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  1. 1. Scotty Cameron 34” Newport. 6 months old. Mint with headcover $old 2. vokey sm8 54 and 58. 5 months old. 85 each or $160 for both pricing includes shipping
  2. Sim max 3 wood 15 degree. About 1 yr old. Asking $110 shipped head only. sun mountain 2.5 plus bag. Asking $135 shipped. It’s navy blue. Very good condition, super light weight
  3. 1. M5 driver with headcover. No sky marks, pretty clean. $150 for just head. Or 190 with Hzrdus shaft (6.5 extra stiff) $sold 2,3. Vokey wedges. Sm8 58 and 54 degree. 58 10s and 54 14f. Looking to get $170 for the pair or 90 each, also have a 54 deg in a 10s if interested. 3. Callaway x14 irons. 3-lw. True temper callaway stock shafts. $100 shipped $old all prices shipped
  4. 1. Titleist ts2 hybrid 19 oban stiff shaft. $135 shipped $old 2. ventus 3 wood shaft stiff. out of sim 3w $45 shipped $old 3. orange whip wedge. $45shipped 4. R-Motion $35 shipped $sold for all sensors
  5. 1. Sim 2 max, 3 wood. Hit 2 balls with it. This thing is new. Not a mark on it. $225 sold 2. titleist 19* hybrid ts2, upgraded shaft. Oban Devotion 85 stuff. Not the cleanest install but doesn’t affect performance. I also have stock evenflow blue if you prefer that. Asking $165 with stock, $140 for just the head, $185 with oban. 3. rapsodo simulator. R motion. 13 club adapters. Asking $70 shipped 4. blast motion. Asking $75 shipped 5. Rife putter - 34” $45 shipped 6. Oakley polo - medium never worn $20 shipped 7. Nike polo $14 shipped medium- Worn once 8. Nike aerolayer jacket - medium $45 9. 2 Nike gift cards that I got for Father’s Day. One $50 and one $25. So $65 for the total of $75
  6. Right now I have a m5 with stock hazardous. This shaft matches up better than most made fors that’s I have used. I used a tensei white in my m3 and that was longest combo for me. I swing about 106-108mph. I have a high ball flight. Hit ball dead straight with this shaft. My miss is pulls with draw. Maybe 2-3 a round pulled 15 yards with a 5 yard draw. Don’t get a ton of roll out. Carry is between 255-270. 255 would be front nine and as I loosen up it gets north of 260. Even though I hit it really high it seems to get through wind ok, much better than the ventus shaft I had before. That shaft seemed spinny and kept hitting cuts which I never hit. would I really benefit from an aftermarket shaft. Looking at maybe Accra, tensei pro, gd iz. Would I gain distance or accuracy that is noticable. Would it be a waste to try shafts out buying used from here. Or just go to a fitter. I don’t trust my local fitters and the good ones are over an hour way I hit about 8/14 fairways on average. Usually because I’ll out drive fairways, or try and carry bunkers and fly a couple yards short. Usually I hit 2-3 in accurate hits. The other misses are just taking aggressive lines
  7. 1. Rapsodo simulator. $100 shipped. Compete setup for all 13 clubs and attachment. 2. Blast motion. $80 shipped. Has everything. 3. Nike jacket size medium. $40 shipped 4. Nike polo - dark blue medium $17 shipped. 5. Under armour shorts match play. $18 shipped. Size 32 6. rife putter 34” $45 shipped
  8. 1. Kirkland putter 34” - brand new still in plastic and have box. $115 shipped 2. Rife putter 34” 2 bar mallet. Headcover and brand new grip - $55 shipped 3. Nike jacket size medium. Hyper adapt. Purchased from Dicks sporting goods $50 shipped 4. Adidas go to adapt jacket medium. $35 shipped. wore maybe 2-3 times 5. Tiger woods vapor polo. $35 shipped medium. Wore 3 times. 6. Under armour gray shorts size 34 $22 shipped. Wore twice 7. dark blue zonal cool Nike polo size medium $22 shipped. Paid $70
  9. He originally said he purchased at golf galaxy. But I believe my buddy is asking for proof of purchase. He is going to reach out to callaway and see what they say. I had an issue with my Taylormade sim 3 wood and they are sending me a sim 2 . Customer service is great
