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  1. I have found no good use for it as of yet. I in vision it being a very powerful tool for some of the small businesses and school which have adopted the use of the google suite. I could see some uses for it at my place of work, but not unless its fully integrated into the existing infrastructure...
  2. [quote name='costamesagolfer' post='2072192' date='Nov 18 2009, 04:04 PM']Off the topic, but what ever happened to Mrs. Bighitter. I remember she posted a little bit, and was suppose to be Todd's wife but then she dissappeared without a trace. Did anyone ever confront him on this obvious ruse to make him look normal. I remember her posts always made Todd look like such a good guy.[/quote] They got divorced pretty quickly after they got married.
  3. How about a different set of Cougars!? As much as I hope BYU has a legendary season - my real hope is that the MWC finally gets the respect it deserves.
  4. I've got the best reason - because I'm still playing a R580 (Not even tour!!!)
  5. [quote name='hoamskilet' post='1879658' date='Aug 11 2009, 06:53 AM'][quote name='hacker1' post='1877756' date='Aug 10 2009, 03:26 PM']Just a matter of time before you're little worms show their face. Just because you haven't had any 'issues', doesn't mean you don't have spyware crawling around in your pc right now. Good luck with that tho.[/quote] I must have some outstanding luck to have so many years of trouble free pc use. [/quote] As someone that uses one every day at work - you must!
  6. [quote name='Stern100' post='1871710' date='Aug 7 2009, 03:14 PM']I'll buy that for a buck, although probably never use it. I take that back, looks very cool.[/quote] Those where my words exactly... It ended up being a much better app then I expected. It looks like its back up to $25 now too!
  7. Normally 39.99Normal price is 39.99, but its been "on sale" for weeks at 24.99. Today it went to 99 cents. http://www.airvuegolf.com/ I haven't tried it yet, but just in case it turns out being a nice product I thought I'd post it here. It might be a gamble, but 99 cents was worth it to me. I searched for it in the app store, on my iphone, and it came up as 99 cents even though their site still show $24.99.
  8. Use the coupon code 'thanx' at checkout with morton and these are $359.99 - I'm considering picking up a pair to replace my professional J's
  9. voice.google.com The only way to "send" someone an invite, as of right now, is by signing up for the beta, and then when you finally get the invite e-mail, forward it to that person. So, odds are you just need to sign up above and wait.
  10. Our two year old: Here is how I found him this morning - What a weirdo
  11. They have also added SMS within the last few months which is really going to hurt carriers if someone makes a nice iphone/smart phone app. For the last year or so I've started to hand out one of my numbers to businesses that request a contact phone number (mag subscriptions, grocery store savings cards, credit cards, etc, etc). Its really been useful because any time I get a phone call, the transcribed message is forwarded to my e-mail address. If its important, I call back. There is a big problem with spam on all these lines. At first I thought it was just the one I've been handing the nu
  12. LOL alot of people are just Apple fanboys and will buy anything with an i infront of it or the apple logo on it. It makes them "different" There are mac fan boys, just like there are anti-mac fan boys. Both sides tend to bend the facts. While they're both computers, and both ultimately do the same thing, there is no doubting that they do things differently. I can't fault anyone for wanting things done differently then I do; Especially when the biggest argument against macs is the money - cost is relative. I swing both ways and probably always will ;)
  13. No one ever understands it until they have a 'best friend' and have to let them go. I've been there - It's a horrible feeling. I'm sorry.
  14. My favorite is a Hawaiian Teriyaki - you can put it on anything. I don't have the ingredient measurements in my head, but could look them up later if you're interested. Soy sauce, sugar, fresh garlic, sesame seeds, dried onion, fresh ginger, sesame oil, onion powder, ginger powder, pineapple juice.
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