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  1. Hey there I have been playing the Adams 9064LS along with 9015D for several seasons now and I can't find any driver out there that outperforms them and out looks them. I do have a Ping I20, which is very close - you might want to give that a go. It is a little more open than my 9015D and helps take the left-side out of play for me. I agree with whoever said, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  2. [quote name='BlazeOC' timestamp='1377120912' post='7721424'] For me the ball is very true off the tee. I tried wilson staff FG Tour X and that thing was (for me) hard to control the side spin when hitting. [/quote] First off, i'm very glad you found a ball that you love so much (Chrome+). I think there are many people on this site that would disagree with you about it being the perfect golf ball though. Callaway still promotes their Hex Black Tour as their "best" tour golf ball ever made. I think this statement is true, but both the Hex Chrome+ and Hex Black Tour come up short when com
  3. Ok, so i drank some of the Phil Mickelson kool aid (i hate to admit) and I bought a dozen of the Hex Chrome+ balls to try them out on my country club. The 28.91 price was very nice and i was excited to see how this ball compares to my usual gamers (Pro V1x, Tour iz). I'm a 2 handicap right now and swing the driver about 110 mph. I'm very good with my irons/driver and just ok with the short game/putting. First thing i noticed with this hex chrome+ - there was a noticeable difference in both ball flight, spin, and distance. Normally, I can hit my 4-iron about 220 yards off the tee with e
  4. Pro V1x is the best for short-game in my opinion. Chipping, putting, wedges, etc. I think the Srixon might be the longest of the bunch.
  5. So what ball did you use to win the Long drive contest (you never did say)? I'm guessing you used the Hex Black Tour? While this is a very interesting post i agree with others that the approach was not scientific enough to make statements that "this ball is longer than this ball." The Pinnacle gold may not be a great ball for you but i know several people who use them for Long Drive contests and they usually win using that ball. the other ball that comes to mind is the HX Hot - that is one of the longest golf balls if you are just looking for raw distance off the tee.
  6. I'm sure you will get a lot of varying opinions here in reply to your question. Everyone's swing is different - launch angle, ball speed, spin, etc. can all factor in for how the ball travels. Course conditions, temperature, wind all play a part in that too. I have compared these balls pretty extensively and they are all really good. I know that is probably not the answer you were looking for but it's the truth. I think the Callaway, Bridgestone, and Srixon are superior in the wind. the Hex black is very similar to the Pro V1x in terms of greenside spin and distance off the tee. Th
  7. I'll play some leftover IZ's that I have from time to time and they are a few yards longer than my Pro V1x (ball of choice). They also cut through the wind better than Titleist balls. I've tried the Hex Black and prefer it because it plays more like the Pro V1x. But it's definitely not as long as the Tour iz. I'd say to stock up on the Tour iz if you prefer the firmer feel of the ball. Callaway balls have always annoyed me with that "clicky" sound they make off the putter. Gaining 3-5 yards more off my drives is meaningless for me if i'm not comfortable with the ball around the gre
  8. Tried the velocity and was gravely disappointed. I wasn't getting consistent yardages with my irons and i couldn't control spin for anything. It was long off my driver and fairway woods, but so what? I played 9 holes with this ball and went back to my Pro V1x.
  9. Adams 9015D - still the king of distance and low spin!
  10. Agree with everything you said about these balls - great until you get around the greens. Feel harsh off my wedges and the spin is inconsistent. Also, still have that "clicky" sound off the putter that impacts me negatively. But, yeah, off the tee they are solid.
  11. There has always been a "clicky" sound associated with any Callaway ball i've played... I don't know how to explain it much more than that other than to tell you that it bothers me. In terms of short-game performance i've never found a ball to match the Pro V1/ Pro V1x. It's also just about as long as any other golf ball out there. The Hex Black was a big disappointment for me this year - i wanted to like this ball but it didn't deliver. Callaway tried to make a 5-pc. ball to match the hype and demand around the Penta and it is nowhere near as good. The Penta TP5 is the better choic
  12. Agree completely. Play the Pro V1x and couldn't be happier.
  13. the best way to get fitted is to buy a sleeve of each and try them on the course inside 100 yards. Chipping, pitching, bunkers, putting. That's where you make your score. I know several others on here have pointed this out and it seems redundant but it's really the truth.
  14. You never said what specific ball you used to play your front 9? sorry to be the pessimist here but I find it hard to believe a golf ball change shaved 9 strokes off your 9 hole score. The credit goes to your skill and I doubt the ball had that much to do with it. I agree that the Z star xv is long and durable but inside 100 yards it's only average and the spin isn't as predictable as with other premium balls like the pro v1, penta, or the Wilson fg tour.
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