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  1. I purchased the sim max fairway and driver. Came from the M3 driver and f8 fairway. I hit the m3 about 290 and hit about 60% fairways. F8 was streaky. Hit it about 245 but hit it really accurate on a string and stopped quick in greens. the sim max Driver - I cant hit the middle of the face consistently. I fade instead for draw. Spins like crazy with zero rollout. I am probably averaging 265-270 99% carry. I hit about 30% of fairways on a regular day and 50% on a great day.I hit 3 fairways the other day and shot 75 lol. The sim max fairway is a beast. I hit it 250-270. Yardage is inc
  2. 1. Taylormade sim max 10.5 purchased 3 months ago, just the head asking $sold Mint - I’d say 9/10. I have stock ventus shaft available as well stiff for additional $ 2. directed force 2.1 putter. 33” 70 lie. Purchased 6 months ago. Blue head with original forward press grip. $285 shipped 3. Sm7 58 used for one season. $60 shipped. 4. Mizuno blue t7 52* love this club but going to 54*. Used 2 seasons but a lot of life left $45 shipped 5-6. Nike 34-30 black pants flex from dicks sporting goods. Paid $80 still has tags. Gray pants 34-30 same as black from dicks as well. N
  3. I’ve used the tourstriker. Works well, but I found in my swing the reason my elbows couldn’t come together were issue in the back swing. I could try and find mine if you want to save a few bucks.
  4. Went to Vegas over the weekend, and last minute was able to get squeezed in with Jgilmer. earlier in day he was working with tommy armour 3. I found Gilmer because he is one of Gankas best coaches. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a few years now. I wanted to highly recommend Gilmer. If you guys are in Vegas he is very close to downtown Vegas. I have struggled with the same thing for years and I’ve seen 2 really good instructors and could never get it resolved. my arms were getting stuck behind and been told it’s as simple as squeezing my elbows together in the downswing. And by anothe
  5. So the past 4-5 rounds have been a rollercoaster. The last two rounds 74 and 86. I had a round of 35 front 45 back. Just terrible. Putting rounds of 30 then 35. I’ve had rounds where I didn’t make any putt outside 8 ft. my putter is either smoking hot or dead. So I went back to the drawing board. Changing putting styles and stances every round. then I figure it out, very simple. Moving my hips in my back swing and transition of putting. I started putting straighter immediately outside 6 ft. Crazy how you go nuts over just something so simple. Anyone have this issue. It comes up about once a y
  6. 9.5 460cc i bomb it as well. It’s hard to believe people think the m5 and sim is longer lol. I like the feel of the m3. But just picked up a sim driver so we will see :)
  7. M3 stiff white tensei. With headcover 9.5*I’d rate 9/10. No wearmarks or scuffs. Almost looks new $180 shipped
  8. I played my first round with them. The feel is really good. To me offset is very little. had no huge bounces or rollout issues. Forgiveness is night and day between my 765s. I’m hitting about 5-8 yards longer. And misses are not losing much at all. I think these are keepers
  9. Just picked up a set of these irons and had my first range session. Hit about 30 balls. I was using srixon 765s before (I’m about a 6-7 handicap) I wanted something a little more forgiving and get something newer. I liked the 2020s, ap3, and t200s. these 2020s are more forgiving and a little longer than my 765s. The only thing I can’t speak on is how well they hold the greens. I hit these higher so assuming I won’t have any issues. any other feedback on the 2020s. I think the feel on these are great. Very happy so far
  10. So I lost my precision pro on the course a month ago and don’t feel like shelling out over $200 again. so I ordered this range finder on amazon. Mainly because it ships overnight and can test and send back. so like my previous one - it does slope, pin seek, target vibration, 6x zoom, battery operated. used my first round with it. I’d say a fraction slower than the precision pro. I did have to focus the lense every 4-5 holes (it would get a little blurry) for $84 it serves the purpose, does anyone else have a little longer usage with this one. I’m a little skeptical of the slope reading that i
  11. Srixon irons have modus shaft 105s. I never got range balls with them and always used covers on them. So shouldn’t have any bag chatter. I’d rate them 8/10. I golf about once a month and bought them a couple years ago. $soldF8 3 wood - I purchased used. Has headcover no wrench. $100 shipped. Regular shaft. Didn’t bother me even with my faster swing speed
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