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  1. Don’t overlook the TM ‘21 P790s. I just got some Apex 21s and after 3 rounds and 3 range sessions they ain’t for me, at least with the Dart 75 shaft, too light. Took them back to PGASS and spent an hour and a half hitting P790, Apex 21 and ZX5’s with as many graphite shafts as the had available. MMT95, Recoil 95 and 780 smacWrap, SF fc 90 and i90 cw. Surprisingly, the TM’s won out with the Recoil 95. Now the wait begins.
  2. Are they as good as it gets in their class?
  3. Won’t launch as high as the Elevate. i liked the modus 105 when I played the a fe years ago. try to demo them outside if you can.
  4. I've been playing the i95cw regular flex for a couple of years now ( fitted to them ) and am interested in either the FC90 or FC80 for a little higher flight and a bit more feel or pop. Anyone played both lines? Thoughts/impressions? Thanks.
  5. My drop off started after a low back injury 4 years ago @ 56yo. Exacerbated by shoulder and wrist injuries in a car accident a bit over a year ago. I've lost quite a bit of distance, but I still have an OK short game and am a good putter, so that keeps my scores in the low 80's, with a few mid-high 70's from tome to time. Trying to get back in the gym, but upper body work is suffering du to partial rotator cuff tears both sides. I'm starting to concentrate on lower body, core and flexibility, which has never been great. Hope to see an improvement over the next year with some dedication and professional help with my mechanics.
  6. All I gotta say is "ouch!" Take it easy on the recovery....
  7. Everyone always pushes for that positive AoA. I've never been able to achieve it consistently and maintain accuracy. I start getting the pull hooks.
  8. Just switched, but I'm also working on some mechanics, so we'll see. Last switch it went down 1.5.
  9. Mirror at home for face/shoulder alignment and eye position. Varispeed mat ( meh ) at home I love putting, so I practice at my local course quite a bit using tees for gates sometimes, but on real greens I work more on reading slope and grain, and hitting my lines
  10. Felt good, look great, didn't spin as much as I thought they would. No diff from my PM Grinds. The new TM Milled Grinds, on the other hand, are pretty impressive. Spin like crazy!
  11. I think that SteelFibers 110cw would be closest the the PX LZ and DG. A bit stiff to flex and feel a little "dense" or heavier than stated weight. Recoils are more akin to KBS tour launch/flight wise. They have a higher torque rating than the SF's and have a pronounced load/unload feeling. I've played both SF110cw stiff, SF 95cw Reg and Recoils 95 F3 (reg) aver the past 8-10 years. Don't have any experience with MMT's other than in store. Felt dead to me, but I'm a 60yo that fly's 7 iron 145-150
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