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  1. I hit the retail model and it's very "tingy" sounding. Not a fan. Looks great but the sound was awful. I'm sure the ones from the oven are far superior.
  2. Boom. Now that settles it. Never thought I'd see him in a Matrix. We're all in a Matrix. Haven't you seen the film? Does he magically win this week?
  3. [quote name='cristphoto' timestamp='1421953693' post='10798503'] "I average 1.8 putts per round over the last 54 rounds." WOW! You must chip in on most every hole. [/quote] You could miss 4-7 greens get up down w some 1 putts and there you go. #MickelsonGolf
  4. [quote name='carrier street' timestamp='1436290557' post='11904078'] [quote name='lampogolf' timestamp='1436281903' post='11902964'] Why do I have the feeling that this will be one of those things I pull the trigger on, only to regret it when the SM6 come out in a stock raw offering. . . [/quote] They won't have a OTR raw. Mark my words. It's a relatively niche market, and that niche will pay the premium through wedgeworks. [/quote] Niche? The gold is a niche market and was a horrible finish btw. A true sign of the new ownership in my opinion. Who on tour plays gold finished wedges? We
  5. [quote name='Gauchograd99' timestamp='1435109087' post='11822774'] Ok... I got in touch with a contact at Callaway and here is something you might want to know before you order: "[color=#333333]Chrome Speed is in fact a ball we developed and tested with the plan to launch it alongside Chrome Soft. Ultimately we decided not to launch it because of the outstanding performance and wide appeal of Chrome Soft which turned out to perform better for nearly all golfers. Chrome Speed is based on an old urethane platform, has a much firmer compression than Chrome Soft, and it does not feature the Sof
  6. How many thought Saturday and then Sunday he would win? This is now two US Open's he's he's blown. Not sure he'll get a third to blow.
  7. E8 Tour pick your shaft. Adjust the loft. Ball speed is awesome
  8. Tiger was the GOAT before 7/1/08, then the PGA Tour started the Drug Testing. Since then Tiger has no majors.
  9. Razr Hawk Tour 9.5 w/ Kali 70
  10. So the last major Tiger won was in June of 2008. The PGA Tour started drug testing in July of 2008. Tiger hasn't been the same since. That's a fact. Has he won? Yes. Has he won majors? Nope. [url="http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/golf/pga/2008-07-01-drug-testing_N.htm"]http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/golf/pga/2008-07-01-drug-testing_N.htm[/url]
  11. That RX is a great ball. There's a guy that I've seen play the RX in our group who hit's his driver 320-330 regularly and has no issue. Most days he hits the 330 though but in the winter he'll play the RX.
  12. Tiger512

    sm5 wedge ??

    I have extensively played the SM5 and MD2 the last 3 months. I love the K grind. That said the Callaway MD2 is a better wedge. Better grooves, better feel and better lines. I would suggest looking at the C grind before you decide on the Vokeys.
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