striped it down.. face and bottom. Painted the head with a hammered finish
  12. I typically carry my 4i 205 Carry with the 3i is around 225 More roll out with the 3i tho Yes I hit it off the deck.. the G series are super easy to launch
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