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  1. In golf, like life, ya get some good breaks and some bad breaks. It's all in how you react to, and deal with them. It's been like that since the beginning. I understand the argument, but that's the way the ball bounces....
  2. Don't like Mondays? LOL I agree about guys not hitting "shots" though. Not much artistry, but that's the modern pro game. Get used to it. Not a fan of Bryson golf, although parts are impressive. Very few will ever be able to play that style, though. At least DJ moves the ball around a bit when needed. I get more irritated by the "playing through" BS, especially when it done during the leaders play. Hell, I just hate it no matter when it's done. State of the game is bringing more athletes into golf, and probably a few more of those types interested in watching it
  3. Going through my folks stuff I found an old Callaway Tuttle II that's 32.5" that belonged to my stepmom. I'll play around with it before I give to my wife who's 5'3".
  4. There's a reason my sig says "This week's putter". I have a few that are favored more than others, but they all see a little action from time to time.
  5. When is the new store in Tucson opening? Will it have a SAM putting lab?
  6. Didn't his grandfather pass during the past year as well? I know my parent's dying over the past 2 years has messed up my focus in a lot of areas, especially on the golf course.
  7. I love my standard Rogue 4 wood. I look at the newer Cally, TM, Ping and Titleist stuff, but nothing has made me change. The Rogue just fits my eye and performs for me.
  8. 350 is the limit for me, and even then I use a 93g grip to balance it so it doesn't feel like a sledge hammer. I've been messing around with a Mizuno Betti BC4 @ 343g lately, as well as a couple of other 340'ish putters with great success. The greens I play most often are pretty quick and I find my lag putting suffers with putters over 350g Slower greens are a bit better with the heavy heads for me.
  9. Anyone know what shaft Angel Yin has in her driver now? Looked like maybe a RipTide CB with the vibrant blue color, more bold color than the blue on the Fuji Speeder lineup I thought.
  10. Whatever falls outta my pocket when I'm digging around.......
  11. Cant believe none of these guy had the brains to lay up on that hole. Not one.
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