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  1. I could be wrong, but from the looks of that neck it seems that the putter would have some toe hang?
  2. I thought I was going to get into some 921 Forged and ended up into the HM Pro's. Honestly couldn't really feel much difference in feel and the Pro's gave me a little added distance that I have been losing through the years. The Pro's don't spin as much, but I actually hit the ball pretty high and a pretty steep descent so I can get away with a little less spin and height. Oh, by the way, the irons perform very nice. Added some T22 Coppers about a month ago, really only had a chance to play them a few rounds. They feel phenominal, and can hit the same shots I had with my Zipcore's. The feel is the biggest thing.
  3. Called on my ZX5's with MMT 105S yesterday. Ordered in August, they say the shafts are now not do in until 12/1. Keep get putting pushed back. Golf season is just about over, but curious if they ever will get those shafts in?
  4. Pretty mint condition with stock grip and head cover. Custom ordered at 34.5” and 68* lie angle. Not interested in any trades. $210 shippedandPayPal
  5. Salem MA. 13 Odyssey Stroke Lab 7S Yes, 2.1 Love the concept of lie angle balance, just never got comfortable with the size and look of the 2.1 Yes, absolutely
  6. Just ordered a 54S and 58D in the copper with some Steelfiber's. Unfortunately by the time I get them I probably won't be able to give them a go until next spring ( winter ). Nice photo's and the copper's look even nicer in person.
  7. Buddy placed an order for G425 irons with PX LZ's on 7/12. Was suppose to be delivered in and around 8/23. Got notification that they won't arrive until somewhere between November and January. I don't know who's to blame, but I don't know how or why anybody would buy anything Ping, unless of course you live in winter climate states where the wait really doesn't matter.
  8. Brand new in package Triple black limited edition 9.5. 35”Putter is in an unopened bag. No trades $1200 shipped and PayPal
  9. I tried the ZX5 for the better part of the golf season. Few different shafts and just couldn't get it to work for me. I had better success with the Z785. Personally, I thought the feel off the face of the ZX5 was firm feeling. I just didn't like it. Have since moved on to a Mavrik. Feel and sound are much preferred. I also think the Mavrik seems to have some additional pop. YMMV.
  10. I believe it will play at your 36.75". Think I read someone asking about shaft lengths going in the Srixon irons and that a 36.75" would play to the standard 38' length.
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