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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I hit some shafts again, but not the 130. I'm leaning KBS $ Taper. Any Nippon shaft compare to those. I'm just so afraid of KBS because of all the bent tips I've read. Wondering if they've fixed that problem?
  2. I believe when you change the loft, you also are changing the lie. You don't have a dual type adapter ala Titleist and Callaway where you can change one or the other independly
  3. Well after waiting just shy of 3 months from the order to get this and being so excited to try it, I did a lot of demoing and after hitting it, I think I'm going to go in a different direction. This thing is sexy, long, and very good sounding. The shaft was a $50 upcharge and the grip $10, so this was $290 plus tax and shipping. The shaft is the Aldila Tour Blue ATX 85h, 2.5 stiff. The grip is a TV Align, standard size, one additional wrap. Stock head cover is included which that to is pretty sharp. Club was hit about a dozen times, just a couple sole scratches from the turf. Only
  4. Went to a Srixon demo day today and the rep had a Tour Chrome and a Raw full face. They look and feel very good. Only downside is I believe he told me that the lofts predominately only have 1 bounce option.
  5. Curious for those who play or have played these shafts what your thoughts are? Thought I read that they play similar to Project X. How different of a profile are they from the 125 and the 120?
  6. Looking for a Hzrdus 6.0 driver shaft or equivalent that came stock in the driver. Do the Epic Flash, Maverik, and new Epic shafts use the same tip shafts? Found one
  7. The guy ( Gary ) always knows when the camera is on, and you think, oh what a great guy. His true character shines when it's not on. The guy is full of himself, but hey, a lot of these guys are. They didn't get great without knowing to themselves they are great.
  8. Let me know what you have. Length, condition, price? Found one
  9. I believe they are just a Z grip, no cord. I think they feel great and wished Golfpride would make it part of there grip option.
  10. Try the Steelfiber 95 in R. That's what I switched to from the MMT 105S because of no shafts. I think it may of been a blessing for me as my dispertion is very good in that Steelfiber R flex.
  11. Stock or custom shafts? Ordered mine on 1/21 with Ventus. Been told Ventus isn't do in until mid April.
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