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  1. So was this real? Seems like a hunt for auction items they wanted with the guise of giving us members so info...think I’ll just delete my previous items as it is pretty common and known what they may be worth.
  2. He can't even figure out the dynamics of how length of club affects his wedge play, why would Bridgestone think he could affect change in a golf ball? The other players mentioned that affect design changes have one significant difference than Bryson, they are the best in the world over a long time. Bryson is just good. He may eventually get to great, but I'm like others, willing to bet his brain or ego about his brain will get in the way of that.
  3. Just grabbed this gamer. Still on the look out for a Tour Rat
  4. Augusta does nothing at all to hurt the longball. It typically identifies who has the best short game and is the total package. Bryson is not that. If anything, it rewards the longer but more accurate driver. I have never heard more hype prior to a tournament about one player and it was about the biggest letdown I've ever seen. He will win plenty more, especially the ones that don't take much real thought or precision.
  5. Well, we just saw how to Bryson proof a course, let his brain get in the way of his golf and make no changes.
  6. So does he “identify” as 3 over since his par is 67?
  7. So far today, Bryson is fortunate the Masters has no rough to speak of. Guess we are all driving range legends in our own mind. Watched a small Am driving range contest a few weeks back on you tube. Everyone there hitting it 350-400 yet they aren't on tour. Length is a big benefit, but only if your length fits the hole shape and you know where the ball is going to end up.
  8. After wearing both in multiple models, I've come to the conclusions that Rolex's are for show and Omega's are for show and function. If I wanted to wear a ladies sized watch, I'd buy one. Rolex almost forces you to buy top of the line to get anything a normal wrist sized man would wear.
  9. Get rid of yardage and green books and implement a shot clock.
  10. Warrior Golf went bankrupt as their foray into golf course ownership didn’t go as well as scamming people with clubs. I’d say same scam with a new name.
  11. Considering Vokeys are cast in China at a cost of around $4 each, I swoon over the level of quality...
  12. Would love if they were longer than newer balls. Then I could quit hearing "roll back the ball!" I mean, I'm sure distance gains have nothing to do with superior nutrition and workout routines...
  13. After posting a WTB ad, I have received a few messages from new members with zero posts saying that "bill" or "bob" has what I'm looking for. Email them at....... Of course they steal the pics from the internet as none of the backgrounds match in the pics. Offer items at good prices if you will just help them out by gifting. Of course I'm not going for all of it, but is there a way to put maybe a 50 post limit on users viewing the WTB ads? It won't totally correct the problem, but most of these members with zero posts would be easier to identify then. These members also have all of their activ
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