  10. I wonder if callaway would replace if contacted?
  11. So cosmetic issue not anything to be concerned about?
  12. So my buddy purchased Maverik pros off offer up. Condition was like new, looked like they were hit a couple times. All look good except for the wedge. Now he won’t respond back to my buddy about why it looks weird. Please let me know if you have seen this or know what this is
  13. 1. Bushnell tour v5. Less than 1 year old. In great shape! Lost the holder. $200 shipped $sold 2. Mizuno m craft 3. 34”. Never seen the course. Only putted on carpet. Asking $180 shipped. Includes headcover and weight kit. 3. titleist 818 hybrid 19*. h1 . No headcover. I’d rate 7/10. Used for 2 years. Please don’t buy lol. My favorite club, only hybrid that I ever liked. Going to try ts2 out. Asking $85 shipped $sold
  14. 1. Evnroll Er2 blacked out 33”. 9.5/10. Hardcover, 370gr. $245 shipped $old 2. top flight golf clubs - left handed 5-8yr old. Driver, hybrid, putter new, irons swung a few times. $75 shipped 3. Birdieball, brand new never used 4ft x 12. Attached receipt. $230 shipped trades: Cameron putter squareback, Toulon 33” or 34”
  15. Really I didn’t think about that. But cutting the width might be tough. Smart all your Stryker sold
  16. 1. Volley sm8 60* k14 - no face wear, used for 4 rounds. Wedge flex standard grip. $90 shipped 2. mizuno 50* s18 no face wear. Looks newish. Wedge flex. $50 shipped 3. birdieball green. Brand new. Ordered 4x14 ft and need 3x12 ft. Would also trade for smaller size. Can’t fit it in the house has shims to add break, has bag for storage, edges purchased as well. 3 holes. Medium speed. Showing receipt. Asking $190 local $230 shipped. SoCal pickup 4. blast motion golf. $80 5. Putting aid - 5footer.com $17 shipped. 6. Tour Stryker smart ball. $30 shipped 7. Nike pants flex 34-30 brand new with tags. Black and gray. Both for $90 shipped. 8. Nike hyper adapt jacket - medium. This is my favorite Jacket in the world, too fat for it $60 shipped. Purchased at dicks sporting goods 2 years ago for $180 9. Gray under armor shorts - size 34 $18 shipped. Wore 3 times
  17. I would like to see if anyone can explain to me or has a video of how to calibrate green speed. and can someone or does someone have a video explaining the knee popping for reading slope thank you
  18. I purchased the sim max fairway and driver. Came from the M3 driver and f8 fairway. I hit the m3 about 290 and hit about 60% fairways. F8 was streaky. Hit it about 245 but hit it really accurate on a string and stopped quick in greens. the sim max Driver - I cant hit the middle of the face consistently. I fade instead for draw. Spins like crazy with zero rollout. I am probably averaging 265-270 99% carry. I hit about 30% of fairways on a regular day and 50% on a great day.I hit 3 fairways the other day and shot 75 lol. The sim max fairway is a beast. I hit it 250-270. Yardage is inconsistent compared to the f8. I had the f8 where 80% would fly 245. The sim max fairway would be like 250, 30% 255 10%, 265 20% 270 40%. Just not the precision I would like. My accuracy is good Off the tee, probably 75%+ in the fairway. Off the turf pretty straight as well. Just slight baby draws to dead straight. Sim max fairway is legit, not coming out of my bag for a long time. Pretty much how I feel about my titleist hybrid. I sold my sim max and looking for a sim (not sim max) this is the worst I’ve hit my driver in a long time. I need a change
  19. 1. Taylormade sim max 10.5 purchased 3 months ago, just the head asking $sold Mint - I’d say 9/10. I have stock ventus shaft available as well stiff for additional $ 2. directed force 2.1 putter. 33” 70 lie. Purchased 6 months ago. Blue head with original forward press grip. $285 shipped 3. Sm7 58 used for one season. $60 shipped. 4. Mizuno blue t7 52* love this club but going to 54*. Used 2 seasons but a lot of life left $45 shipped 5-6. Nike 34-30 black pants flex from dicks sporting goods. Paid $80 still has tags. Gray pants 34-30 same as black from dicks as well. No tags but never worn. Paid $80. Sell as a pair for $110 shipped 7. Nike shorts black size 32- worn once and washed once. Too tight lol. Asking $38 shipped. 8. M5 9 degree with stiff hzrdus
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