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  1. Well it's time for new irons, both because mine are worn and to treat myself on my new job. That being said, I've recently moved to New Orleans and want to get fit to confirm my suspicions. Definitely prefer outside on grass, but mats also work if need be. Willing to drive to Baton Rouge area or southern Mississippi if need be. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance. Please move to the regional forum if more appropriate.
  2. Any interests in a trade for the putter? I have Scottsdale TR Shea H.
  3. Price dropped on putter as my price was a bit high after doing some research. Really want to sell this! Quick sale today. Prefer to seek these, but open to trade options as well, particularly looking for Anser/Anser II style putters, 33-34 inches in length. Let me know what you might have. Especially open to Ping putters, including Redwoods and TR putters. All prices are shipped to lower 48, insured via USPS. Ping TR Scottsdale Shea H. Really nice putter in great shape. Has no more than 5 rounds on it and some putting green time. Plays just about 33" with green Superstroke Ultraslim. I really wanted to like this putter, but my stroke just fits an Anser type head much better. Great feel and the true tool gloves really seem to work. Includes original head cover in like new condition. Asking $90 shipped. Set of 3-PW DG S300 pulls. Pictures show extra epoxy and old ferrules. I will clean these and remove ferrules before shipping. Have GP Tour Velvets installed. Lots of life left in them, but two of the grips are cut up on the ends due to me getting a bit frisky installing the shaft into the club head. Labels are in pretty good shape, one or two of them show typical wear. SOLD Feel free to make offers.
  4. Starting with stiff straight in for now. [quote name='leerob3' timestamp='1401834073' post='9424367'] What flex green? A lot depends on your SS. [url="http://www.aldila.com/custom-fitting/guide/"]http://www.aldila.co...-fitting/guide/[/url] [/quote]
  5. Played Motore F1 for a long time in my driver and felt the urge to switch it up recently. I play the F3 80 in my fairway and love the tight feel and muted kick. I just pulled the trigger on a driver with the Tour Green. Will I regret? I am certainly not a violent swinger nor am I the most powerful, but I do ok. Shortish swing with pause at top, then move into the ball. I have been reading that the tour green fits an aggressive swinger, something I've never considered myself as. Should I switch to the Tour Blue while I can? Sorry I don't have more information that that.
  6. Loving my Motore F3 80. Buttery smooth and tight. Nice mid trajectory, brought my R9 4 wood back to life.
  7. Guys Want to experiment with some older driver that have gotten some love on here in the past. Trying to pick between Superquad TP and Superfast TP 1.0. Both will have the same shaft. Looking for forgiveness primarily, but best ball speed and spin characteristics are also desired. Leaning Superfast, what say you all knowing Golfrwrxers. Added, what are the thoughts on the Rapture V2, G10 as well?
  8. For sale or trade. All prices include shipping to continental US. Cash works, but am also interested in a new driver, hence the retiring of the J33r. Interested in a more modern forgiving driver, particularly one with upgraded shaft in 70 grams range. Send me trade offers for one or both of the items for sale. Mods, I apologize for my previous buy/sell faux paw. First up 1) Ping i5 irons. 3-PW with ZZ-65 shafts plays stock length (38.5" 5 iron). Ping 703 grips, yellow code. Irons are red dot. In quite good shape for their age, but of course not perfect, see pics. Shaft labels are missing, and I acquired them this way. I can check with Ping regarding original specs if needed. Asking $200 shipped, obo.
  9. Oldie but something I've found based on threads here is the Bridgestone J33r 460. Loving mine.
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