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  1. I don't recall. I think Irving King Jr. was pretty much out of the business in the late 1990's. If he wasn't, he was largely just dabbling.
  2. I have a set that I purchased new.... 'll look for a spec sheet but I would guess the set breakdown was something like this: SW - 55* PW - 49* 9 - 45* 8 - 41* 7 - 37* 6 - 33* 5 - 29* 4 - 26* 3 - 23* 2 - 21* 1 - 19*
  3. I'm not sure about the Heater in LH but I had a Heater in RH (14* loft) that was quite possibly the worst golf club I ever hit. If you want an 845's #1 iron in LH, I have one that I could certainly sell cheap.
  4. I have one that also says "The Cleveland Classic" . It is right handed and has a Hogan Apex #5 shaft which has been in it since the late 1980's when I picked it up.
  5. I was an assistant and then the PGA Professional at the Shreveport Country Club from 1993-2001 and was able to hang out a little bit with Irving King Jr. (then in his 60's I would guess) at his shop at the end of Greenwood Road. He was always enjoyable to be around. We even had several persimmon drivers made as prizes for our events at SCC. Each driver run was comprised of 4 drivers, each run had a different finish, different insert and different stampings.... I wish I had ordered 5 and kept one from each run for myself!
  6. I played Lynx equipment back in the 1990's and took a look at this just for kicks. I'm shocked! That blade looks beautiful. No offset. Simply beautiful. Gotta get more info.......
  7. The Honma blade looks as nice as any I have seen so far.
  8. I have been working with a junior golfer who hits a typical #6 iron about 150 yards carry. A nice drive goes about 225 although obviously not all carry. When looking for speed, I have tried some fitting #7 irons with graphite. However, the strike is much less consistent. There seems to be some trouble finding the bottom of the swing arc. The current iron set is Titleist AP2 with Nippon 950 steel. I tried a Ping iblade and i210 with the Dynamic Gold 105 Regular and seemed to get nice results as well. The weaker lofts seemed to launch the ball higher which actually was a positive vs. som
  9. I'm really surprised at all the jealousy / critical comments about Christo Garcia. His YouTube channel is called "My Swing Evolution" and nothing is disingenuous about it. He gives very insightful commentary about Hogans methods and his lessons with Greg McHatton are excellent. I have not seen the movie but always enjoy the Hogan Mystique. More mystique and Hogan stories is certain to be interesting. I'm glad he is making his passion pay off.
  10. It does look like a Ping Ketsch to me. Why should this surprise anyone.... been copying Ping for years. See the following: Anser = Newport Anser 2 = Newport 2 Anser 4 = Newport 2.5 or Santa Fe Anser 5 = Scottydale B60 = California Sonoma or original black Del Mar 2 B90 = Big Sur Cushin = Catalina and original black Sonoma My Day = Faxon Zing = Laguna Sometimes Wilson 8802 = Napa TPA XVIII = Del Mar 3.5 Sometimes Acushnet Bullseye = Cameron Bullseye Sometimes TP Mills See entire Studio Design, Circa 62 and California lines I think I have designed as many unique putters as Scotty C
  11. Were the Rams as solid as they look?
  12. It just looks to me like the 14* bounce is 10* or less. Any thoughts? Am I seeing it wrong?
  13. From where its placed, I tend to think he hits down on it a bit and the ball hits higher on the face. If the face is a little thin up high it can feel less solid. I always prefer higher weighted blades just because I have a bit too much downward approach and occasionally hit some balls too high on the face. If its thin, they really feel clunky.
  14. The Slazenger Johnny Miller irons have a great look. That's a set I would enjoy. How long have you had them and have you seen other sets? They're a lovely set and play well too. I got them last January and haven't seen any others, BUT..... Just did a quick search and these came up, not cheap but they do include the PW and SW which mine don't. https://www.ebay.co....qsAAOSwnhlb8q9G UK ebay, £113 delivered, not cheap but condition looks excellent. Thats a beautiful set. I'm thinking strongly about pulling the trigger!
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