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  1. I’m a single digit handicap that doesn’t get along well with the I210. Love the G410 irons, although I haven’t played them with anything other than the AWT shafts.
  2. Lots of good advice here. Y’all are making me wanna go play in the snow. Although I think most of the better courses have been suggested all ready, I’ll add a couple of more that I enjoy. Mount Ogden, Glen Eagle in Syracuse, Wolf Creek in Eden, Davis park, River Oaks, and the regular park city muni. I’ve golfed most public and private golf courses in Utah not named Glenwild, and I see no reason to pay extra to pay private courses. The few times a year I get to play the Salt Lake Country club or Oakridge Country Club, or Hidden Valley or Promontory or Red Ledges, I always enjoy the round. But n
  3. It will a little rough for golf in a week. A few courses in Salt Lake valley are open, but they are about 3 months away from hitting their stride.
  4. Valley view in Layton is one of my favorites as are Wasatch and Soldier Hollow. I guess I’m in the minority, because I think the canyons is ok, but not my favorite. I also think Thanksgiving Point has gone downhill a bit, but is still a good track. Other public courses to check out would include Bonneville, Bountiful Ridge and Hobble Creek. Mid September is a fabulous time to golf in Utah and there are a lot of good public courses available for great prices.
  5. tdog

    Mesquite, NV

    The courses you’ve listed are some of my favorites, but Coyote Springs is a bit of a jaunt. If you have more time, I’m also a fan of the Palmer and Falcon Ridge in Mesquite and Coral Canyon in Saint George.
  6. I was insinuating that perhaps the OP has a bias against Faldo.
  7. I think Faldo does a good job. Any chance we are getting a glimpse of the OP’s bias? ?
  8. Sorry to hear about the little guy. Been there, done that. It will be a long road, but keep your head up and remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It took my little guy about 3-4 years to turn the corner. Best of luck. Wish I could use something you are selling.
  9. Awesome irons. Someone is going to be very lucky and I hope it's me.
  10. Lived in Midway for several years and have played all the local courses countless times. While I enjoy Soldier Hollow I prefer Wasatch and the Homestead. All great courses though.
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