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  1. Hi, all still for sale. Would ideally like to shift as a job lot.
  2. Would anyone be interested in my clubmaking set as below. Golfsmith loft and lie machine complete with bending bar Separate loft, lie and face angle gauge, Separate lie angle finder Two clubmaking rulers for playing length Golfworks swingweight scale Basic shaft puller. The whole lot cost me about £1000. I'm looking for £300 plus carriage (or collect for free)
  3. I have two bags at extreme ends of the scale. Titleist Sunday bag with 12 clubs amd a few balls. Titleist staff bag with motocaddy and everything packed in it.
  4. I would have thought one of the site admins would have responded by now?
  5. Its just started happening on my galaxy note. I want to read the forums, not download some stupid game. I can deal with ads at the top of the page. I can read or ignore them. However, the stupid pop up is incredibly annoying. Please fix it.
  6. St Andrews Old. Nothing better. Every time I stand and look out from the starters hut I get a tear in my eye.
  7. Thanks. I thought I would have to tip it more than 1/2"? Also it came from a ping head that has a very short hosel, will this have any effect on how much I need to tip it?
  8. In this order 690.mb (had 2 sets) Mp68 (have a set now) X proto (have a set now) Oh yes, all lefty!
  9. Moderators feel free to move this to the club builders section, sorry.
  10. In true golf ho fashion I'm hitting my 910d really well but dont like looking down on its giant head. I've got an ft tour that I love the look of but hate the shaft. It feels soggy and doesnt launch high enough. My plan is to put an old v2 high launch in it. I had a lot of success with this shaft in a v1 rapture and pulled the shaft before i sold it. Also i feel a 45" driver is too long for me so I'm going to build it at 43.5" and weight up the head. The ft tour head has a small plug near the heel. I assume i can just drill this out and add something like silicone to add weight? The v2 i have is a regular and I'm sort of an in betweener in ss and tempo. 90mph ss and a quick tempo. I normally play stiff because of the tempo issue. How much should i tip the v2 to get it to play more or less stiff? Also it came from a ping head that had a very short hosel, will this make a difference to the tipping? Thanks for reading, I appreciate any comments from the combined wrx wisdom.
  11. I'm a similar height and find that 3 degrees flat and half an inch short works ok. I also agree about the driver. I have to consciously swing upright with a driver to avoid a flat pull or smother. I'm going to biild a shorter driver with a high launch shaft and an ft tour head to try.
  12. I remember the first time i saw dtr's. I was in love. I still look at sets on ebay and have to stop myself from pressing the buy button.
  13. Ecco biom. All the shoe you will ever need.
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