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  1. 1. Scotty Cameron 34” Newport. 6 months old. Mint with headcover $old 2. vokey sm8 54 and 58. 5 months old. 85 each or $160 for both pricing includes shipping
  2. Sim max 3 wood 15 degree. About 1 yr old. Asking $110 shipped head only. sun mountain 2.5 plus bag. Asking $135 shipped. It’s navy blue. Very good condition, super light weight
  3. 1. M5 driver with headcover. No sky marks, pretty clean. $150 for just head. Or 190 with Hzrdus shaft (6.5 extra stiff) $sold 2,3. Vokey wedges. Sm8 58 and 54 degree. 58 10s and 54 14f. Looking to get $170 for the pair or 90 each, also have a 54 deg in a 10s if interested. 3. Callaway x14 irons. 3-lw. True temper callaway stock shafts. $100 shipped $old all prices shipped
  4. 1. Titleist ts2 hybrid 19 oban stiff shaft. $135 shipped $old 2. ventus 3 wood shaft stiff. out of sim 3w $45 shipped $old 3. orange whip wedge. $45shipped 4. R-Motion $35 shipped $sold for all sensors
  5. 1. Sim 2 max, 3 wood. Hit 2 balls with it. This thing is new. Not a mark on it. $225 sold 2. titleist 19* hybrid ts2, upgraded shaft. Oban Devotion 85 stuff. Not the cleanest install but doesn’t affect performance. I also have stock evenflow blue if you prefer that. Asking $165 with stock, $140 for just the head, $185 with oban. 3. rapsodo simulator. R motion. 13 club adapters. Asking $70 shipped 4. blast motion. Asking $75 shipped 5. Rife putter - 34” $45 shipped 6. Oakley polo - medium never worn $20 shipped 7. Nike polo $14 shipped medium- Worn once 8. Nike aerolayer jacket - medium $45 9. 2 Nike gift cards that I got for Father’s Day. One $50 and one $25. So $65 for the total of $75
  6. Right now I have a m5 with stock hazardous. This shaft matches up better than most made fors that’s I have used. I used a tensei white in my m3 and that was longest combo for me. I swing about 106-108mph. I have a high ball flight. Hit ball dead straight with this shaft. My miss is pulls with draw. Maybe 2-3 a round pulled 15 yards with a 5 yard draw. Don’t get a ton of roll out. Carry is between 255-270. 255 would be front nine and as I loosen up it gets north of 260. Even though I hit it really high it seems to get through wind ok, much better than the ventus shaft I had before. That shaft seemed spinny and kept hitting cuts which I never hit. would I really benefit from an aftermarket shaft. Looking at maybe Accra, tensei pro, gd iz. Would I gain distance or accuracy that is noticable. Would it be a waste to try shafts out buying used from here. Or just go to a fitter. I don’t trust my local fitters and the good ones are over an hour way I hit about 8/14 fairways on average. Usually because I’ll out drive fairways, or try and carry bunkers and fly a couple yards short. Usually I hit 2-3 in accurate hits. The other misses are just taking aggressive lines
  7. 1. Rapsodo simulator. $100 shipped. Compete setup for all 13 clubs and attachment. 2. Blast motion. $80 shipped. Has everything. 3. Nike jacket size medium. $40 shipped 4. Nike polo - dark blue medium $17 shipped. 5. Under armour shorts match play. $18 shipped. Size 32 6. rife putter 34” $45 shipped
  8. 1. Kirkland putter 34” - brand new still in plastic and have box. $115 shipped 2. Rife putter 34” 2 bar mallet. Headcover and brand new grip - $55 shipped 3. Nike jacket size medium. Hyper adapt. Purchased from Dicks sporting goods $50 shipped 4. Adidas go to adapt jacket medium. $35 shipped. wore maybe 2-3 times 5. Tiger woods vapor polo. $35 shipped medium. Wore 3 times. 6. Under armour gray shorts size 34 $22 shipped. Wore twice 7. dark blue zonal cool Nike polo size medium $22 shipped. Paid $70
  9. He originally said he purchased at golf galaxy. But I believe my buddy is asking for proof of purchase. He is going to reach out to callaway and see what they say. I had an issue with my Taylormade sim 3 wood and they are sending me a sim 2 . Customer service is great
  10. I wonder if callaway would replace if contacted?
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