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  1. Mizuno MP-H5 3-PW Forged Irons with KBS C Taper Lite 110S Shafts. These irons are in really nice shape for their age. They are bent 2* Flat but STD Length and Loft. Price: $325 Ping i210 4-PW Orange Dot Irons with DG 105 S300 Shafts. They have Golf Pride Cord Grips in great shape and are power lofts from ping. The irons are really clean compared to most of the I210's I see for sale. Price: $425 Ping Glide 3.0 52* SS and 58* TS Wedges. These are black dot and have the stock wedge shafts and ping grips. Price: $80 each or $150 together Tour Taylormade m4 10.5* Driver with Tensei Orange 60S Shaft. The club is in excellent shape with no sky marks. I will include the tour sticker which has all the head measurements and the extra adaptor that came with it. It will include a M4 headcover but no tool. Price: SOLD Taylormade m4 3HL 16.5* Fwy with Stiff Atmos Shaft. The club is in excellent condition and has hardly been hit. Includes headcover. Price: SOLD Vokey SM6 ~~50.08 F Grind~~, ~~54.08 M Grind~~, and 58.10 S Grind Wedges. These wedges haven't been played with a ton and have a bunch of life left in them. 50* and 54* are sold Price: 58* - $60 Shipped Pin 11/19
  2. Mizuno MP20 HMB 5-PW with Modus 120 Stiff Shafts and NDMC Grips. They are standard L/L/L as far as I know. These irons are in very good shape. I bought them used from a member here who said they had been played with for 5 rounds. I hit one large bucket of balls with them and just prefer my MP’s I’m currently gaming. Pics showed a 3-PW set. The 3 & 4 irons have been sold. Price: SOLD TaylorMade V Steel 15* Fairway Wood with Mitsubishi Tour H Kuehne Stiff Shaft. I don’t know the specs on the shaft but it is heavier and stiffer than a Diamana BB 73 Stiff in my other V Steel. This club is in very good shape for its age and is an awesome 3 wood. Will come with a v steel headcover. Price: $75 Pin 10/22
  3. > @Valtiel said: > Shafts are incredibly personal, however a smoother swinger sometimes sees very little benefit or difference between even very disparate models. Is there any reason you wouldn't just want to use the AD-MJ in your R15? I haven't updated my signature in a while. I've been playing a Cobra F6+. Don't have the R15 anymore.
  4. Hey guys, I just purchased a M4 Tour Head 10.5* and am trying to pick out a shaft for it. Would like to stick with something I can find for $65-100 off ebay. I'm a shallow swing player and max out about 105 MPH SS. Pretty smooth tempo and don't normally hit my driver very high. I'm currently playing a Cobra F6+ with the black tie stock shaft. Just wanted to see if y'all could offer any input. Thanks guys!
  5. ************Trades: M4 or M6 Drivers, TM P790 Irons, Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons. I will add cash as well obviously on either of those iron sets. Mizuno MP-H5 3-PW Forged Irons with KBS C Taper Lite 110S Shafts. These irons are in really nice shape for their age. They are bent 2* Flat but STD Length and Loft. Price: Decided to Keep Taylormade Ardmore 1 35" Putter. The putter is in excellent shape and was only played with for one round but I can't kick my spider out of the bag. Price: $100 Pin 10/10
  6. Mizuno MP-H5 3-PW with C Taper 110 Lite Stiff Shafts These irons are in very good shape and have not been played with a ton. They have the factory mizuno grips installed and are bent 1.5* Flat. I would rate them an 8 of 10 with minimal chatter. Price: $450 shipped tyd Bettinardi BB37 35" Putter This is putter is in excellent condition. Has the factory grip installed. Price: $175 shipped tyd King F6+ Black Driver This driver is in very good condition. It has the factory black tie shaft with factory grip. The club will come with the adjustment wrench and headcover. Price: $120 shipped tyd
  7. Like New Cobra F6 3-4 Fwy with Red Tie 65 Stiff Shaft. Head is gray in color and will come with the headcover and wrench as well. Price: $115 Shipped
  8. Ping iE1 4-UW in purple dot (1.5 flat) with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. These irons & wedges have been plated with 3 times and are in excellent shape. Will come with Ping Glide 54* SS & 58* SS in purple dot with Dynamic Gold S300's as well. I paid $1300 for them a few months ago but just haven't been able to play since taking a new job. Buy these like new irons with wedges for way less than you can buy just the irons! Price: $750 TM R15 430 TP 12* Driver with a Diamana 62S Shaft. Club is in excellent shape with a perfect top line. Will come with tool & tp headcover. Price: SOLD
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