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  1. AF 505XX measures 44.25" grip to tip with All-fit adapter, will included collar of your choice. Plays 45.5" in Taylormade, has a Golf Pride blk/white MCC with +3 wraps on lower hand. $575 OBO, no trades. LAGP Trono 75X measures 44.5" grip to tip, Taylormade adapter (think it plays 45.5"). Golf Pride blk/blk MCC with +3 wraps on lower hand. $old OBO
  2. TSi2 16.5* head only. No noticeable blemishes, pretty clean, includes head cover. $old obo, no trades. Sim2 Max 3 wood 15* with Hzdrus Smoke Green (matte grey) 70g 6.5, stock length, lie to my knowledge, Golfpride BCT Tour Velvet grip standard, logo down. Got brand new and used it for one practice range session, shaft is too stout for me. Includes head cover. $old, no trades.
  3. Autoflex 505x SST Pured with all-fit adapter, measures to 44 1/8", played 45.5" in Ping G425 and Sim2. Will include collar of your choice and screw, if needed. Has blk/white GP MCC grip with +4 wraps lower hand. Shaft works but I just went with the XX. $650 obo. Head only, comes with headcover. Normal wear on the face and tee marks on the bottom, no crown marks. $old. Ping 425 weight kit, got a couple weights from Billy Bob's golf and the rest of them came from eBay. $old Weight break down is 1 - 23g, 1 - 21g, 1 - 17g, 1 - 15g,
  4. @ericftI think what it is is that All-fit changed their standard screw that comes with the adapter to basically be the Ping #1 screw. I placed to separate order for adapters about 3 weeks apart and the second order all-fit screws are exactly the same as my ping#1 screw from my first order.
  5. @Sagbear @rlb4 my G425 Max came with a 23g weight and came in at 199g so I think your head is about par for the course.
  6. @PLLand55So the All-Fit screw is the same size as the #1 Ping screw?
  7. @My2DogsFrom what I've read on that All-Fit thread, I think all oems other than Ping play same playing length and I think for Ping the All-Fit plays 1/8" longer.
  8. @[email protected] just got my All-Fit adapter and they did make a mistake with one of the collar I ordered, but they are remedying the situation. However, while emailing with them they did say Billy Bob's Golf will be distributing their stuff late this week or next week so shipping times and costs should go down significantly. Just FYI.
  9. Measures 44.5" grip to tip. Has a Jumbomax Tour size small grip on it. $old obo, no trades
  10. @ujrc22 FWIW, I tried a 410Plus at 189g, a G425 at 187g, 191g all at 46.75" and they have all been really good flight and distance wise. Need to get on a trackman to get number but I think if you get in the 187-194 range then you should be happy depending on what playing length you want.
  11. Ok, so i got an AF 505x from @My2Dogs just this week (also, thank you for the advice by the way). I will share my experience with it vs. my gamer. Hopefully this helps because I didnt see too many Ping users early on in this thread so I was somewhat nervous about dropping the coin and all the unknowns but lets not kid ourselves it's golf and if youre on Golfwrx you probably are addicted to an extent. lol. So here we go.... My typical swing is club path that is in-to-out. Play a draw, push-hook is my miss. Swing faults are that I tend to overswing, across the line at the top making
  12. So ive been following this thread for quite a while and see that the moneyspot seems to be a headweight of 188-192g to get to the D0-D1.5 swingweight. So that means you have to remove weight from most heads. If you are changing the weight on say a G425 Max from the 26g weight to say an 11g weight, will that not effect the forgiveness of the head? Curious to see if it does decrease forgiveness, does it decrease it by more/less than what some users are saying they are gaining in decreased dispersion than their stock setups.
  13. So the 187 grams with your Radspeed is without the adapter weight included, correct?
  14. Includes headcover, only used 2 rounds and maybe 10 range balls. Dont need this and my Ping G425 Max so thats why I am selling it. $old , no trades.
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