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  1. This was a projection when the buy occurred but many people here said that would never happen. Why wouldn't it happen? TM needs the manufacturing volume and obviously can make more in their own sales than producing low value bulk balls for others. Why compete with DTC when you now control a good portion of those companies fate.
  2. How did you find the fit on these with the 3x?
  3. Website has been bad for years. As long as products continue to sell out, there is no incentive to fix. Amazing that a top tier company has such a poor process for selling products. The creativity is long gone as well. I stay a member for the few headcovers I try to get a year. Now that ebay limits have changed, I'm sure I'll buy much less as that was an easy way to dump stuff I didn't intend to keep. Sadly, most people won't find out until they get that 1099 next year and get to pay those taxes...
  4. Triple sight line Cameron Tour Koepka
  5. Graysburg Hills is the hidden gem in the area. 27 holes and 4* by golf digest. Typically in pretty good condition but have to do some recent green repair. It is worth a try if you haven't played it yet. I love Crocket's Ridge, but I'm not sure it is one I could play every day. Their practice facility is better than Graysburg for sure thought.
  6. I have no intent to collect payment through paypal or facebook. Just list the items there and meet in person for cash in my hand sales.
  7. I’m going to put my 50 ebay items on a seller vacation for as long as possible. Sadly, I guess I’ll just use my wife’s Facebook Marketplace and do in person sales only.
  8. Lol! All those Jordans that are size 8, 11 and 14 that “don’t fit” will push that limit fast!
  9. I’m seeing sets of these in every golf shop I walk into in East TN. Currently play S55 and I don’t think I could go to the offset of the long irons in the 210s. The soles are quite a bit wider than the S55s as well almost looking odd in the long irons with a blade like topline then a quick transition to a weird sole shape.
  10. If you really hot it that far out off the toe, you basically almost missed the ball. Lots of research show that clean smooth face contact generates more spin that grooves anyway if no debris needs channeled away. It is a few companies way of being different and relevant in a crowded market.
  11. After a day of comments at Cameron Collector, the consensus is 100% authentic and likely from a tour player or off the tour. They had lots of examples of tour mallets with no face stamping due to requested milling changes.
  12. So far, 2 of the most knowledgeable there say totally legit. Again, not the most desirable or valuable, but I play the OTR version of it sometimes and it is a solid putter.
  13. Post it at Cameron Collector for a real answer. I'm betting 100% real and someone has done the paint themselves. The milling looks right and being in the registry doesn't mean much with these. Who is going to get a $600 tour putter a COA? With the milling and lack of stamping on face, real chance it was made deep milled at a pro's request to try out. All a COA would tell you is it is real and the paint is aftermarket. I could be totally wrong, but the guys at Cameron Collector could probably tell you. I'm happy to post it there to see what they think.
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