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  1. So I revive a 3 month old top with discussion about ball patents. Got it, next time, let thread die and keep people from getting "triggered." I'm betting if I started a new Titleist thread, it would get the same comments. Fan boys protecting their ball's integrity. Now, to Maxfli, there shouldn't be too much discussion. There are basically 2-3 overseas factories that make and design open model golf balls (Vice, Cut......) so it is one of them. I've played the Maxfli ball for over a year and can't say enough about it. Most people won't try it because of pride and it doesn't have the right logo
  2. It was about who manufactures Maxfli balls then morphed to patent technology then morphed to how amazing Titleist balls were. I proceeded to inform everyone that Titleist’s balls were based on stolen Bridgestone patents. I’m totally fine talking about Maxfli balls as based on multiple independent tests, are proven to be just as good as any other brand at half the cost. Just like other things in life, if you dont like how it is going, you are free not to participate in the ongoing discussion. I didn’t see any of your comments focusing on Maxfli so maybe we both derailed. Going back and reading
  3. Oh, I thought we were talking about ball manufacturers and origins of some of these balls. Kind of what internet discussion forums are about...
  4. The cheating occurred when Titleist stole Bridgestone patents to create the Pro V. It is well documented and Titleist paid an amount per dozen sold to Bridgestone for years as a settlement so it wouldn’t go to court. I guess you can call it cheating or stealing or whatever words you prefer.
  5. It shouldn't feel any different than any other putter really since the whole head isn't 3D printed. They are using it for MOI and weight savings. Would be like claiming a new company invented the Anser head design but just put rounded bumpers on a putter. To be more accurate, they should say a portion is 3D printed.
  6. The tech has been used by National Custom for a few years on putters now, nothing new. Saw a great quote about the Cobra putters the other day, "they 3d print a couple parts of the putter, yet call it 3d printed. A true success would be 3D printing the entire thing like other companies already do." Based on their own description, the only thing they are 3D printing is the face.
  7. I think you said it correctly, prior to Tiger, tour players would and for the most part still play whatever they are paid to. The first to pay has kept the market share for the most part. Who is to say Bridgestone wouldn't have been in the same boat if the patents hadn't been stolen and used by Titleist to develop the Pro V. They got ahead because they cheated and paid. Doesn't take a genius to do all that.
  8. I’ve been getting offers for 50% off here. I price things below the latest eBay sales or less in most cases. You don’t have to offer the “friends” discount there either. That feel left here a few years ago sadly.
  9. For millions of people to see my ads and not lowball me like here, I’ll wait a few days for my money.
  10. I usually ship within 2-3 days. Had some shoes sell 11:00 Thursday night. Got the money to m the account yesterday and I’m shipping today. Usually try to ship sooner, but had a scramble yesterday.
  11. This is me 100%. I have no shame selling Ross golf shoes on Ebay since we can't do it here. I offer them to golfing buddies at cost first and whatever is left goes into the pot of paying for clubs. I never touch my family money for a hobby.
  12. Yeah, I've been lucky so far. I don't sell a ton, but did create a free online checking account to flow the money into then out of just to be safe. Like others have said, it is my play money stash for wasting a small fortune on tour cameron's, most of which i'll never use.
  13. I'm not sure what everyone else is seeing, but I just got money dumped to my account from Ebay and the shoes are sitting in my car waiting to be shipped today. I don't pre buy the shipping so I'm 100% getting my money before I'm shipping unless it falls on an odd weekend or holiday.
  14. Yeah, not a popular one to fake and the weld looks good. Not a high value one so and center shaft limits it even more. Just don't overpay as these are up now due to the market being up, but usually are one of the cheapest tour putters you can get.
  15. Last I had heard, Warrior Golf (yes, the scam club company) had bought it and it was pretty bad. Haven't heard anything at all lately thought.
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