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  1. I loved the old Victory Cords and the figure on top that I used to line up my left hand thumb (right handed golfer).
  2. Never played a Mizuno iron but I must say, the 223 looks very nice. Looking forward to reading up on the design and seeing these in person. If I do choose to purchase these, the only drawback is Dana Upshaw is not around to build me a sweet set .
  3. Agree with being honest up front. When ordering I want to know where I stand from a delivery standpoint -vs- pushing the delivery date out numerous time. In April: > One friend ordered Titleist T200’s and quoted 4 weeks for delivery. Took 2.5 months to get his irons. > One friend ordered Ping G425 irons and quoted 3 weeks for delivery. Took 3.5 months to get his irons. A slight pushout is understood but being months late is unacceptable (over a 50% error rate). The company I work for is very proactive in working with suppliers to get an accurate reading on the industry so we in return can commit to our customers a reliable delivery date for merchandise. This approach works during Covid times and I’m not seeing this approach from allot of golf companies.
  4. Visited my local golf store and hit a i59 7 iron demo with a AWT 2.0 shaft. At address the head is smaller than I expected, fits into a players iron category, very clean thin top line with little offset. Wonderful, non-clicky soft feel at impact. Ping did a great job here. I have read this has the MOI of the i210 but visually speaking, these look demanding. Looking forward to trying these outside (4, 7 & PW) to see how they perform.
  5. Jsellers23, interesting to see what Callaway stated to you. Last week I ordered a set of Apex 21 and was quoted several weeks. During the fitting I inquired into the Modus 120 stiff and they stated 8 week minimum delay so I ruled this shaft out try during my fitting for I did not want to wait that long.
  6. Looking for feedback for anybody who has played TT Elevate Tour in their wedges? Narrowed is down to this shaft and the TT DG 115 Wedge shaft. Desire a wedge shaft in the ~115 gram range. Thanks.
  7. That’s the timeline (May) I just received from TM and potentially into June. So I ended up ordering Apex 21 that are shipping in less than three weeks.
  8. jcosjrgolf


    I saw yesterday on tv she is using the Apex 19 irons.
  9. I was hitting a 7 iron and the lie angle reading stated 62.8 degrees. There are no decals on the iron face and not parameters entered into Trackman on the static lie angle. Assume I hit a 2 degree flat then a 2 degree upright, would this 62.8 reading change? Confused how Trackman computes this.
  10. Srixon nailed it with the ZX4, 5, 7 & Utility line-up this year. Allot of possibilities for blending. Never played Srixon before but it is on my list to try once spring arrives/snow melts.
  11. With the price discount, their gen 3 irons have come into play versus other irons that are typically in the $180 ea. range. If PXG took another step and offered some vanilla shafts with no upgrade cost like Mizuno, Callaway and Srixon, that would further attract golfers and increase their market share.
  12. 1. City and State? York, ME 2. Handicap? 3.4 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current Iron setup? Callaway Apex 19 4-GW 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Appearance, forgiveness in a performance iron, solid forged feel. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes I do.
  13. Callaway nailed it with the 3 Apex models. Just need to figure out my new irons specs. Anybody need a set of CF19's
  14. The Apex Pro look awesome. I cannot wait to see the whole line in person.
  15. I’m stuck in this dilemma also. Still trying to make a decision (need monitor & range time) but the HM Pro is slightly ahead.
  16. I recently purchased a set of satin Apex 19 at 1 degree flat from Callaway and shipment arrived from Mexico. I took it to a local shop for verification and 4-7 irons were 1.5 degrees flat and rest were standard lies. Terrible QC and not impressed, especially at the premium these irons are being sold at. Agreed, no excuse. Some brands are better than others. The technology is there to dial in loft/lie with a tight tolerance but these companies want to mass produce with cost savings and this is what you get.
  17. I have been playing the CF16 Combo set for the last 2 years and will be getting a new set of irons shortly. I like my current irons but one thing I hate is the clicky sound/feel on the 4-7 irons. The 8-AW Pros are perfect. I did my research and narrowed it down to: Apex 19, Apex Pro 19, 919 JPX Forged, 919 JPX HM Pro, AP3, AP2, 585 and 785. So I went to a local Golf Galaxy where my intent was for looks, feel and to narrow down the choices. In several weeks I will return for a thorough fitting Callaway - I prefer the looks of the Apex 19 to the CF16: slimmer sole, less offset, shorter heel to toe. The Apex 19 clicky sound/feel is not as pronounced and slightly detectable. The Apex Pro 19 is stunning looking and I like the less offset, thinner top line as compared the Apex. I hit the Apex about 6 yards longer but much prefer the feel of the Pro. The Apex 19 distance dispersion is tighter than the CF16. I’m thinking of another combo set or Apex Pro 19 6-AW with 4-5 UT irons (appearance wise blend nicely). Never hit the UT iron so would have to compare feel and distance gaps. Mizuno - Both the 919 JPX Forged and 919 JPX HM Pro look great at address where I prefer the Forged thinner top line, sole but prefer the HM Pro less offset. The HM Pro being cast felt great at impact, not much different than the Forged that I slightly prefer. The HM Pro was about 5 yards longer than the Forged and I hit the HM Pro the same distance as the Apex. The overall JPX 919 line gives you allot of options to mix model sets with a similar feel. I wish they had a better AW to blend in with these sets. Titleist – Both the AP2 and AP3 look great at address where I prefer the AP2 thinner top line, sole and less offset. They both felt good at impact where I prefer the feel of the AP2. The AP2 was very consistent and is such a solid low handicap iron. The AP3 was all over the place where I am mostly attributing this to the stock shaft. In any effect, the AP3 is ruled out. Srixon - Both the 585 and 785 look great at address where I prefer the 785 thinner top line, sole and less offset. They both felt good at impact where I prefer the 785 feel: more of an old school solid forged feel. The flight of the 585 is higher and about 3 yards longer. Never hit a V sole on the grass and wondering how it would perform for me. At address, these irons give you an option to mix sets but I do notice the impact feel is different and not sure I could deal with this. Maybe blend the U85 with the 785? Never hit the U85 so would have to compare feel and distance gaps. The 585 is ruled out. Next visit I will narrow down the best shaft/head combo then see who is the winner. I’m not into which one I can hit farther, I’m focused on which one I hit more consistent with the tightest dispersion. Current top 3 leading contenders are 919 JPX Forged, 919 JPX HM Pro and Apex Pro. Cost wise, the JPX HM Pro at $1K is a great bargain.
  18. Please report back after getting your set out on the course. I’m a little concerned about the gapping between the 7 Apex Forged iron and 8 pro iron. Seams like the 4.5* loft gap may be too big considering the different head make-up resulting in too big of a yardage gap I have the CF 16 Pro Combo equivalent set and the stronger Pro lofts (8-AW) fit seamlessly in for yardage gaps. I would suspect the CF 19’s would be the same.
  19. In the combo set, the Pro 8-AW is satin, same finish as the Apex.
  20. I just viewed “tgw” and they show the DG 120 Tour Issue available for the 19 Apex Pro.
  21. To approximately match a Mizuno 1 degree flat, you need an orange dot.
  22. Saw these in person yesterday along with the new Srixon lineup. Very nice looking. It was nice to see the DG Tour Issue S400 as the stock shaft....no $$$$ upgrade.
  23. With the price drop, who has knowledge of when the new replacement irons will be released?
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