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  1. Pretty sure they weigh in just under 315 grams or so--the heaviest ones were south of 320, BeNi and BeCu, and those are without the sound slot. Beautiful putters--I'm a fan. :good:
  2. "Dear Diary, Today I learned that I inspired somebody. My mom was wrong. I do matter." :D That is a great looking putter, blindwillie. I'm still on the B60 bandwagon, but I've been heavily debating a milled Anser 2 for a while now (my last putter purchase was a tungsten'd anser 2). I love seeing these things in the wild. Yours turned out particularly nicely--I love the simplicity of your logo, and the overall cleanliness on the lines. What's the line on the heel-side of the neck? Thanks for sharing. Hopefully it earns its way into your bag full time!
  3. Wait, what? For some reason, I thought my short hiatus would have sent the industry into a tailspin. Happy to see everybody doing alright. Except for maybe Nike. :pardon: Obviously, more PING info is always appreciated. Great coverage on the i200s and Sigma Gs already, so maybe more on the forthcoming woods, cart and carry bags, and maybe some insight into what they were thinking with the PLD putters? I mean, their custom putter capability has always been unparalleled, but this seems a step backwards. Like stuff that Never Compromise did a while ago. D'ah well, they'll still get my money this year. And thus the industry breathes a collective sigh of relief. ;) Have fun, guys!
  4. Ah, thanks for both the original and this follow-up. My Hoofer won't stay on at all--which is to say that I can't get it to. My L8 will, but I figured that was because the legs are really stiff and the setup is really light. Well done with the whiteout. And a nod to driverwedge for the Mizzy theme with special prize going for the bag tag. If only we could order them in different colors.
  5. :clapping: Well done, sir. Well, I'ma lock this one down. Ill conceived premise that was intended to be slightly more light-hearted. But I'm the one who started a jerky thread, so I shouldn't be surprised with the direction we headed. At any rate, my apologies, forum. If anyone has anything substantive they'd like to add, feel free to drop me a PM and I'd be happy to reopen...but given the thread topic, anything substantive would probably be off topic. I will say that as a person who participates in a "sport" that doesn't demand the most athletic prowess, would otherwise be locked inside in front of a monitor, and in relationship to the tools of said sport, has an overwhelming desire to collect 'em all, I was coming from a place of love. :pardon:
  6. Depends on the stand bag. I wouldn't even try it with a PING bag (hoofer doesn't play well at all). Something with a flatter base and smaller cutaway toward the front would be better. But even then you might have to turn it a little to the side. If you get a cart, you'll probably want to get a cart bag eventually. FWIW, I still use stand bags for short 9s and range sessions. It's handy to have everything at hand, but sometimes it's nice to go minimalist.
  7. Geo

    009 and 009M

    Good set of options you have there--especially if you still get sleep in the deal! I never get rest while waiting for a putter. For what very little it's worth, I'm very much on team 009M. Especially if it's a putter you plan to have around for a while. I think the giant lettering on the regular would get old. It was novel, but now less so. And I'm a bigger fan of understated, and the 009M is that. But the biggest determiner (for me, and for something i'd game) would be how it looks at address. If you know you like the flange line, then bully. Either way, you're winding up with a hellanice putter or two. NEVERMIND. I just checked out your WITB thread--NOICE! :clapping: I kind of changed my mind--go with whatever tickles your fancy the most. Your current putter is awesome enough that you can gamble with something different. You'll have a gem you can fall back on. Maybe wanna post a picture of your collection? I'm guessing it's pretty nice.
  8. I'll echo the prevailing opinion, Clicgear. I got the first one and ran it pretty heavily. Now I use the 3.5. I kind of want an 8, but it's not a need quite yet. Best thing about using a push cart though, regardless of which one you get, and aside from the immediate back relief, is using a cart bag. So much room! So much organization. But therein lies the biggest drawback--you end up way overpacking! Anyway, welcome to the club! Carts are awesome. :good:
  9. Should have been obvious, but I was being facetious. Good job virtue signalling though. Now let it go.
  10. I think? I saw some pokemon signs outside a few stores on the way home from work this morning so googled to check the extent. There's been one reported shooting, a couple muggings/robberies, some kids falling off cliffs, and some dude quitting his job to be a full time pokemonner. And, fwiw, Bubbles, superiority isn't the label I'd use, and I'm not pigeonholing a class of people. I am, however fairly dismissive...but in a good-natured kind of way. Let's try to keep discussions a little less pejorative, shall we?
  11. SERIOUSLY! I'm so behind the curve on pop culture. ***I don't watch TV, am not on facebook, haven't logged into twitter in a year, and can only tolerate limited amounts of "news coverage." I get online today to find out, not just about Pokemon, but the deaths, crimes, and obsessing going on with it. ***but i am going to google this leak you speak of presently. :yes:
  12. I hate being old, but "get off my lawn, nature!" A few years ago, I was playing with another WRXer at Wasatch Golf's mountain course here in Utah. Just beautiful. Problem was, on the back 9 (i believe) a stretch runs along a heavily wooded area, as you'd expect. One of the tee boxes was very torn up with what looked to be Godzilla deer hoof prints. And sure enough, about 70 yards off the tee (smooth 7 iron), we spotted the culprit...a fairly largish moose who had taken a pro-environment/anti-golf view on the world, challenging our very different view. In the end, I took a penalty free drop 250 yards down the fairway, guilt free. I'd like to think I got the better of the exchange. The moose would disagree.
  13. I'm looking for the easiest, non-political way to identify a large group of lowest common denominators to add to my ignore list to make my online experience a more pleasant one. This seems like a good place to start.
  14. Indeed. Coming back to golf after a lengthy hiatus. And I loves me some MtlJeff threads. :good:
  15. Hah. I like the use of "heavily textured" as a euphemism for "really dirty." :tongue: Really though, it's a fine line for stand bags. If the leg mechanism deploys too easily, you get this creeping issue on smother/harder surfaces. Not as big a problem with stiffer mechanisms, but then you sometimes have to work to get the legs out. Bags with the "mantis leg" bend tend to avoid the creeping better. Older Hoofers with the straight legs were unusable on smooth surfaces, but much of those issues went away when they put the slight bend toward the top. The only type of bags that avoid this problem completely are cart bags. Of course, they're pretty easy to knock over. Man...us golfers have it rough!
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