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  1. Not interested in the later generations (S+, etc). Looking for a driver length Blueboard xflex for a driver. TaylorMade tip a bonus but no tip is fine. If you have one and are willing to part with it please send a message with length and asking price. Thank you.
  2. No need to feel too bad. You made it right so that’s all that matters. You’re not the first to unknowingly do it and you won’t be the last.
  3. An OG Scotty Newport 2 putter on Craigslist for $25. Was in surprisingly good shape. Just needed a little refresh and it was good to go. Someone else had posted about it in deal or no deal and I happened to live in that city and be first.
  4. If it has a TM tip for SLDR, M1, etc even better. Any other tips I don’t want. No tip is fine. If you have one please send a message with length and asking price. Thank you.
  5. The crowd here is generally pretty good with disputes. Sometimes it gets a little nuts but more often than not things get flushed out. And that’s a big reason people want to know who the other party is. Sometimes the worm turns and it becomes clear the person who started the topic has been less than forthcoming or just as responsible. And hearing the other side is necessary. But this one now seems to be pretty cut and dried.
  6. Something along the lines of making sure to take care of this issue before he sells anything else. And posted the link to here.
  7. The open for sale listing he had is gone, so at least that’s something. I’m guessing his profile will remain until this one’s resolved and then he’ll be shown the door. Hopefully anyway.
  8. I saw that too. Meant to report it and forgot. Just sent something to mods - hope they’ll review. Edit - looks like someone took a more direct approach
  9. 1t2golf is usually pretty responsive.
  10. Semi Pro tip. Always check feedback prior to conducting a transaction. SUMM1T left Negative feedback November 19, 2018 Miserable communication. Would go days without hearing from them. Item was not as described. Shaft details were scratched out on the butt end and tips were .370 and I wasn't told. Shafts were not the flex advertised. Asked for a refund and lost out &# akozar721 left Negative feedback February 13, 2017 I never received any tracking info and no response to my requests. Will never do business with this member agai
  11. Yea in hindsight I guess that makes sense. I guess that’s why eBay is so notorious for fake grips. I’m sure it’s not easy to police but would be nice if they’d take out the trash a little more frequently. I wouldn’t buy grips off of eBay ever. I guess the only possible or maybe most effective deterrent is the negative feedback.
  12. If that’s your principles - respect - but then just eat them. I think returning and leaving negative feedback would have an impact. ebay told you what your options are. Nothing anyone says here is going to change anything. I don’t know if eBay tracks such things but maybe they shut down a seller at some point for dealing in counterfeits? Don’t know how that works but does anyone know if reporting/returning has any impact?
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