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  1. Good luck! You're doing this at the perfect time of year; lots of time to practice indoors on a putting mat, very few competitions. Hit a million 4 footers in what Juan Elizondo calls "a pristine environment" until you not only figure out grip and ball position, but until the light comes on that not only do you not have to manipulate the stroke anymore, but that the ball IS starting on your intended line. Watch Randy Haag's videos, watch David Cook's video (7 Days in Utopia), and keep reading here. IMO, this thread is the foremost discussion and resource on side saddle putting
  2. Funny (and true!) story about that. I putt side saddle, and between senior tournaments and interclub matches, play a LOT of golf with guys I don't know and who have never seen me (or anybody else) putt facing he hole. Good players never say a word, unless it's to talk about it and try my putter. But chops often go CRAZY, and when they ask me things like, "What are you doing?" or "Is that legal?" my stock answer has become "What? Putting with an open stance?" At that point, they're usually so confused that the conversation is over, which is what I was going for in the first place
  3. I use the F22 without the AK shaft, fwiw. I think the "standard shaft position" is a little bit more than a half inch back from the face, and just left of the alignment line. I don't know where the AK shaft inserts into the F22 head; that may be why it's a custom order, if BG drills the holes in different places. I would guess, though I don't know this, that he drills out a number of heads at once, and that changing the settings for that process might cause the delay. That said, I think you'll find BG VERY easy to work with, and also will find his production and shipping to be r
  4. At the risk of stating the obvious, you ARE facing away from the hole when teeing off! To face the hole, you'd have to have an extremely open stance.
  5. Driver, then 2, 3, 4, and 5 hybrids, all Ping G410. I'm a big believer that the winter off-season is when I should do swing and equipment work, and I spent the winter two years ago seeing if I could relearn hitting a 3w; I couldn't. So I did a club fitting in early 2019 and put the 2H in play in place of the 3W. I kept a 5W because I had it in my head that I still needed a bigger head club for layup tee shots, mainly for confidence purposes. I stayed that way until a playing lesson this past February, when the pro I was working with asked me the very simple question,
  6. I'm an old guy who remembers balata well, and I understand completely what you are saying about the way balata felt. That said (and I know that you know this) lower compression balls like the Chrome Soft really are the best analogy to balata balls in terms of PERFORMANCE. Balata balls spun like CRAZY, including off the driver, of course, and to get that today, you have to go to some of the 4 piece, firmer golf balls. Probably the most similar ball to balata on the market today is the Kirkland; really high spin, and noticeably shorter off the driver.
  7. I think the $39.99 price is available thru most, if not all, Titleist retailers. Titleist/FootJoy, like Ping, just doesn't allow retailers to set prices on their products, so a special is everybody or nobody. In fact, the PGA Superstores lost their Titleist-FJ account for a couple years for putting ProV1's on sale; no clubs, shoes, clothes, hats, balls, nothing in the store at all from Titleist-FJ except what was already in stock.
  8. There are limits to what the human body can do. We aren't seeing major changes in world record sprint times. While there are a lot more guys who can throw a baseball over 95 mph with control, we aren't seeing anybody throw a 120 mph fastball. And so on. I don't see any reason to believe that golf is different from any other sport or movement that calls for an explosive action. and I suspect that we are getting close to that edge, if we're not already there. I don't think there is much that is undiscovered about how to swing fast, about how to train, and there are limits in plac
  9. I agree 100% that once the yips set in, you MUST make a significant change; it is a rare person indeed that is able to overcome them by any sort of practice routine or mental approach. In fact, with all due respect, I think those that even suggest that's possible are confusing bad putting with the true yips, and they are far from the same thing. Golfers who REALLY get the yips often reach the point where they are ready to quit the game, and most yippers were/are excellent players with high expectations for themselves. It is a very tough deal, no question about it. I had 'em and
  10. Good video, and I think the key takeaways are not only the keys to plumb bobbing, but also to other methods like Aim Point, at least as practiced by many golfers. 1. Most people don't really understand what they are doing, and are likely doing it incorrectly, at least to some degree. 2. The value, which Thomas calls "a pacifier" may be in helping a golfer "park his brain" and commit to a line by going thru the process instead of focusing on what the putt means; "If I make it, I'll be even for the round." or "If I miss it, I'll lose the hole." or whatever. This is a
  11. The anchoring ban was a mistake by the USGA; an attempt to ban the arm lock style would be another. I was a HS basketball coach for 40 years, and had to attend a seminar every year on rules changes. The guiding principles used by MOST rule making bodies in sports are to try to reduce judgement calls where possible, and to treat like situations alike where possible. The USGA, of course, completely ignored both of those with the anchoring ban. It's the only rule that I can think of in golf that tells you how you can (or cannot) hold the golf club, AND all you have to
  12. I think the answer is that whatever the differences are between the V1x and the Spongebob ball, those differences will be pretty much the same regardless of the strike. If the V1x spins +/- 10% more on a perfect strike vs. the other ball, then it's going to spin +/- 10% more on any strike vs the Spongebob. If the particular swing and strike adds spin to the V1x, then that exact same swing and strike will add spin to the Spongebob. Neither ball is going to do anything except react to the club, and the performance characteristics aren't "smart"; they don't change according to the strike.
