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  1. One thing I've been surprised about in dealing with this tennis elbow problem for the past year is how many people I've met who have had it. I had no idea it was such a common condition. And pretty much everyone you discuss it with has some strong opinions on what will work and won't work to fix the problem. Every time someone has told me about something they've had success with I've run off and tried it. I just haven't found anything that works for me yet. I've heard from several people that acupuncture is what did it for them, but I've had three sessions so far with no luck. I'll probab
  2. Almost a year ago, I did a post on here asking for help with a case of tennis elbow that I developed out of nowhere last January. I received a ton of great feedback, so thanks to everyone who weighed in. Unfortunately, nothing has worked for me. I've spent countless hours researching this thing, and I've tried literally just about everything out there - ice, heat, physical therapy, the Flexbar, Cryotherapy, and now finally acupuncture. It's a year later, though, and unfortunately I'm in the exact same place. I was able to play a decent amount of golf this past year, but I really limited the ti
  3. I'm not 100% sure on the price difference - maybe 20-25% more expensive for the greens fees if you're not staying in one of their properties. Also not sure on the status of pool availability at this time of year; I've never been there in the winter. The one time we stayed in a condo that wasn't rented through the resort we actually ended up having no access to a pool because the particular community we were in didn't have one, and we had no access to the various resort ones.
  4. Thanks for the info - much appreciated. In your opinion, when you say that graphite shafts can be every bit as stiff as their steel counterparts, do you think that those extremely stiff graphite shafts would still provide the reduced vibration that I assume is what typically would make graphite preferable to steel for someone struggling with elbow pain?
  5. I've been struggling with a bad case of tennis elbow for the better part of a year now. It kind of developed out of nowhere last winter when I wasn't even doing a whole lot. It's sort of been up and down since, but several weeks ago it was at its worst and I went back to the doctor for my second cortisone shot. That has helped, and now I'm planning to spend the coming off-season doing as much PT stuff for it as possible in the hopes I can avoid surgery. Anyway, I have been told by two different golf friends who did end up needing surgery for their elbow issues that I absolutely nee
  6. I've tracked pretty much all of my rounds this year and it's currently showing I've played 33 rounds. I'm sure there are a couple of others (especially 9 hole rounds) that didn't get recorded, and I've had 37 birdies, so the actuality is probably slightly less than one per round played. I keep a list of every birdie I make each season; I've never broken 50 for the year, and as it's getting late in the season it doesn't look like I'm going to this year either.
  7. Yes, but only by going to Vardon/overlap. I had used the interlock my whole life, and, when I first started experimenting with the overlap because of the pain in my ring and pinkie fingers, I thought I'd never be able to make the switch. I started by just using the new grip on a few shots per round and then increasing the number each subsequent time I went out. All of a sudden it just kind of clicked; now it feels totally natural, and the pain went away very quickly once I made the switch.
  8. I'm still with the F7. I still really like it, but probably due for an upgrade next season. The F7 is my third Cobra driver, and I've been happy with all of them. Will definitely look at Cobra again for my next one.
  9. It changes for me all the time, but I guess right now I try to follow Spieth as much as I can when he's out there. His struggles of late just remind me of my own so much. Playing well and then out of nowhere hit one completely off the planet leading to a total card-wrecker. I'd really like to see him get it going again, firstly because I think he's a good guy but also because it would let me know it's possible to come out of a deep funk.
  10. I love Highland. Played there last summer for the first time in a long time. I've played Hotchkiss many times. It's good fun but could be amazing if they would just put some more $'s and effort into it. A favorite of mine, also in New England but not open to the public, is Norfolk Country Club in Norfolk, CT. It's an old Tillinghast course that is very quirky but has some fantastic holes. There's a book that came out a few years ago called The Finest Nines, I can't remember the author, that is a great read for anyone who loves 9-hole courses.
  11. Edinburgh. Easy access to both the East Lothian and Fife/St. Andrews courses while living in an amazing city. I'd love to make this happen. My wife is on board. My daughter is in her first year of high school, but once she gets to college it could theoretically be possible. Not sure whether it will be feasible, though, but I enjoy dreaming about it. I've already picked out our neighborhood and everything.
  12. I've played it many times, though unfortunately not for a long, long time. I'd love to get another crack at it after the recent restoration. I agree it looks phenomenal right now. Very excited to watch this week. I was last there during the US Amateur Four-ball in 2016 - when my avatar photo was taken - and was really looking forward to being there for Open week this year....oh well. It's definitely the hardest course that I've ever played. I love Bethpage Black, but if I had to shoot a good score I'd play it over Winged Foot West any day because the greens at Winged Foot are just absolutely b
  13. The pictures look great; I'm not sure I'd pay 300 pounds for it though with so many other great options in the area available for a fraction of the price.
  14. clp34vmp

    Ping Heppler

    I've been playing the Heppler Tomcat 14 for a couple of weeks now. I've probably got five or six rounds in with it so far. I actually won my Heppler on this very website - thanks golfwrx!!! - after having my name drawn in a giveaway. After my initial two weeks with it, I'm keeping it in the bag. I really like the firm feel. My ball of choice recently has been the AVX, and that softer ball seems to work very well in combination with the Heppler. For the last few years, I was using an Odyssey #7 Tank model that I've had for about four years while occasionally going back to an older P
  15. I definitely feel some empathy with the OP here - I am extremely results-based in my golf outlook, and that often leads me to the kind of intense frustration the OP has been feeling. I range between a 7 and 9 handicap, a decent player but by no means an elite player capable of competing at a high level in the sport. I am just playing the game as a hobby and for fun, but for whatever reason I let poor play get under my skin much more than I should. I wish I could be less like that, just focus on the fun of the sport, of trying to pull off shots. Feel good about the ones that work out and forget
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