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  1. I got mine w/ Recoil 95’s in 2 weeks. Ordered first week of October. Asked for grips in box, they sent 1………lol PGASS Provided grips, N/C
  2. Anybody with a low 90’s driver speed try something different from the stock non Velecore Ventus blue 50 R? Shaft feels great and very stable compared to other 50g range shafts I’ve tried, especially in a fairway, where I never liked a lighter shaft. Looking at bring flight down a tad, as well as dropping spin a little. I’ve only had a range session, so not sure I’ll need to change yet, but I saw a very high flight. I have a Yellow Smoke 65, Oban Devotion 6, or a Riptide CB 60 to try if I decide to swap.
  3. Just picked up a 3HL to replace a Epic speed 4 wood that I never got along with ( bad shaft for me, I think, with IM10 ) Stock Ventus blue 50 R seems to work pretty good for me, although after a thorough range session, I can see putting a little lower launching shaft in it in the future. For a light shaft , it's surprisingly stable, and feels more substantial in my hands than I expected. I spent probably 3 hrs total on different days trying to decide between this and the TSi2 16.5 w/ the Tensei Raw Blue 65. The TM was more forgiving and longer by a lot on mishits. I'll play my first round with it on Sunday. There's a long uphill par four that I'm usually hitting 4wd or 3hyb into, and a couple of shorter par 4's where I'll use it off the tee.
  4. I was the opposite. Grew up surfing, skateboarding, swimming, singles tennis, two man volleyball, snowboarding. I did a few team sports, but I most enjoyed individual pursuits. I often wish I'd played golf more as a teen, since my dad was always trying to get me to join him on the weekends ( when I'd be surfing)
  5. I tried to enjoy some club competition, but slow play and sandbaggers ruined my enjoyment of it. Throw in being an 7-10 handicap and I was just donating money every week, except for an occasional KP or skin ( our club did net skins, no gross LOL so winning one of those was rare as well) Soured me on the club completely. I'm always competing against myself and the course anyway.
  6. What's "significant" to you? I'm rolling a Betti Innovai 6.0 Rev ( Crescent neck) that has a bit of hang to it. Love it. Also the Scotty Phantom X 5.5
  7. Not being critical of their process, I just find a lot of their reviews to be slightly irrelevant to the average golfer. They do offer good info overall. BTW, not sure if you intended to come off as a snarky fanboy, but you did. Not starting my own channel, unless the OEM's want to send me free gear.
  8. They need some reviews from someone with a mid 90's swing speed.
  9. Yes! The hard plastic cap annoyed the hell outta me. I switched to GP Tour SNSR Contour Pro. Love it except the name is too long!
  10. I always went with what looked good to my eye and rolled well. I had putted with heel shafted blades and anser type heads since I was a kid. I've been told by a few different teachers that I could probably putt well with any style putter. This was my first fitting. As I said, the biggest takeaway from it, I think, was the change in length. My stroke was very consistent, but my eyes were too far inside the ball. 1.5-2". Quite a revelation, and was causing me to pull putts, most notably on 4-5 footers, but everything was starting just inside my intended line. Not so now. Majority of my misses are speed related these days.
  11. Just another variable that makes this game so difficult. It should surprise no one that the dimples can cause subtle misdirection, same as a small grain of sand on the putter face or ball. Without the dimples, the ball doesn't fly straight or stay in the air. Such is golf.
  12. I think the Toulon's have a better sound/feel than the MXM models. I played a MXM 1 Versa for a couple of years as well as a #9HT Versa for a bit, and also couple of Toulons, a Long Island and a Madison w/ a plumbers neck, both for pretty long stints in the bag. Not the same at all.
  13. I got fitted. Went from Anser/ Plumber's neck or flowneck styles( Betti BB1 and BC4, Toulon Long Island) to a mallet w/ a little toe hang ( Betti Innovai 6.0 Rev ). Also shortened from 34 to 33". Also added loft to 4* from 3*. A lot of small changes. I putted pretty well with the blades, but I'm making a lot more <10' putts now. I find that I start more putts on my intended line. Is it the shorter length (suspected) or the higher MOI enabling me to make more putts? Don't know for sure, but I'm happy! BTW, I had never gamed a mallet before because I always felt like my eyes wanted to follow the head at takeaway. Not having that issue now. And yes, most all my putter quiver had close to the same toe flow until now.
  14. There's a big difference between saying you're a Christian and actually walking the walk. Rickie seems to be a genuinely humble guy. “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control… I don't expect non believers/agnostics or atheists to grasp that..........
  15. From 260-270ft is my 54* wedge, land's soft and might even back it up a little.
  16. If Toulon would do a V-Line fang shape with a short slant neck……. Other than that, looking forward to my ‘21 P790’s and lots of golf!
  17. Just play it like a links.....
  18. You mean it's not the elephants dragging their feet on the greens? Or the blaring music? LOL
  19. Putter fitting really helped me. Down to 33” from 34” and added loft to 4*. now making all kinds of putts that I was just missing by a little bit before. Also, ‘19 PM grinds are $$
  20. I've got the 80 stiff in my hybrids and don't notice this at all. Now, the non pro version is another story. Tried it in bot a 60g driver and 70g FW version and they were both loose as all get out. Hated them right away!
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