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  1. All four shafts are practically new. All are just shy of 44.25” and have the stock GP Callaway chev align standard grip Ventus black Velo 7X ( SOLD ) Graphite Design XC-7X Ventus blue Velo 6S ( SOLD ) KBS TD 60 category 3 $250.00 includes shipping and PayPal each. Discount for multiples. No trades
  2. My buddy went to go order 4-u with Project X LZ 5.5. Estimated deliver was November 4. I myself have been waiting for a 425 #3 hybrid with Tensei Orange. Ordered 4/23, they quoted 6-8 weeks. Still don't have it. These are the times , I guess.
  3. Title says it all. Basically new with a 2021 Srixon tip. Don’t know if Srixon tips shafts. Length is 43.75” from end of grip to tip. I can include a pulled Titleist driver tip if need be for no charge for full asking price. I can also have the tip pulled if necessary. TV 360 standard grip. $250 shipped and PayPal
  4. Those wedges are dope. Nice looking putter as well. I certainly can understand paying for a fitting, I just wish that if you buy, they would give you something off the purchase. $200 a wedge and $450 for a putter is insane, but then again, everything in this game is ridiculously over priced.
  5. I currently have a Project X Hzrdus black 5.5 in my 4 hybrid. I'm thinking of getting a 5 hybrid and the company offers the smoke black, but 5 grams lighter. Curious for those that have played or tried the KBS 85g. version how the regular and stiff flex in that weight differ. I'm assuming I may get a little higher trajectory in the KBS.
  6. I notice in your sig you play the Cally LS. Why the choice? I think it's a great driver as well, just curious?
  7. I for one will respectfully disagree about the V Sole contact. Played 785's for a couple of years and when the new model Srixon's came out I tried the 5's. Contact was not good and most of the time were thinned shots. I have since gone to the 7's, and the thinned shots are gone, much crisper contact.
  8. Hoping for a quick sale here. Pretty immaculate Srixon 9.5*, Ventus blue Velocore 5S, 44.75", head cover and wrench. The head has the heavy 12g. weight, I can include the stock 8g. if desired. Fabulous driver, just didn't work for me. Only trades considered are TSi, Sim 2, or G425 $475.00 shipped and PayPal.
  9. That is like the old Ogio Woode (sp) system.
  10. Took 14 weeks to get this, but after a week, I know it’s not for me. Wonderful condition 9.5* with either a Ventus Velocore 5S or Atmos Tour Spec Red 6S. The club plays 44.75” with the Ventus, 44.5” with the Atmos. The Ventus is on the new tip, the Atmos on previous tip. I have the 12g. weight in the head and also have the stock 8g. weight. TV 360 standard on the Ventus, TV Align mid on the Atmos. Head cover never used. $525 for the Ventus set up $425 for the Atmos set up I will not sell the Ventus shaft alone at this time, but I will sell the Atmos for $100. Trade inte
  11. Just lowered the price. Won't find one any cheaper. Worth a shot to try out.
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