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  1. I have three items up for sale today. PP G&S only. Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail and is included in prices. I apologize if the pics are all honked up. Haven’t posted in a while. First time up needs no introduction. Clean set of Adams CMB heads. Grooves are very nice. Heads have some chatter and a few rock dings on the leading edges you can see in the pics. Worst is on the 8 iron. Minor paint loss in paint fills and the gold badges show some wear. .355 taper tip. I purchased these from another member here under the assumption they were standard loft and lie but i never had
  2. I figured I may as well share it here with some folks with good taste. Finally found me a set of CB3 Satins. Excited to try the Steelfibers they came with, as well. Pic of the “Satin Sisters”.
  3. My man (in my Denzel voice)! I definitely need to get a nice set of Pro Golds when I come across a good set. Those satins are straight up gorgeous. I have the PVD but definitely prefer the satin. If they looked that clean I’d have a hard time taking them out.
  4. That’s the likely scenario, but man was I digging their stuff.
  5. Gosh darn it! Can we quit with the Adams memory threads? Still can't believe how they went from amazing stuff every product cycle to dead. I may never forgive TM. Couple years ago I went on an Adams buying binge and picked up some CMB, MB2 PVD, CC1, A12 Pro and A12 Pro Satin, A4 Tour Raw, and an unhealthy amount of tour FW and hybrids. Still need a set of CB3 Satin and another set of Pro Gold PVD or satin. Ugh, off to eBay I go again.
  6. Hey folks! Working on beefing up our down payment fund, so looking to offload some of the stuff that’s sitting around not doing much. First up is a pair of FJ Pro SL in black. Size 10M and new without box. Maybe the tiniest of marks from sitting in the closet, but nothing to worry about. **SOLD** $65 SHIPPED CON US Next up is a pair of black Ecco Biom (not even sure on the exact model, but they’re Goretex and Yak Leather. Never worn on the course, but they have the slightest sight of wear on the spikeless bottom. These are a size 43 which is 9.5/10. No box. Sole
  7. Happy Saturday, folks! Hope you've been able to get out and hit the links today. I'm stuck at work waiting on inventory to wrap up, so I figured I'd take the time to post a few items that need to go. Shipping to the continental US and Paypal fees are included in the price. I typically ship out same or next day. Over 300 feedback on here with the old system, so don't be afraid. I have more pics of everything, so just let me know if you need more. Not really looking for trades, but you can offer up. May be interested in center shafted mallets or old Adams tour items. First up is an Odyssey St
  8. Gorgeous clubs. Was hoping when I opened it they were actually One Length. GLWS
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