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  1. Professional Golfers Association.... I like it! I used to have a matched set of old Kro Flite hickories but the were not PGA.
  2. It looks like a set of 1980 Custom "Muscleback" irons. MacGregor made 4 basic designs within the Custom Sets.,. The other 3 sets were with a "Diamondback" muscle, a "Winged" muscle and a "985" muscle. Companies and Country Clubs used the blank space for logos but plain is just cool.
  3. I've seen several great comments with photos. My thoughts could be summarized as follows: 1. Cleveland 588 Model 2. Wilson Staff JP Models 3. Ben Hogan Models (Special, Sure On, Sure Out, Apex, Etc)
  4. I knew I could count on this group! I know MacGregor primarily used the Swept back and Butterfly solep lates after about 1950. I recently saw a few from the late 40's that had a soleplate that looked a little like a combination of the 2..... nearly a swept back but the trailing corners turned back up. Was this used much after 1950? Store line clubs?
  5. Does Anyone have photo of the sole on a 1955 MacGregor 945TW Driver? I'm looking for the soleplate design and any markings.
  6. My initial reply is directly above but..... I've been thinking and need to make it 12 drivers to include a couple "Holy Grails" for me: Wood Brothers Spain Soleplate Seve Model (have never had one) Wood Brothers Masters Soleplate Model (have never had one)
  7. I know this may sound sacreligious to not have the original classics on here but as a kid growing up in the 1980's, here is my list Dunlop Seve Ballesteros (have several) Yamaha Hal Sutton (have several) Bridgestone Jumbo Ozaki (have 2) Cleveland Classics Byron Nelson (have 3) MacGregor Centennial LFF Jumbo (have 2) MacGregor Centennial M85 (have 2) Wood Brothers Texan (have 1) Wood Brothers All American (have 1) American Classics American Soleplate (have1) Hiro Honma Handmade Tour Model (have 2) It's really hard to ke
  8. I don't recall. I think Irving King Jr. was pretty much out of the business in the late 1990's. If he wasn't, he was largely just dabbling.
  9. I have a set that I purchased new.... 'll look for a spec sheet but I would guess the set breakdown was something like this: SW - 55* PW - 49* 9 - 45* 8 - 41* 7 - 37* 6 - 33* 5 - 29* 4 - 26* 3 - 23* 2 - 21* 1 - 19*
  10. I'm not sure about the Heater in LH but I had a Heater in RH (14* loft) that was quite possibly the worst golf club I ever hit. If you want an 845's #1 iron in LH, I have one that I could certainly sell cheap.
  11. I have one that also says "The Cleveland Classic" . It is right handed and has a Hogan Apex #5 shaft which has been in it since the late 1980's when I picked it up.
  12. I was an assistant and then the PGA Professional at the Shreveport Country Club from 1993-2001 and was able to hang out a little bit with Irving King Jr. (then in his 60's I would guess) at his shop at the end of Greenwood Road. He was always enjoyable to be around. We even had several persimmon drivers made as prizes for our events at SCC. Each driver run was comprised of 4 drivers, each run had a different finish, different insert and different stampings.... I wish I had ordered 5 and kept one from each run for myself!
  13. I played Lynx equipment back in the 1990's and took a look at this just for kicks. I'm shocked! That blade looks beautiful. No offset. Simply beautiful. Gotta get more info.......
  14. The Honma blade looks as nice as any I have seen so far.
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