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  1. Selling my gamer because I’m going back to a blade. Bettinardi Hex-T tour issue Inovai. Plays at 36” with a black Betti deep etched 15” grip. Lie angle should be at 70* and 3* loft. It’s a gamer, so has its bumps and bruises. Comes with a white/sky blue tour issue cover. Looking for $OLD.
  2. Just to be clear, while Chip was a PGA tour winner, I believe he primarily used Ping and Hogan while in the PGA. I think he switched to Callaway when he moved to the senior tour, so this putter was most likely used on the Champion's tour.
  3. I had the incredibly rare opportunity of purchasing several of Chip Beck's gamer putters and his Ping staff bag. Today, I'm making the tough decision of letting one of those pieces go. It's an ultra-rare Odyssey Prototype #1 butane finish with tungsten sole inserts and his stamped initials (as you can see in the second pic). Headweight is 365g, length is either 33.5" or 34". Lie angle and loft look standard. Still has the tour issue shaft band and original Odyssey tour pistol grip (pretty worn). It didn't come with a head cover when I purchased it, so I bought an Odyssey goalie helmet magnetic
  4. Tough to find a set of MP 67's still in good condition like these. Sorry, didn't have a chance to clean them up. No browning. Typical bag chatter for super soft forgings. Std length and loft with Iomic Sticky midsize black/black grips (only two rounds on these grips). Selling for $250 shipped OBO. Willing to split heads and shafts only if I have buyers for both. Shipping out west will be another $10. All shipping is USPS Priority. If you want more pics, let me know. PayPal is [email protected] BBAFF11E-5783-43E9-9C1C-3EBAAAFB7B1B.heic BBAFF11E-5783-43E9-9C1C-3EBAAAFB7B1B.he
  5. here's a japanese video review of the g425 (for those that want to hear what the driver sounds like on video). Seems to sound more dense than the 410.
  6. two more pictures from another LPGA event: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/128d34d9aec876e3870890a171b8f7a6b84856dc
  7. here are some leaked pics of japanese LPGA players with the 425 in color: https://www.alba.co.jp/gear/news/photo_detail/no=155339/ph=2 (there are three different pictures that you can click)
  8. I thought the Adams MB2 tour issue had 7 brass inserts.
  9. Chicago Bills is just as shady. Who was your fitter? Which location did you go to? Those scratches on the shaft are from their ferrule turning machine. That'll happen sometimes. But those chips...no excuses there.
  10. Unloading a bunch of stuff that I'm not using (or haven't used). All prices include USPS Priority. PayPal is [email protected] First to send funds gets the clubs. Feel free to offer trades, but I'm pretty picky and mostly likely won't be interested. 1. Adams CMB (3-P, std length/loft/lie). Shafted with new Nippon Modus 125X (not pulls) and Golf Pride NDMC red/black midsize. Grips and shafts have exactly 27 holes on them. Looking for $325 obo 2. Scotty Cameron Mid Sur (370g head) playing at 33.5". Shafted with a UST FF putter shaft and a new Cameron red pistolero grip. 69* lie and 3*
  11. I agree, I think you priced them fairly as well! But you're always going to get a couple offers below your asking price. Just a part of the process of selling clubs on this site. > @joshfisher said: > Not like it was even that low either. But i feel they were priced fairly with fees and shipping costs for essentually new heads. At least try to work with me ;)
  12. If the offer is too low, then just say no. Asking for F&F is no bueno.
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