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  1. thx ingraha3, very sweet putter, hope to move it out soon.
  2. LIKE NO OTHERUP for sale is a Professional series beautiful gun blue TP Mills Softail.---sold to sean Very little play and lots of life left. Grip is a Scotty Cameron Baby T grip, lenght is 34 inches. Pictures dont do this putter justice. Cover is a tp mills gray cover. email me if u have any further questions> Asking price is 250.00shipped
  3. Now that we have the correct drawing of where the left hand should go, can someone draw some new lines on where the club should run on the right hand. what part of the club lies where. 6o clock, 3o clock.
  4. Slice @ about 2:30 in the video someone has a ball or something tied between their arms. What is it and what is that used for?
  5. How to make a norman secret with the supplies you mentioned
  6. Need some help. Does a blueboard marked x5ct play real different from one marked g35t. what would the playing differences be and are they two different shafts as far as specs go?
  7. What do you think ? I am Really confusedI came across this video in youtube. Was wondering if you swing experts can take a look and let me know what you think. I never really understood how to grip the club properly. For reference I grip the club at the base of my left pinkie (i am right handed) up to the 2nd crease of my forefinger. The video never mentions this grip. what is the correct way to place your left hand on the club. I am really confused!
  8. HCP 10-12My handicap varies throught out the year between 10-12 and was looking to get new irons to replace my original Hogan Apex Plus irons. What would be the major differences between the two irons mentioned in terms of feel, trajectory, FORGIVNESS, and of course PRICE! Also would these irons a good option for my skill level, which would be better. Thanks in advance J.G.
  9. FittingAnyone have any experience with the fitting process of golf etc out of houston. Is it worth the fitting charges of 150.00 for iron fitting 150.00 for wood fitting. any prior experinece with the fitting process they do would be appreciated. Do they credit you the fitting fee if you purchase directly from them?
  10. TEXASNeed to know the name or previous experiences with really good clubmakers in the Houston, or San Antonio area in Texas. Really need to get fit for new irons. Thanks
  11. Kind of experimenting with Stack and Tilt and was wondering if this swing makes my swing flatter or more upright. What would I have to do to my lie angle to adjust them for each one. Anyone experiment with this swing and what were your adjustments.
  12. Aldila vs protoI was looking at getting an aldila vs proto 65 for my 905R, but can't decide if it should be reg. or stiff cuz of the thru bore. I have an 95-100mph swing and was wondering which would be a better fit. Also still can't decide between project X 5.5 or 6.0 shafts. any help or suggestions????? Thanks
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