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  1. I was told that the PX RDX line was a "made for" product and that's why it was not available for me to demo (Tucson) You can PM me if you'd like.
  2. Maybe he tested positive because he just got the shot?
  3. Anyone played it since the make over? Thoughts on improvements?
  4. Especially if you have to play one of the goat tracks like Springs Ranch or Antler Creek.
  5. So, between the tw0, unless you buy one from them, you're still paying $100. I felt my fitting at CC was worth the $100. Really confirmed what I was doing and why my misses were what they were. a few minor adjustments ( putter length, loft ) and I'm making more confident strokes and really making a lot more putts 10ft and in, along with a handful of bombs.
  6. No Kids, and I doubt the dogs will get me anything. I'll settle for a day of chest to head high waves while I'm out on the coast next weekend.
  7. Problem is, I hardly ever lose balls. LOL.
  8. How do the QST and the TM Tour Response compare to each other? I've been playing the Tour Response for a bit and it's a pretty good ball. I have 3dz of them in the closet, but I want to take advantage of the current deal and coupon I have. Anyone played both? How about the newest Zstar as well?
  9. Glad you had a good time! Have to see the course a few times, for sure.
  10. I’d say Lexi’s caddy has cost her a couple of shots with bad club choices.
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