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  1. For what it’s worth, here is my initial review of the Super Speed trading system. I’m 63, have a 4 handicap, and have been playing golf most of my life. I am 5’ 7” and the last 6 or 7 years have tried to get more fit; work outs and cycling. I would consider myself quite to very fit. The last two seasons I noticed that my driver and iron distance had started dropping. Of course, the first thing I did was get fitted for a lighter driver shaft which helped a little. After reading about the Super Speed training system I thought I would give it a try. I bought the Speed Sticks and the
  2. I did hit the JPX HMP and Epon 706s with the Oban shafts. They felt fine. I did have a little trouble cutting a shot with them but since I typically play clubs with 2 flat so I wasn’t surprised. My current shafts are the Recoil Prototype 93gr f4. Both the 706s and the HMPs were longer than my current Epon 503s but comparatively, based upon loft, they should be. Honestly, I wanted to hit the HMP with a shaft that was not so expensive or a maybe a stock shaft that gave similar performance. I was surprised by the difference in suggested shafts and weights.
  3. For the last number of years I have been playing Epon irons fitted with Recoil Prototype F4 shafts. This past summer, I had to admit that as I am getting older (mid-60s) and my 7 iron club head speed had dropped to 82 mph, that I should at least consider new irons for the 2021 season. I thought it would be better to have a fitting in the fall, while I am still playing, rather than wait until spring when my swing has been dormant for a few months. I went to a fitter in the NYC area, that has a Trackman, for an iron fitting. The results were either the Epon 706 with Oban Oi93 shafts or the M
  4. FWIW. Contacted company about my pending order. Was told that due to COVID and “sanctions” orders are behind but head covers would be shipped by months end. I’m not optimistic but I’ll wait and see until mid-October.
  5. Boy I’m sorry to hear about it’s problems. I ordered head covers, not custom, last weekend,
  6. I’ve enjoyed reading this thread. I belonged to a private club which was reasonably close to my office. I would often play, alone, before work or near dusk. It was great. If there was a shot I was working on, I could try it or even have a few attempts, I could really determine wedge distances. And especially in the evening it was especially beautiful. That club closed and I still play but it’s at a public course, farther away, and it’s harder to beat the daily golf traffic. Not knocking the course, it’s a business. But I do miss those quiet rounds, carrying a half set, walking off the c
  7. I’m 63, have played golf since elementary school. I never watched much TV golf, I found the personalities boring, the announcers boring, and am not sure why they moved locations because it seemed like the same course every week. I actually started watching more because my wife wanted to watch Tiger and it was kind of cool that she was interested in a sport that I played (she does not play golf and is a tennis player). Once she discovered the Tennis Channel we started watching tennis while eating breakfast and that was fun and we decreased our golf viewing. Now, on a Sunday afternoon, if th
  8. A quick update. I gathered the various wedges that I own and headed to my club's short game practice area. I brought the following: Epon 210 KGX in 50, 54 and 58 degrees; Vokey SM7 in 52 F grind and 56 S grind; Vovey SM6 58 M grind; Edel 54 and 60; and Taylormade Hi Toe 58. For chips and short pitches I thought the Vokey SM7s (especially the 52)were better for me (they are also the newest), next were the Epons, and the Hi Toe and Edels were quickly eliminated. The Vokey SM6 M grind was very good at the short sided type pitches. Bunker play: SM7 56 S grind and SM6 M grind were better foll
  9. It was my understanding, based on numerous fittings, that it is important to find the correct shaft that matches the club head and the golfer’s swing profile. In other words, a generic shaft fitting may be helpful it will not tell you if the selected shaft is optimal in that club head. A case in point, last year I was interested in a set of Ping i500s. I went to a certified Ping fitter and, in part, based on past iron shaft preferences, Steel Fiber 95s, were chosen. When I received.the clubs it was quickly apparent that the fit was not for me. In fact, it was horrible. Back to work and we
  10. I’ve been playing golf for decades, I have owned a number of sets of irons, numerous drivers (for the last 10 - 15 years all fitted), a number of putters. Some I have been happier with the others but I always knew why I choosing them. But wedges seem like a mystery. I have had a wedge “fitting” but it was off mats and I don’t think it translates to real play. I head to golf courses and they might have a few demo wedges, usually Vokeys or TMs without many different bounces and grinds. It seems that I buy a wedge and it’s okay but it never seems great. So I but another, and so on and so on
  11. A few years ago I went through an Edel fitting and ended up with a semi-mallet design (I don't know the name of the head). I putted okay with it. The first winter I sent it back to be black chromed and weight put in the shaft. Better. Sometime that summer I put on a Super Stroke 2.0 grip. The next year I played with various amounts of lead tape on the bottom until I found a weight that I liked. Since then I have putted pretty well with it. I don't think it's a very attractive putter and have tried a Bette, DJ Spider, a torque Edel, and a Cameron. Some, like the Bette, stayed in the ba
  12. I made a lot of putts with a Bulls Eye over the years. unfortunately, missed a lot more putts with it as well.
  13. So, I recently went for a Trackman fitting. I took my playing club, 10.5 S Yard fitted with Whiteboard, which I hit pretty well but I had noticed that the guys I often play with were catching up with new equipment. I expected to be fit for Epic, Titleist, etc. head and new shaft combo. Instead, the best numbers, spin rate, ball speed, carry, were all better with a Fusion with a black Project X HZRDUS shaft THE fusion head though has got to be one of the ugliest heads ever made by a manufacturer! I'm not a kid anymore, have a 4.4 handicap, but still kind of vain about what's in my bag. Numb
  14. I started topic about golf equipment manufactured in US. The posted replies were helpful and I thought I would learn why clubs not manufactured here anymore. Moderator locked topic and I'm not sure why. can anyone explain?
  15. I don't carry much in the way of ball, Tees, misc., so in the ball pocket works perfectly. What I do is have a few Ziploc bags in the ball pouch. I put my wallet and phone in a ziploc so they won't get wet if it is raining. Everything just in the one pocket. The big pocket on the back is for a jacket if I need one. I store my water bottle in the jacket compartment when needed. Of course that works great as well. You've only got two choices. It really depends on how you want access to the water bottle. If you take it out and drink it all, the jacket pocket is perfect. If you want access whil
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