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  1. Brother, it sounds like our swings could be mirror images. I look forward to your updates to see what I need to implement into my swing. Like the lack of upper body tension. Should have been obvious but I was oblivious to it until you pointed it out. The one thing I noticed while at the driving range Saturday, why my driver was leaving me. I had to much separation between my trail elbow and body at impact. So during Sunday's round, I tried to shorten my backswing up a little like Todd suggests but really focused on not having that separation. What do ya know. So it was nice hitting the b
  2. I to have been fighting the thin iron shot, and it wasn't until I was on my way home from the course yesterday that I realized my lead leg was straightening. As usual I am a work in progress, just wish I would have realized the fault quicker. I blame the adult beverages that were flowing in the near 90 degree heat. But hey, I was having fun !
  3. A post above was talking about thinning irons. I too sometimes struggle with this with the graves method. Then I realized my stance was creeping wider and wider. With the graves method, that actually moves the ball forward. What I like about the graves method, I have said it before, is the model. When something goes wrong, go to the model. From what I have done so far it works. I do get that it's not for everyone, but I am happy and continue to improve with it.
  4. Dude, I get it. I'm going through the same thing right now. Since I get next to no practice time, 95 percent of my practice is on course. I have to remember the model as Todd says. I dont always remember in time. But now I am in a single plane swing group on Facebook. Some people like the Junge method better and complain the Todd's method is too rigid. It's this way or the highway. Well if ya think about it. Todd's method is singularly focused on one model for the purpose of making golf easier. Well that is the path I am now taking. If something goes wrong, I have a consistent mod
  5. I can't remember which video it was, but Todd had mentioned setting up slightly to the heal of the club. Reason being the shoulders were slightly open at impact causing the lead arm to come inside some. If you are extended at address and the shoulders are slightly open at impact, you have to do this because the club does not get longer during the swing. Hope this made sense.
  6. Well after 45 holes this weekend I am happy to say the driver is coming back to be a well behaved child. Only minimal discipline was necessary. The irons however are still a work in progress but did see some improvement. So overall I left the weekend more hopeful than the previous weekend. Now the putting......
  7. My condolences to you and your family on your loss. The back will heal quicker than the heart my friend.
  8. Thanks guys. I deduced that part of my issue stems from the last range session. Little back story. Through a friend, I got hooked up playing with a new group of fellas this year. Needless to say, most of these boys are pretty good sticks. Last weekend at the range we were forced to hit off mats. Normally I hate that, but these were the nicest I had ever used. Only problem was they hid little flaws in the swing like hitting a little fat. But since I liked the results I was seeing, I kept at it and kept swinging harder and harder and you get the point. All in an effort to hi
  9. It pains me to say the last few rounds I have played have not gone well. My driver left me when that was a strong part of my game and now I am hitting almost everything with every full swing with every club left. Very few hooks, but straight pulls left. I was so deflated after league Wednesday night, I had almost talked myself out of this method. Then remembered 2 weeks ago, I was striking it much better. Last weekend on the range I was striking it well. Then on the course starting last weekend, directly after a range session it went to hell in a hand cart. Sadly I had to face reality a
  10. The last 3 rounds I played, starting out the driver was not cooperating. By the middle of the rounds we were best friends again. But I am most happy with the irons and hybrids. Hybrids have always been hook machines for me more than other clubs and now and can use them with confidence. That alone made this worth it. For years it didn't matter what club I had in my hand, the fear of the hook was inbred in me. Now knock on wood, I am happy to say if I hook 2 shots a round, it's a lot. As far as distance goes, anyone who says the lose distance with this, in my opinion isn't doing it right.
  11. I have fought the bowed left wrist forever. But doing the Graves single plane and starting the club a ways back behind the ball I find it easier to get to the top of the backswing with a flat wrist. For me it has helped with that problem. But it is also something I consciously work on when practicing and during practice swings on the course.
  12. At first, I thought chipping was done single plane as well. As soon as I figured out I was wrong, and chipping was more or less the same as traditional, suddenly I could chip again. I am now more excited instead of nervous when approaching chip, like I used to be.
  13. I got the putter for Christmas and I got the wedges from a friend who used them one round and wanted to keep what he already had. He sold me the wedges for $130. For the money I got into the 4 clubs, I really couldn't be happier.
  14. I have the set and am very happy with them. I'm more worried about people seeing g them in my bag and trying to steal them. They look great in the bag next to the k-sig putter.
  15. I wouldn't read too much into the club weights of Moe. You gotta realize in the way back when he started playing the clubs and head sizes he used. If I had a tiny clubhead at the end, I would want it heavier as well just to be able to feel where it was. As far as graphite goes, I have iron sets with graphite and sets with steel shafts. What I use any given week generally has to do with my pain index, not the swing method employed. Typically I would prefer steel, but with injuries and arthritis, sometimes I gotta go graphite if I wanna finish the round. So I think the more important thing i
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