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  1. This is a really amazing prize! Thank you Scratch Golf for an outstanding opportunity. I would be thrilled and honored to win this. Sign me up!!!
  2. Put my name in the hat. I haven't hit this driver yet and can't think of better way to try it out.
  3. Sign me up.. Playing the MP-600 now and need to see what the difference is.
  4. Sign me up. J33R was a bomber for me and want to see if the new can out do the old.
  5. Why wouldn't I want this shaft??? That is the question... Go ahead and send it to me
  6. Mizuno MP600 9.5 Creation X / FT-9 8.5 Imix SOLDI have a few extras laying around that need to go... All prices include shipping USPS Priority Mail and Paypal... Tour Issue Taylormade Tour Burner T3 *14.5 Degrees *No Serial Numbers *Voodoo XVS8 *Headcover Included *Great Shape SOLD Adams 9015d Protoype LDA Version *8.5 Degrees *Accuflex Creation 80g X *45" *Headcover Included *Face and crown in great shape sole shows a few scratches and paint loss SOLD Mizuno MP-600 *9.5 Degrees *Accuflex Creation 80g X *45" *Headcover and Tool Included *Face and Sole in great shape... Top line has
  7. I will take the Adams 9015 LDA 8.5 w/Accuflex Creation 80x. 45", D6. Adams LDA HC included $185.. Pm sent
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