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    Ping My Day

    Hey everyone, haven't posted for a while, I bought this Ping putter at my local Goodwill for $2. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the My Day's or if anyone can share any tips on restoring/cleaning up the putter.
  2. Courses in Albuquerque area...So, I'm leaving my little corner of NW Indiana next month and moving to Albuquerque. Mainly to be closer to my family and I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions for "must play" courses there.
  3. Wow the FT-5 and FT-i heads start off at $119 on Callaway's website.
  4. I actually like the white belt, black pants, black shoes he's been wearing lately and yeah Phil would look funny wearing white shoes.
  5. I bought a Unibody MacBook to replace my blackbook.
  6. I'm sort of surprised he was able to get a pick in-hand.
  7. That's really not funny. ;)
  8. It will be a little boring watching golf with Tiger. But, hopefully some good young American players (Anthony Kim, Hunter Mahan, Ryan Moore for example) can step in his absence.
  9. I'm currently playing the #3
  10. 1) The current models haven't been out very long so now is great time to get an iMac. 2) It is very easy to move your files to a new mac by using an Ex HDD C) A great place to go for information would be the "Switcher Hangout" at Mac-Forums
  11. So, what's in you bag? Do you have any pics?
  12. Yep, it's an oil can it's my first one and I had no idea it would wear off so fast.
  13. Wow, zero replies apparently my bag sucks more than I thought.
  14. I got my club in today. Couldn't be more excited to hit it tomorrow after sending my email out on Monday. Thank you for this great opportunity.
  15. If you bought an item that was already broken there probably won't be a restocking fee. Also, there is no restocking fee on unopened items. Plus, if it was ever mentioned what the item is I'd maybe be more helpful as a Best Buy employee.
  16. First off, you spelled "the" wrong. Second off, is there anything wrong with what you're returning? What are you returning? More info is needed.
  17. The newest Klipsch Roomgroove sound really good too. But, you not really going to save a lot of money by going with it over the Bose.
  18. Nice bag! Oh and purple Tiger-Ade is by far the best.
  19. In my opinion it's the original Cleveland HiBore.
  20. My bag as of 6-10-08So, not a lot has changed since the last time I posted a WiTB bag the couple of changes made have been pretty important to me. Driver: Sasquatch 13* (Needs to be replaced) 3wood: Cleveland HiBore Graffaloy ProLaunch Shaft, stiff flex 3 Hybrid: Nike Sasquatch, stock stiff shaft Irons: 4-PW Super Concord, slingshot clones been playing these for 3 years. Wedges: 52* Golden Bear, 60* Vokey Spinmilled, 56* (on the way) Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG 3, with ping grip.
  21. Those are amazing, they make my Vokeys look terrible.
  22. Those look great, I don't think I'd ever be able to hit them.
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