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  1. My Srixons are the same length as my Mizunos as well. Both were ordered standard length.
  2. What shafts did you originally order?
  3. What shafts did you get?
  4. I ordered from PGASS on 1/29, was told standard 2-3 week lead time. I contacted for an update at week three and was told they were running 3-5 weeks from manufacturer and were scheduled to go out first part of March. I checked back in today and PGASS says they contacted Srixon and the shafts are backordered but expected to be in on 3/19 and should be delivered to me by April. I ordered zx5 in 5-AW with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. Interesting that 2-3 weeks has now turned into eight. They still have to be delivered to PGASS to be gripped because Srixon only had red or blue MCC at that time.
  5. I feel your pain. I ordered mine through PGASS on 1/29 and was told that it was standard 2-3 week lead time. Now I’m being told it’s 4-6 weeks and they are hopeful they will ship early March.
  6. Length wise, Greyson is good, the fit on them is nice as well. I normally wear an XXL but get XL in Greyson. Peter Millar shirts fit nicely for me also. Travis Mathew seems to be inconsistent in sizing for me recently. Check out Linksoul and Haus of Grey, two brands that I like also. Haus of Grey is the line from the guy that started Travis Mathew I believe.
  7. I recently received a Spornia that I ordered several months back. They were back ordered but I used it for the first time this week. No long term reviews on my end yet but was easy to setup and take down. Several informative reviews on YouTube for them.
  8. I hit my PW to 145, but have to hit the GW perfect to get it to 125. I had a 56° Vokey and just replaced it with a 54 because the gap was too large. All other irons are about 10 yard gaps throughout the bag. I feel like I need a stronger GW to get better gapping.
  9. I have the 919 forged. My set is 5-GW. The PW is 46° and the GW is 51°. I have struggled with the set GW from day one. I will be switching the set GW out for a specialty wedge once I can go hit some new wedges.
  10. Yes, it is worth it. I just renewed my subscription today. I’ve had several different models of Skycaddies, liked them all. Once purchased, they typically include a one year plan. Always helpful for new courses as well. When I go to golf, I put my phone up. I don’t want to deal with calls and texts when I’m trying to get a yardage.
  11. Not sure if you’ve made a purchase yet or not but Rawhide Golf Ball Company seemed to be a popular option based on a search I did. They are used mats that come in different grades. Their pricing includes shipping as well. I ordered an A Grade on a weekend a week ago and received the mat on the following Wednesday. I haven’t spent much time on it but the price and quality would be tough to beat in my opinion.
  12. I have a similar setup and had a similar question. For me, I feel I have too large of a gap going from set GW to a 56 but have lived with it to this point. I have considered bending the 56 one degree strong or testing a 54 to see what yardage gaps that gives me. I never really noticed the difference until getting on a launch monitor. In reality, it probably doesn’t affect my on course play one bit at this point.
  13. It’s on their homepage and you can click on it from there, on mobile anyway. If you click on shop then carts, I don’t see it listed there.
  14. They have a 90 day guarantee on their club purchases, I’m sure they would return it if there was a problem or you just simply didn’t like it and wanted to exchange it. When I was there last, I went through some wedges that looked like they had been hit and picked the ones I preferred, that’s the advantage of going to the store. I can tell you my experiences with the PGA Store and a specific fitter that works there has been great. I have purchased irons, wedges, and a driver from there all this year.
  15. > @uwhockey14 said: > Wedges and Irons have nothing in common, if you like your current wedges, stick with them... no set of wedges goes best with and irons.... I'd recommend the same grips but other than that, find the wedges that work best from the yardages you need, not which ones go best with the irons..... that makes no sense what so ever! > I appreciate your input, but I was under the impression that different iron sets COULD potentially have different lofts associated with different clubs. I thought it made sense that my GW for this set is different than my previous set, I
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