  13. I wish I had done this with my son when he was a kid; we would have had a blast! Way more important to your dad right now, and you'll treasure it years from now. Congrats!
  14. I'll give a completely different answer: If it's a good golf course and you play it regularly, play the tees that let you (or make you!) play the course the way the architect intended. That's going to give you the widest range of shots and situations and decision-making, and you'll be practicing not only your golf swing, but your course management. One way to figure that out is to think about the holes on the course that have a clear risk-reward option; a par five with a hazard in front of the green, a dogleg par four with a difficult bunker guarding the inside of the dogleg, a dr
  15. I've never tried one of the heated vests; it is an interesting idea. I several vests, and like them all; the warmest by far is a Columbia fleece vest I bought a couple of years ago. It's almost TOO warm; I can wear it as outerwear, but underneath even a windshirt, it's just too hot. Remarkable, really.
  16. I know this isn't going to convince you of anything, but the issue isn't whether or not a draw spins more than a fade, or a hook spins more than a slice, or if any of those spin more than a "straight" ball. There isn't any question that players make swings that make the ball spin more or less than what robot testing might show. And I'll grant you that for MOST players a fade DOES spin more than a draw because they've delofted the club when they hit the draw. The question is whether two balls that have similar spin rates off a driver to begin (and they all do!) somehow change disp
  17. Maybe you can help me out and show me where I suggested that anybody's personal experiences aren't valuable or are faulty. I talked about physics and the USGA to answer a question, nothing more. You don't like robot testing, I do. Let it go at that and don't misquote me. And I'll add this: In the case of the MGS testing they didn't set up the robot to hit the ball dead straight; they had it set to play a draw, presumably to more accurately reflect the obvious fact that none of us deliver the club exactly square to the ball. Their data, in other words, reflects a spin axis that
  18. Just as food for thought, this quote is from the MGS 2019 ball test, which is one of the two most thorough independent tests out there: "Forget About Soft Feel Driver, putters, golf balls, it doesn’t matter; golfers are obsessed with feel, and it might be hurting your game. For golfers who swing 85 MPH or more, if your first purchase criteria is feel, you’re setting yourself back from the get-go. The softest balls are typically the best feeling, but they’re also slower and lower spinning. It should be obvious enough, but performance, not feel, should be your primary considerat
  19. In theory and under the laws of physics, you are correct that a ball that is spinning less would curve less and therefore "mitigate" swing flaws. The catch is that the "real world" differences in spin required to actually do that are far, far beyond the differences in driver spin rates. There just isn't any ball that is going to do that, and the converse isn't true, either; a ProV1x, which is a higher spinning ball, won't go more offline from the driver than a low spin ball, simply because the balls are engineered so that the spin rate differences don't really show up until you are hitting i
  20. As always, Stuart G is giving you perfect advice, with the key point being that there is no industry standard for flex. I'll add two things, but neither changes the key points made above: 1. What some players have done over the years is tip an R flex by some amount to make it an "in-between" flex, but again, there is no industry standard for this. Matrix at one point was making their high end shafts like the Xcon5 in as many as 8 flexes to do exactly what you are talking about, but it was still a matter of figuring out which was best for you; you couldn't say to yourse
  21. In the Today's Golfer testing, it was the ProV1x. The MGS data, at least for me, is a little bit harder to sort out, but both the ProV1's came out very well in that, too.
  22. I think there are a couple of reasons that golf ball fitting hasn't caught on like club fitting has. First, and most importantly, the laws of physics AND the USGA govern golf balls, and every manufacturer is dealing with those two sets of laws in pretty much the same way. There is a "sweet spot" of launch angle and spin rate that gives optimal distance, and it's the same for any manufacturer, which is why there is so little difference in those things and the resulting distance off the tee regardless of which ball you are using, or it's price. Give a decent golfer 20 different bal
  23. Spot on, though it will fall on deaf ears. Someday, I'm going to compile a list of all the crazy s**t guys on here say about golf balls. A lot of it is just mind boggling, like the idea that if you don't generate a lot of spin, you are somehow better off with a ball that spins less. Or the idea that somehow an inconsistent player is better off with an inconsistent ball. I could go on, but my blood pressure goes up too fast...
  24. We agree, and I did overstate. Good call, and I'm guilty as charged. I'm just not a fan of throwing money at clubs and hoping for the best, even if it's to replace relatively ancient clubs. He could walk into Golf Galaxy, pick up almost anything out of the used rack, and it would be better. But it's also HIGHLY unlikely that it would be the best he could do, and it might even be closer to what he already has than it would be to whatever IS the best he could do.
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