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  1. Got my set from the BST here after a lot of discussion, a ton about the cost of shipping. Played 3 rounds and they felt a lot like the 790s to me. Very muted and inconsistent with distance control to me. I get the occasional 190 yard 7 iron when I usually hit it 165 ( I know, I'm embarrassed for me with the lack of distance and being a wrx'r.) For $300 less than the price from PXG, I got upgraded grips and shafts too which was a plus. Unfortunately they are now on the BST, but I do like the look of the Gen3. I'm a sucker, so I know I'll try those too eventually. Still shocked about the $60 shi
  2. I originally ordered misted fools gold on X5. Brushed satin gold on the Newport. Honestly not sure what I ended up with though. My receipt that came in the box is below and doesn’t show. Call and talk to Sherry. She was great!
  3. I’m honestly not even sure. I picked a couple when I sent the form in but they called and made other suggestions. I told them to go with what they thought best. I’ll try to find my final form they sent and see what it says.
  4. Just got the unshafted ones back from BOS!
  5. Yeah, they were all independent contractors until a rival tour discussed starting up, then the tour got awfully possessive of these "independent contractors."
  6. All prices include shipping and PayPal in the conus. No trades for now except for tour Camerons. Callaway Epic Speed 9* 70 gram stiff Evenflow Riptide. New with tool and head cover. $425 Ping Glide 3.0 54-12, stock shaft. $sold Taylor Made Sim Max 10.5 head with headcover. $SOLD PXG Gen 2 0311P, 4-pw, S300 120 shafts. NDMC midsize grips that have 3 rounds on them. Cheaper than the PXG sale and I also won’t charge you $60 for shipping. $730
  7. Or you can just get Maxfli for half the price and the exact same performance as multiple tests show. Not as cool as playing a Titleist though I guess.
  8. Looks like their molds may have some rough spots in them. My issue would be paying $50 per dozen for the most premium ball available and getting anything other than perfect.
  9. I thought everyone here had saw the newest ball and the video of them being cut open. I was sharing those to show while everyone was bashing Callaway a year ago, Titleist slid under the radar with the exact same issues. I’m sure no company wants this to happen, or at least get caught as it happens, but every company has issues. You can see the newest model off center on Instagram by the guy that cuts balls open.
  10. I’ll leave this here. Every ball can have its flaws.
  11. Mine shipped yesterday from Mexico. Got here to Tennessee today! Wow!
  12. I'm with you on the red, it does something to my eyes and I just cant even look at it. Almost like it hurts.
  13. I think the stock has now been bought up by Short Par 4. I watch some reviews on YouTube of what people receive and their "special extra pay $100" box was all this leftover merchandise in the preferred sizes. Guess it all gets dumped at once so it is a win for the event.
  14. Or an OEM knows where to dump the minor blems to be sold as new...
  15. This exactly. I read the ball reviews from a 12 handicap and they rave about the spin or this ball or controlling their trajectory and I just laugh. The one out of 50 you catch well is hardly a good representation of a ball review and skews the opinion here of equipment. Just play what works for you and don't pretend to be a writer and actually know what you are talking about.
  16. It was on his Instagram stories. Looked like they were in a garage/club work area he had. I found this pic of some of them.
  17. If you follow Poulter on social media, he is always giving stuff away to charity. He is an equipment and apparel hoarder! About a year or two ago, he did a thing for like $150, you got a random pair of foot joy classics signed by him. Most looked like they were made to match specific outfits and worn just a couple times. He probably had 300 pairs. I thought about messaging him and trying to buy them all and ask him not to sign them.
  18. I don't know the guy but saw him interact with kids during a practice round at Augusta. He was a complete as $ hole. I immediately got the feeling he was someone you could punch and his friends would even say he deserved it. Take that for what it is worth, but he is already convicted, he just didn't listen to the terms prior to his sentencing. He thinks, or thought, he was above the law.
  19. With most things being equal or negligible, a ball with higher initial spin should also have higher spin when hitting the green. I'm sure aerodynamics play a factor, but on 100 yards in, how much of a factor would be a neat question to have answered. I swing a driver 105 mph and am generally low spin with all clubs as well as my wedges. I have been trying the AVX based on feel off the putter but have noticed significant roll out with all wedges from 100 yards in. I'm still confused about when Titleist changed the PRO V characteristics and have 100s of balls that I'm not sure of the difference
  20. It was really good 2 weeks ago but they aerated last Wednesday so I'd give it a few weeks. Greens were really good but a little slow prior to aerating. I think they were closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week. Said they were also doing many other repairs around the course.. Bunkers were unmaintained, but fairways and greens were great. Also have a food truck at the turn now so that is a nice addition.
  21. The last time I mentioned Titleist defects here, I got hammered....I couldn't help that a guy cut a dozen new balls open and they were off centered. Kind of the same thing everyone trashed Callaway about, but I guess we can't say that about Titleist. No way that all those balls were hit and cleaned up that perfect. Those are manufacturing mistakes plain and simple. For a company to take the time to find enough high numbered Pro Vs, make sure they are near perfect then rebox is just not worth the effort of making an extra $10 per dozen. Manufacturing companies make mistakes. These new cut open
  22. Now that I found a set on the BST here, I have to decide to buy a gap wedge from PXG or a $65 T shirt or $160 pair of shorts....I'm afraid to add them to the cart to see shipping. Maybe they are actually $5 and $100 and the shipping is built in?
  23. No doubt, I'm 100% intrigued and interested. Pretty sure I just bought a set here, 4-PW, DG Shafts and NDMC Grips and they look brand new, over $450 less than PXG discounted pricing. Also didn't get hit for $60 shipping. I hope I like them, but if not, someone here can get the next deal.
  24. I went back thru the process to see if I was crazy. I never remembered them mentioning DG Tour Issue and from just what I can read, these are regular S300s. Maybe they are TI but I guess you would have to call and find out. $39 per shaft upgrade. Went all out and added Golf Pride Tour Velvets. $6.99 retail at Golfsmith. I bet PXG doesn't pay full retail for these, but those are a $10 per club upcharge. You can see total cost below. Great deal if you ever thought about paying over 3K for this set, but for a discontinued set, pretty steep. I'll find a set here to try with the shafts and maybe gr
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