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  1. I bought the G410 4H, 5H AND 6H to match my 410 irons a few weeks ago. I’ve played a few rounds with them and they are nice. I was replacing some Callaway XR OS hybrids that I had much success with for several years. I Ike them but I am in an adjustment period.
  2. Here’s one. The USGA and the strict rules of golf care nothing about me and I care nothing about them. A hard and fast rule at my club is that you never hit off roots where you could injure yourself or damage a club. Actually we roll it everywhere. And as a good friend says, if you don’t improve your lie here, you’ll be scratching a poor man’s butt when you leave. It’s about having some fun. None of us are on TV.
  3. Chippers work. Especially a Ping ChipO.
  4. I’m not wealthy but am blessed to be able to play the clubs that I like. I wouldn’t change anything that’s listed in my signature below but I do swap between irons and hybrids. Now many years ago when I was making minimum wage while running a weed eater at a local golf course and just getting started in the game I thought only rich people played Pings. Good times.
  5. If I had to go all one brand I’d pick Ping. A close second would be Callaway. I don’t mind mixing brands so I can hopefully use what fits me best in each catergory.
  6. No way I can remember all the ones I’ve tried. Easily in the triple digits.
  7. I have not thought to do that before but I’ll try it tomorrow.
  8. Mine would be the Callaway GBB Heavenwood. Someone help me out...did they come out around 2015-16?
  9. bamagolf

    $300 putters

    As with any hobby it’s whatever floats your boat.
  10. The best I have found is the Ping Eye 2 L Wedge. Slight second is the Ping Glide 3.0 Eye 2 60* which is pretty much the same club
  11. I have used the 8 iron quite a bit this year with better results than the 54 that I was using mostly before. Another vote for the 5H as well. With the 8 and the 5H I’m using more of a putting action than chipping motion.
  12. Nope, don’t roll it back. Only the best of the best hit it too far. I need one that goes farther.
  13. I’m getting to the point where anything from 160 or less is subject to me taking more club and less swing. When I was younger whenever I tried to “let up” on more club I would mess up the shot. Now I’m finding in my 50s that the result is usually better with trying to smooth it out. The margin of error is better.
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