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  1. I've bought P790s 3 times with different shafts, each time hoping I wouldn't hit a 7 iron from 170-210. All of the sets I've had have been so inconsistent on distance, they have been basically unplayable. Also tried the 1 generation old SIM 3x and can't get along with it either. I do have 3 M5's if that counts...
  2. I think it is pretty well documented here but some of the glow balls have been known to destroy club faces.
  3. For me, the motivation was always helping out other members. After shipping and PayPal fees, a member could basically make nothing on Ross shoes, yet Jordan’s are routinely priced over $200 from retail. I’m totally cool with it not being allowed, but many other items are just as if not more blatant. If we totally followed the rules, then a used shaft listed also would’t be gripped but that would eliminate half the ads listed. I guess the selective policing would be my main complaint.
  4. So based on the above, why are flipped Jordan golf shoes ok? They will list a size 9, 12 and 14 and shockingly, they didn’t fit…Or the latest cameron release putters new in the plastic listed for double the price paid. Unless they have been busted open and used, they don’t seem to be in the spirit of personal use.
  5. I'd give the Maxfli Tour's a try. All of the testing I've seen through forums and you tube show they may be 1-2 yards shorter and spin the same as a Pro V. People here don't like it I guess because they have the titleist hat, glove bag and clubs they've payed 3k for so they have to play the $50 per dozen ball to match, but I bet you will find if you covered the logos, 95/100 here couldn't tell the difference.
  6. I think it is the new Warrior Golf. Didn't think Golfwrx would sell our emails for that type of scam, but not much surprises me anymore. I'm sure we all "agreed" to it when we signed up here.
  7. I think it is the new Warrior Golf. Didn't think Golfwrx would sell our emails for that type of scam, but not much surprises me anymore. I'm sure we all "agreed" to it when we signed up here.
  8. And a couple of the same ones with updated paint.
  9. This is what I have at the moment. Looking at ebay prices, I'm going to dump the black "kip" with the sound slot and the Black studio select and try to find another 009. All of mine are gamers for sure!
  10. cardia10

    Custom Shop

    I'd talk to BOS. For around $100, you can get everything you are looking for. Ask them to leave the bottom plate off once they make it look pretty and send the screws back with it. You will find plenty of hollow room to add a few nickels or lead tape to get it where you want. No way I would ever spend in excess of $300 at the custom shop to clean up a $100 putter. Plenty of other good options out there.
  11. Yeah, they just pop the insert out when they refinish anyway. Call and ask for Sherry and specify it on your form. Should be no problem. They 100% did the original finishes on these so they will be as close to factory original as you can get as long as you send one in that the topline isn't destroyed.
  12. Ended up with two heather brown with no logo or embroidery. Wish there was some variation but hard to complain I guess.
  13. I have gotten the shag bag/cooler and got an interesting Japanese name. Got an American flag logo on a stand bag. I've done pretty well I guess. Ordered 2 shoe bags for the heck of it.
  14. Yep, all look legit and a great deal! Great time to flip them to and keep what you want and make a nice return.
  15. I go see him every chance I get. No telling how long he will be around.
  16. Looks like a real tour cameron with aftermarket finish and aftermarket holes drilled in it to cover previously stamped initials on the face. These typically go around 650-1000 in original condition. I'd just avoid this one all together as to reweld the holes and refinish is a waste of money and time. You can get a nice gamer for what you would have into it.
  17. To find out the whole story, post over at Cameron Collector. I'm sure there are a few guys there with them. No talk of other refinishers other than Cameron over there though. I'm with others, BOS did the original finish, let them redo it for a third of the price. No need for a coa.
  18. For me, it was Scratch a few years back. Was amazing to hit a club that actually had the correct sole grind and not just whatever you grabbed off the rack. Hoarded about 75 to make sure they would last a while. I'll still get wedges to try but haven't found anything close yet.
  19. And people used to rag on Taylor Made for having so many drivers....
  20. I've never had a problem with nail polish. It is cheap and easy to remove if wanted and colors are unlimited. Also super durable unless you have poor prep or are doing things you shouldn't do with a putter.
  21. He is the prime example of someone who is super intelligent but lacks common sense. That leads to an odd personality that conflicts with people often. He wants to be the sideshow and looks to create every story being about him. I hope he is much better in person because he is hard to stomach in small doses on TV.
  22. I'm shocked but not shocked it has taken this long. This BS has went on forever and now when it gets to the most sensitive player on tour, it has to stop? I agree that if your caddie can't deal with it, then it is your own problem. To ask the tour to take care of it is a joke based on what has been yelled for the last 10 years.
  23. Totally agree there. They are creating a perceived value based on a high initial price. Kind of like buying a new BMW. Some people like them new and some people like them at half price with 30,000 miles. Seems so far, PXG seems no better or worse than other OEMs in performance testing so not sure how long that pricing trick will work as the new is quickly wearing off and their marketing is wearing thin. I had put a set in my cart until I saw the $60 shipping. I then purchased a set off the BST here for less money for upgraded grips and shafts that had been played about 5 rounds. They were very much like the TM 790s to me. Mush feeling and built for distance. Play it again said they are the only sets of irons not selling and wouldn't offer over 300 for a 4-PW set. At least when people come to my house they will think I'm a baller with a set of PXG on the bench.
  24. Where did he find a 50% off code for the $60 shipping? In all seriousness, I doubt they sell 1/50th of what Ping sells. The review have shown that the juice isn't worth the squeeze when it costs 4x as much.
  25. Just played 3 courses down there this past weekend. Amazing place! Can't wait to hear how everything works out!
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