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  1. Hi gents, Looking into getting pretty nice white stand bag. Any suggestions on a protective spray or product I can keep on it to prevent coloring / staining or fading?
  2. 1. Absolutely Mint Set of Mizzy 919F 4-GW outfitted with DG 105 R flex. Beautiful Set. $600 + Ship Standard Loft and Lie 3. New with tags Japan Mizuno Tour Stand Bag! Absolutely Stunning. Very Rare to find. Paid a pretty penny. Asking $500 obo ********
  3. Any update on this? I can't find any info anywhere.
  4. > @getitdaily said: > Stiff/soft/stiff.. > Hands down, speeder 757 evo2 Counterbalanced. No Bueno
  5. I> @jdvela55 said: > Have you tried going for a fitting and seeing what works best for you? All of the above shafts are great but if could get expensive if you go and just start buying shafts. > I would really like to try the new Diamana ZF, all indications it has a softer mid than the BF series, again I liked the S+70, but it was just a tad to loose on the dispersion. Driver SS is @ 95mph. If it is easier to load the the Blue, than it may just be the profile match I am looking for.
  6. For reference I play a Attas Gogo 5S in a G410 plus. That shaft fits my swing like a glove. Now I just need that soft feel/mid for a 3w. Diamana BF 60 Stiff? AD DI?
  7. just the stiff/soft/stiff profile. The diamana 70 s+ is just a tad loose.
  8. I have always got along with this EI profile. I'm not a higher ss player and need to really "feel" that mid load, but also need the tighter dispersion. Any suggestions.
  9. > @Nessism said: > DG 105 is a newer shaft and there haven't been a Wishon update in a few years. > And DG 105 is still a DG. A little higher flight than the heavy weight version but the TT guys will tell you the DNA is similar. How do you think the R300 105's compare to the NS1050's. Need a softer mid
  10. Calling on Wishon software gurus. Any one have the profile for the regular and stiff 105's
  11. Switching from the 850 forged, How are the 919 forged sole grinds and turf interaction compared/contrasted from the 850s?
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