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  1. He is still way across the line on his backswing with the long clubs. How long can a he keep doing that and get any kind of good results? I love Phil, and his crazy "get outta jail" rounds, but if he would just fix that that issue, he'd hit a lot more fairways. But then, he wouldn't be Phil.......
  2. Although I've been playing golf since high school in the mid/late 70's, I wasn't "into" the game or equipment until around 2000 or so. Too busy surfing and skateboarding. I was kind of into putters in the mid 90's but never paid attention to iron or wood releases until then. What were product cycles like at that time? Same 2 year deal we're familiar with now or was it a longer gap between releases? I know that the drive tech really started advancing mid 90's. Was that the start of this crazy product overload?
  3. That sums it up nicely. The play alot like DG, with better feel. I played them in both stiff and regular before going back to Steelfiber i95.
  4. I think you're right. The X Forged were insane. I played them for a long time. I dind't find the to be short, but they would back up about 3 times as much as any other wedges I've owned.
  5. Not even close. But, my golf balls aren't destroyed after every shot either.
  6. That's kinda what I did..... I also play some kinda jacked lofts w/ the Cobra Forged Tec's.
  7. I dumped the 5 iron a few years ago, when I couldn't hit it the distance I needed consistently. Now have a Ping G410 26* HYB in it's place. It goes approx 170-175yrds. My 4 HYB goes 180-185yrds. Much better choice for an older player. Also picked up a Epic Forged "6" iron which is 24* to mess with on windy days.
  8. 59yo, 8-9 index. Rt hander with a Rt rotator cuff injury since June this year. Index trending upwards. Before injury- 225-230 carry, After injury - 215-220 carry. Before injury I'd say I was on par with a lot of guys my age with similar indexes, distance wise. I do play with some other big hitters who regularly get it out there 270-280 and in play. I was surprised by the WRX responses....though everyone here was chasing Bryson and nipping at his heels....
  9. I find 440-455 fits my eye best. It really depends on the shape. Too elongated front to back is unpleasant to my eye. Favorites the past 10 years are: 910D3, Great Big Bertha 2014, Epic, and now playing the G400. This is only the 2nd Ping driver I’ve owned, the other was an Anser. Ping’s have always looked huge to me.
  10. PW is 44* stock and GW is 49*. I had mine bent 1* weak. Side note: I like the Forged Tec Black better.
  11. Went with the Pioneer. Seems a little more compact than the C130 was. Only beef is the cart strap pass through is too low, and causes the strap to cover the small upper pockets. Works perfect for my Clic Gear push cart, though.
  12. FFS! It's an 8 year old club that you've been hitting balls with for 8 years. It look's like it's been played more than you claim as well. Did you buy it used? Some people feel entitled I guess. I personally would just think " Well, that's a bummer. Time to shop for a new 3 wood".
  13. Just the usual putter experiments. No change from normal. I like putters.....
  14. I have a non SL Madison and it feels great. The Toulon milling design is very good on stainless. For comparison, I have played Bettinardi's FIT face on carbon and that can be a bit too soft feeling. The Toulon Stainless feel pretty good.
  15. I had an Atlanta H7 for a few weeks. Loved the tempo, but really struggled with longer puts, like others here have mentioned. Combined with what I felt was too heavy of a head at 365g, well it went back to the shop. I also have a Rossie Flow SL Black, supposedly same headweight, but it feels lighter for some reason. I'll experiment with that since it came from CPO at a great price. The SL sure helps with tempo, it's evident on video and from other's observation. Not sure if it's for me, though.
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