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  1. If you ship to an unconfirmed address you lose protection and you’re on the hook even if it’s domestic. Not sure if Intl adds wrinkles but I’m not shipping to anywhere but a PayPal confirmed address.
  2. FedEx had a “hiccup” for me too a cpl weeks ago. Ordered a golf bag. Was marked delivered 2 days later. Never got it. The store was great and I got a refund so no big deal. First time that’s happened to me. Ordered a different one from a different store. That one did show up 2 days later (UPS).
  3. And here’s the thing. I wasn’t doing it for the money. If I was I’d have been asking a whole lot more since the price at Marshall’s was so cheap there would have been plenty of room to ask for more. But I have no issue with flippers. Some people just have to have the latest and greatest. Won’t be long until the last Scottys that showed up here will be had for a much more reasonable price. Some people just have to have it for whatever reasons and will pay crazy prices. And I’ve sold things I’ve won at outings on here. Is that wrong? Should I just have given them away? (That’s not directed at anyone in particular). I’m sure I priced it at a level that someone felt they got a good deal so we both won. I probably used that money to buy something else golf that I didn’t need.
  4. I bought for anyone on here who couldn’t find them. If you think it was worth the effort I made to “flip” them for what was maybe $10 I don’t know what to tell you. Like I said I went out of my way a few times so that $10 was nothing - I was just adding a few bucks for gas. I looked at it as someone buying me a beer as a thank you. It would have been a small price to pay for those who couldn’t get their hands on any considering original retail and what the store was selling them for. Even when you considered shipping.
  5. It’s probably been a whole 2 months since this was discussed for the 500th time. Solution - Move along. Nobody’s forcing anyone to buy anything. Nobody’s ripping anyone. If you truly understood the economics you’d understand that. Ripping someone would saying as new or mint with the condition being barely good. Ive said it before but il repeat it. The bigger issue is the uneven enforcement. There were some of us who stopped in at wherever was selling the Nike shoes (Marshall’s?). If I didn’t find my size I bought them with the intent of helping someone else out. I may have “made” 10 bucks which wasn’t really asking much as I went out of my way a cpl times. And yes I would have bought my own size as I said but also went there with the intent of passing along as well.
  6. Couple different things. They offer you “free” equipment but they twist your arms off trying to get you to buy something in addition. And once they have your contact info they hound you incessantly. Sometimes “free” isn’t worth it.
  7. First thing I did was search here. I found this thread too. Was gonna bump it myself but said the heck with it.
  8. I got one too. I get that everyone needs to make a buck or 2 but I’d expect more from GolfWRX. But maybe that’s on me. I did a search and there was another thread maybe a year ago but I don’t know if WRX was involved with that one altho I suspect it was.
  9. I tend to agree. They used to be quite a bit cheaper and I think there was some back door trading. I wouldn’t do it either but maybe someone will be into it.
  10. Been quite a while since I’ve seen one from them. https://www.sunfishsales.com/product/mystery-headcovers/?goal=0_afdafb015c-d3b390d754-119891957&mc_cid=d3b390d754&mc_eid=39a307879e
  11. Good day all. My days of hoofing 18 with a bag on my shoulders are over. Forgive me if this has been asked but any input on what the best bag is for switching between a push cart (clicgear 4) and riding? Im also at the range a fair amount. So maybe the Sun Mountain C130s even though my carrying days are likely over? Thank you.
  12. I looked out of curiosity. It’s there. I think it may have been down near the bottom of the home page. It I’m not 100% sure. But it’s there somewhere. They have packages for gen2 thru gen4.
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