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  1. This...just did PH in november, played no. 2 and 7. Wanted to play the cradle (par 3 course) but super crowded. Next time ill add pine needles, mid pines etc. you wont regret it.
  2. Not to hijack the thread....but staying in SLC at the grand america hotel...3 days free for golf, probably play 2 of them...aug 5,6,7
  3. [quote name='Sean97' timestamp='1307595440' post='3294500'] Hey there, I happen to work at Centennial so I can answer just about any questions you have. Lakes/Fairways or Fairways/Lakes for that matter has the highest rating from the black(75.3/143). Like was said above there is a lot of elevation change on the Lakes and Meadows nines because they are built on a mountainside, a small mountain nonetheless. Fairways is relatively flat and some of the holes run next to each other so it is also more open than the Lakes and Meadows. Also, they are all around the same length. 3500-3600 fr
  4. not to sound like a tool or some pro but although some gloves are better than others, the wearing out of the palm area has to do more with improper gripping of the club than the glove itself...lee trevino or fuzzy zoeller did a piece on it on golf channel and how most amatuers miss grip the club (too much palm, not enough fingers) which wears out the glove...hope it helps
  5. [quote name='[email protected]' post='1854270' date='Jul 30 2009, 09:27 PM']I'm heading down to Pawleys Island August 7-15th, will the courses be crowded? Should I be making my Tee times now?[/quote] in the am, most likely it will be tougher...golfdesk.com is a pleasure to work with and gets some of the best rates.
  6. check out this site- best feedback out there for MB golf...http://forums.prospero.com/mbgolf/messages As far as my personal experience, I have played 3 MB courses- Rivers Edge, Glen Dornoch and Prestwick...Liked Glen Dornoch and Prestwick alot, wasn't impressed with Rivers Edge although it is highly rated by golf digest and many who have played it. I'm heading down in Aug and playing 2 courses that get great reviews- Heritage and Thistle. Others that are highly spoken of: TPC, Caledonia, Barefoot(s), Long Bay, Dunes, Grand Dunes, Oyster Bay, The Cats (Leopards Chase specifically)
  7. as mentioned, orange county national is nice! bout 20-25 min from disney
  8. ummmm ok so tee it higher folks and you will drive it 300+???
  9. i couldnt stand brenda...good riddance!!!
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