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  1. I’d probably keep the shafts. IZ shaft is my go to and these black ones are $50+each
  2. Tiger P7TW irons 5-PW with ProjectX LZ 6.0 blacked out shafts. Irons have one round and one short prov1 range session on them. Standard specs ~ D4 swing weight. $1500 shipped. Would also consider selling heads only for $1200 shipped.
  3. Slightly used but in great shape. Rare top rail line. $OLD shipped US only.
  4. I wish retail mavrik fairways had grooves on the face like these....only on the sub zero version.
  5. The F9 is awfully good. Especially now with the price drops. The top face edge on the new SZ looks a little funky to me.
  6. Just take sight lines off of a few models.... that goes for Scotty Cameron and the rest of them too. Hard to find a retail putter that doesn't have sight lines these days.
  7. They do spin and launch easily! They are shorter but may allow to use a firmer ball like a bstone X.
  8. Hit them all and original PXG is pretty good.
  9. Just purchased set of CB's 5-GW with modus 105. Sorry to my Ping i210's. They are going to have to sit out a bit. Can't believe how easy the CB's are to hit. Bigger sole and bigger blade than MB. It just looks a little smaller because of the color but it's a decent size CB and really solid soft.
  10. I think this helps PXG look more mainstream and accepted by the masses instead of just the rich a**hole brand. Probably smart move much like reducing their driver pricing. > @bradleyguye said: > Just out of curiosity for all current PXG iron players.. Do you think this will dilute the Gen 2 P/T etc, irons. Does it push or pull you one way or the other? Not necessarily in buying them but just not having that same feeling with a lower end price point iron out there. I also assume it's no different if you have the fully loaded Mustang vs base model.. > > Interesting move!
  11. I'm not an expert on how different grinds effect turf interaction, but I tend to do better (hit more solid shots) with thinner soles vs bigger wider soles. I wish this wasn't the case because I miss out on being able to hit bigger more forgiving clubs because I don't hit bigger clubs/soles as cleanly. The dots go through the turf as good as anything (except maybe my old vapor pro combos) but still have some size and forgiveness to them. Also, they spin and have traditional lofts so I can actually hit them high. I'm a low flight low spin player. Hope that helps and I'm sure there are som
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