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  1. Thanks - good recommendations - the cobra one length is an interesting idea I wouldn't have considered.
  2. Hi, I'm looking into a driving iron for use primarily off the tee to keep under the wind and chase on the ground. I hit my fairway woods well, but with a very high ball flight. Most of the 'more forgiving' driving iron options seem to be designed to launch higher, and the lower launching options look to be for better players with seemingly less forgiveness. I'm wondering if there's a short list that are reasonably accepting of mishits, but will allow for the lower flight. My usual mishit pattern is low/thin. In short - looking for (in order): 1. Low Ball Flight
  3. Yep - just if it would be permissable to drop in that situation - 2 concerns - 1 : does stance in gur warrant a drop, and 2 - does the bunker situation change things, other than drop within the bunker. It appears not.
  4. Designated as GUR. The ground is outside of the bunker.
  5. Situation: the ball is in a bunker. The stance would be in top of ground under repair. Is a nearest point no closer to hole within the bunker warranted, or is it play as it lies?
  6. Its a classic, if not a tad bit corporate experience. The clubhouse has some very cool, historic memorabilia. The bar / grill didn't require anything dressier than removing your hat and changing shoes. Its a very cool place, great course. Enjoy it.
  7. Is that an extra long hosel?
  8. still playing an SQII 5 wood. I made the jump to the VR LE 3 wood last year, though i'm not terribly comfortable with it off the deck. It'd be tough to take out the SQII.
  9. Sign up for their email list. There are often great summer and winter rates (usually combined with a stay in the hotel or villas).
  10. Extending the thinking doesnt get you to PoY quite yet. Even If he gets a top 3 in every event, but doesnt get a W, he'd still lose out on PoY.
  11. ah, must not have been golfwrxers they hit into. according to most threads, anyone who gets hit into either 1) tees up the ball 2) chucks the ball or 3) challenges the person to a duel
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