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  1. I'm betting it weights in the 310-320 range if not less. Unless you like a super light putter, I'd wait for something better to pop up.
  2. But is there any difference than guys selling Jordans that can still be bought on Nike.com for $100-300 over retail? What is the difference than any scotty accessory, Lamb donut or silly headcover? Those are all obvious marked up flips. It's kind of like I tell my kids, if you are walking on the sidewalk and see dog shi?, you can step in it or walk around it. I guess internet forums are filled with people who enjoy stepping in it.
  3. I'm the same way, I'll check once a week or so, but on Ebay, after fees, you may make $10-15 per pair unless you get lucky and find something special. Shame we can't just help each other out here. I guess we can flip Jordan golf shoes here all day, but if it comes from Ross, it is off limits...
  4. I have tried to leave some for everyone, but when I was in Saturday, saw 2 60ish year old females with the eBay app out buying a buggy full of shoes to resale. No more mercy from me, I’m buying every pair in every size I see.
  5. No interest on Tour Rat or Stitch shirta. Locking this one up. To eBay she goes.
  6. That's exactly how you know it is real. The fake chinese weights are always spot on. Authentic ones are rarely correct. 100% real.
  7. Yep, marketing and paying players will break the budget.
  8. No trades except for other tour camerons or partial trade on an older set of PXG (max $700). Price includes shipping. Putter will require signature at delivery. Can send more pics as needed. 1. Stitch Blue Monaco Polo- Light blue stripes with pocket, new with tags XXL $45 2. Stitch Campanula Bonesman Solid Polo- Royal Blue, New with Tags XXL $45 3. Stitch Light Blue Cabrio Quilted Vest, New with Tags XXL $sold 4. Scotty Cameron Tour Rat, 34 inches, No cover but will be shipped with plenty of protection. Comes with COA, 20 gram weights. Very light brus
  9. Yep, I worked in Chattanooga when they came here. Ate lunch with them a few times a week. Was always interesting to hear their insights on the business. Don't have all these anymore but used to have an amazing collection from them. The video is Don and Jeff flattening the lie on a Cameron putter with a lead mallet and block. 1130101507a.3g2
  10. Ari that was with Scratch golf now with NCW would be good to bring into the conversation here. He has traveled the country and world figuring out the who and how of how to make clubs. Between him and Patrick, they probably have a great perspective as they have done it all on a level that us much more understandable than what OEM's deal with. OEM's spend more in print ads than most people will make in their life. I'm sure there isn't much margin on clubs, but when we see what pros are paid and the other things they do, they sure aren't struggling.
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