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  1. I am looking for a new 7 wood. I am interested in your setups. Head model Shaft Driver swing speed Carry distance Length What is working for you?
  2. There are very few times to let singles and doubles play through as it slows the course down and interrupts my round. They need to make some friends or slow down their play. And no this is not an equipment opinion... My bad.
  3. I am thinking about changing to 2 wedges with the same loft but different bounce and grind. Are there others out there that have tried this with success? My lowest club is a 48 degree Titleist T200. I currently game a 54 and 58 Titleist SM6. Titleist SM8 56.08 M grind for partial shots and around the green 56.14 F grind for full shots and bunkers
  4. In my fitting session for T200, the fitter had my try T300s. I hit them 8 yards farther but seemed to have tighter distance control with the T200. Went with T200ss and changed from stiff DG S300 to regular AMT Red. They felt better on a blind test than the stiff AMT Black and hit my numbers. It is hard to pass up the savings with the T300 however.
  5. Has anyone tried out this shaft? Impressions?
  6. That seems hard to believe with all the shafts out in the market. I am sure TXG could find a similar one at half the price.
  7. Did you try DG AMT Red? Red is higher launch than the black. I used to play stiff S300 and got fitted for regular AMT Red in my T200. Love them so far. Smooth with higher launch.
  8. I noticed the JPX 919 forged gap wedge in the set is 1025 Boron: A carbon steel that features 30% greater strength. There is also a JPX 919 forged gap wedge that is stainless steel to be bought separately: JPX Wedges utilize X30 Stainless Steel for softer feel, and better control around the green. I asked this question to Mizuno but do not have a answer yet. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so what is the difference in feel and playability?
  9. It was a hole in one of you remember buying drinks for everyone. Otherwise...no.
  10. Need to test wedges. Waiting for Golf Galaxy to open. Waiting, waiting, waiting...
  11. I would like to hear from those who have experimented changing the Surefit weights in the 917 drivers. Successes and failures. I am thinking about changing to a draw weight and going heavier for more control but how much real impact will be seen.
  12. I have no issue with bifurcation if it is needed. Especially if it would speed up play and make the game more enjoyable. I would not change the ball however as it is very personal to the pros and the low handicapper. I would take the driver out of the pros bag for the shorter courses and cut the fairways longer for the tournament. No change required to the rules of golf. Chime in on this suggestion. Consider the pot stirred.
  13. My best purchase this year was the new Sun Mountain Cart Bag with stand. It replaced my worn out Hoofer.
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