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  1. SGL/PGL is not likely to grow televised golf, at least in the US. Other than a handful of events, which includes the majors, the ratings are awful as they are. Now, move more events offshore to Saudi Arabia, Belarus, or wherever, how many viewers are going to be watching at 1 am EST? Of course without the more famous players, even fewer people will watch the PGAT. Without eyeballs, sponsors and endorsers will be less likely to spend their money on events or players. With fewer dollars the purses on the “new feeder” tour, the PGAT, will attract fewer athletes. Fewer athletes the PGAT will resemble the product of the 80s. Then who replaces the famous players on the PGL/SGL? So, yes OP, to the extent that anyone cares about televised golf now, fewer will care in the future.
  2. After reading some comments and Greg Norman’s interview, I have modified my thinking about this a bit. If the Saudis want to spend some money propping up the Asian Tour, that might be a good thing. While I’m not a true believer that televised golf necessarily is better for the game of golf (which is what I and about 99.5% of golfers play), in areas of the world that golf, as a sport, is little considered, maybe a prominent Tour would be helpful; better hours for more local programming, more local competitors to increase national or regional pride (don’t we Yanks like shout “USA!”, so why wouldn’t Asian Tour fans?), develop regional talent, and create better international competition. Assuming all that being true, I don’t see why the PGAT or European Tour would allow their players to actively compete with their respective that has been developed over decades of time to establish a history, establish sponsorships, to build golf courses, and to provide playing opportunities for the players who are not yet top-20 players or may never be top-20 players. The PGAT is a team, that it requires 120+ players, not 20 or 50, almost every week, to compete. Maybe it’s the top 20 that viewers tune in for, but they came from somewhere. Nobody that I know of is watching the Korn Ferry Tour on a regular basis. If the Saudis bleed off the top 20 or top 50 players, who is going to watch the PGAT? Fewer than watch the Tour’s wrap around season I suspect. Without eyeballs, the sponsors will drop away as will television rights, meaning less purse money, meaning the “not top players” will have less earring potential, less exposure, and fewer fans. With fewer fans, who will care who the future top-20 will be? Not a very successful business model for the PGAT. So if the Saudis want to delete their own tour, they are free to do so. But the Saudis and current top players should not expect the PGAT to cut its own throat and the throats of the journeymen players who are the large majority of the PGAT.
  3. I first started playing (aout 50 years ago) when I was a very small 10 year-old using cast away men's mismatched clubs. I was given the remnants of a set of, I think, Patty Berg irons. And the set was missing only a few clubs. When I started high school (1971) I purchased a set of Gene Sarazen clubs; driver, 3-wood, 5, 7, 9, W (it might have been 4,6,8, W, I can't rember)and putter. I used that set through school and played on the golf team. I think during my Army stint I purchased a set of used Wilson Staff irons and picked a 3-wood (no sense owning an unhittable, for me, persimmon driver). Used those clubs during undergrad, law school, and for awhile after. I'm not sure how I spent on the Sarazen clubs but since it was coming from savings from odd jobs, I do remember it hurt!!
  4. Any of the players can go. It’s just they forfeit the ability to compete on the PGAT. It’s their decision. Obviously, it is not in the PGAT’s interest to assist a start-up rival tour whose goal is to suck out the famous players make the PGAT the next Korn Ferry feeder system.
  5. I’ve been playing the 503s with Recoil Protos for 7 or 8 years. Wonderful clubs. I’ve tried moving to Ping i500s and Muzuno MP-20 HMBs because I thought newer tech would be better; it wasn’t. I have thought of moving to the 506s because, you know, newer tech must be better and I’m a Golfwrxer
  6. I’ve switched back from the Patriots game a few times and every time it’s been a commercial. Can anyone confirm that the GC is actually airing any PGAT golf today?
  7. Patriots Cowboys is a fun watch so far.
  8. Can the GC s+ck anymore? Rickie, Rory, and Colin tied for the lead and GC’s focus is on the Champions Tour. I can barely get interested in televised golf and when there is a good leaderboard GC screws the pooch.
  9. Titleist 7-wood. Oh yeah, I ordered in May and it still hasn’t arrived.
  10. This certainly describes me. I play golf on the weekends during the season and rarely watch it on television. When the season ends here in the northeast, I watch football on Sunday afternoons, if anything.
  11. Oh sure, why not. The typical Golfwrxer, a “4 handicapper”, hits it 295 with an iota of a draw, hits high soft fades to 10 feet on almost every hole, chips better than Ray Floyd, and putts better than Tiger, and would still get killed by almost any LPGA player, much less any player any player at the Ryder Cup. Of course, if you are a 4 “cap”,like me,and hit 260 - 270 drives, hit my irons pretty well, short game so-so, and take 34 putts a round, I’m pretty sure I could beat some of the best players in the world. After all, I once made a par on a hole that a pro bogied. /s
  12. I don’t have a turf degree but, in my youth, worked on golf courses and been the greens committee chairperson at clubs. Further, what I can tell you is that my club aerated the second week of August. Greens were smooth again in middle of September. I do note that at a local county owned course, the greens were smooth after a couple of weeks.
  13. I’m not sure why some commentators want to blame Reed’s “team” as a way lessen his culpability for making idiotic statements, tweets, etc. It is his “team”. He needs to own what his team says, does, or tweets. If not, he’s an even bigger tool than I think he is.
  14. The Real Housewives of the PGA Tour could be a thing.
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