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  1. Want to put an 80* lie angle and your eyes over the ball to work in a MUCH easier way? Face the hole and putt side saddle. Binocular vision, exactly the way you lined the putt up, top hand is a fulcrum, and you roll the ball with one hand the way you would be rolling the ball if there was no club involved. This wouldn't be the right putter for side saddle; it's too short, too light, and has too much loft. What the putter and the "method" is, really, is, like the broomstick, a half step toward side saddle anyway.
  2. Man, are we ever on the same page! 1. My hall closet is full of side saddle putters, and that's not counting two that I've loaned out. 2. I never minded putting with the putter soled, either. Until the F22... And fwiw, I'm still not clear in my mind whether it matters or not that the shaft is angled; I think it's more comfort that physics. 3. I used the DF for a couple of rounds a few weeks back, and I pull out the JuanPutt from time to time as well. But that F22 is just really, really hard to beat.
  3. I think the physics answer to this is that a ball that spins less will curve less. But I think the golf answer is that there isn't a large enough difference in spin rates off the driver anymore to make that effect significant, so while price might be a good reason to buy a "low end" ball, performance just isn't.
  4. I agree with larryd3 100%. All of the testing data indicates that swing speed really isn't the way to pick a golf ball. There ARE some differences from ball to ball at different swing speeds, but they're minimal. Spin rates and consistency are far more critical in terms of choosing the right ball.
  5. I looked at the website, and the broomstick page is new to me; my putter is the original DF, built to an 80* lie angle and 44". At that time, they didn't add weight, though there was discussion of custom building options that would do that. And you're right; regardless of the weight, I think that putter has to be soled for the technology to be valid. Plus, the head is VERY wide, and really isn't beveled at all, so it's difficult. I've never been sure how much it matters to hold the putter more vertically, but I will say that my body seems to want to do that with the F22, and tha
  6. The idea that only "high spin" single digit players need a premium golf ball, which is repeated constantly here by guys who don't use a premium ball, is just nonsense. The player who doesn't generate spin thru his swing needs MORE help from the ball, not less. A ball that is spinning less is harder to control, period; this has ZERO to do with your index. The idea that anybody is better off by virtue of less spin is only true for the tiny percentage of players who spin the ball too much; the rest of us need MORE spin, not less. I get it 100% if a player doesn't want to pay $50 a
  7. I have a Directed Force, and really like the technology. I used it for quite awhile before the F22 came out. Two problems for me with the DF putter: First is that if you don't sole the putter, it would seem that you lose the benefits of the lie angle balance idea, and if you DO sole the putter, the head is so wide and the sole so flat that the shaft is at the full 80* angle, which I don't like, at least compared to the F22. And the second problem is that the DF is very light by comparison with other side saddle models, including the Bobby Grace models and the JuanPutt.
  8. It's been many years since I've carried a 5 iron; haven't ordered one in the last three set of irons I've bought, and no fitter has ever even suggested that I should. The 5H is just a lot easier to use. The ONLY time I miss a long iron is for punch shots out of the trees, and that's not really a bag setup problem. There was a period of time where I carried a 6H instead of a 6i, but I backtracked on that several years ago. I can still hit the 6i ok, and it's significantly more accurate than the 6h, at least for me.
  9. For the sake of argument, let me say this about distance control. If you were going to roll a ball across a green toward a hole WITHOUT A CLUB involved, at what distance would you turn sideways, use two hands, and throw your arms across your body, instead of facing the hole and making a longer, faster swing with your dominant arm? The answer, of course, is that there is NO distance at which you would do that. You might at some point throw overhand, or you might even take a couple of steps as sort of a running start, but you would NEVER sling the ball with two hands to roll it across a green
  10. The only things I might encourage you to do is keep very careful before and after stats, if you don't already, and then maybe to read up on the Strokes Gained Putting data about what Tour pros actually make from different distances. I don't care how you putt, you are NOT going to be making lots of 25 footers; nobody in the world consistently does that. Great putting is great lag putting and a rock solid stroke from about 4' and in, with a few made 5-10 footers thrown in. TO ME, the question with ANY putting change for ANY golfer is whether or not it helps with those three things;
  11. Either you were very fortunate and Ping had the exact club sitting there already, or I'm very unfortunate. I ordered two Glide 3.0 wedges with Recoil shafts 5 weeks ago today; still waiting.
  12. I realize the look is completely different, as is the technology. But the i500 reminds me of the my i5's; cleaner look than the G series, clearly not as long or forgiving as a G, though also clearly more forgiving and longer than a standard blade.
  13. I'm a dozen or so rounds in with the V3 after years of a Garmin, and I've used Arrcos extensively in the past for data. The V3 is fine as a GPS watch, no better than the Garmin, but fine. But the data collection compared to Arrcos is seems to me to vastly inferior. Far, far more missed shots and much less user-friendly editing. The biggest issue for me personally is that I putt side saddle with the thumb of my left hand on top of the putter; as far as I can tell, that completely blocks the V3 putter sensor from picking anything up, even though my watch is on that wrist. That wa
  14. Ok, I have a buddy who has this exact thing, and it turned out that Bionic gloves were the cure for him. Apparently, something in the tanning and curing process of FJ and most other gloves causes this in a small % of golfers; Bionic gloves are made differently and his hands don't react. And it doesn't hurt that they are great gloves!
  15. Here's what I believe: 1. Golfers sort of kind of understand loft, so adjustable clubs are marketed accordingly. Golfers do NOT understand static vs. dynamic loft, and explaining it in a TV commercial or a print ad just isn't going to work. So loft has become the common language of adjustable clubs, though it is the far less important of the two adjustments you're making. 2. Even if the club is being delivered to the ball in such a way as for the dynamic loft to be higher or lower, we're only talking about a change of a degree or two; far less than the difference betw
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