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  1. I have one and it's nice to have, but it's $50. I also use Johnson and Johnson baby powder that I lightly sprinkle on my hitting mat. Looks even cooler with slow motion videos too..
  2. Lately, it’s the 5i. I do just fine when I tee it up on par 3’s, but on the fairway, I can’t staying in tempo. I get hyped up with the 5i, and When I get overly aggressive, bad things happen.
  3. thanks for the answer... prolly not buttery as my pxg's... but worth a try with the thin face and "TPE injected hollow core body"
  4. Good to know. The 699 pro black, are they forge? new to SUB70.. playing PXG g3n1 0311 right now...looking to replace them with my specs.
  5. same here... These 699 pros black... are they not forge?
  6. To dislike a golf brand for their commercials is kinda funny not to buy their products or cringe over that company..many of you have car insurance with stupid commercials, own cars with stupid commercials, or bought something from “as seen on TV”…etc…. Lol They could have Paul Reubens doing golf commercials lol I don’t care.
  7. 7i is similar. driver +/- 2 mph.. some days it's slow and some days I can break free... most days I play conservative so it's slower lol with the driver...
  8. ah.... that's my bad... the "Width" of the groves.... the coin is about 2" behind the ball. ... Fixed
  9. Update: Since I posted this, I went back to the "work bench" and did some drills I've done before to help with "ball then turf" contact. Instead of using a towel, I used a coin to do this drill - avoid hitting the coin while striking the ball. The distance I started out with was a club head and a half gap, then finally worked my way closer over time. I can now avoid hitting the coin as close as the width of the grooves on the club face.....BUT, still not perfect... I found other things through videos that's causing my ball striking inconsistencies. I'm working on that currently. Likewise, I'll set up a time with my instructor to make sure I'm on the right path. Zitlow, I'll check my lie angle too.. I hit off mats for practice and having such soft forge in the irons I have, they bend up easy. Doesn't help that I'm a digger. A new set of irons can wait. With the holiday's around the corner, the kids must comes first.
  10. well I got rid of my G410 LST 3 metal. It wasn't really serving any purpose for me once I got the 5w. The only reason why I got the 3w was my inability to hit my driver consistently and raise my FIR%. So when I got my driver dialed down and increased my FIR%, and also my 5w being my favorite "degree" under the driver, I didn't need a strong lofted 3w LST.
  11. been struggling with my irons the last few rounds. Poor ball contact, heavy, thin, some iron strikes are towards the heel, and my GIR % has gone down significantly. Just this past summer and last year, my ball striking was "crispy" and I had full confidence in my game to go after pins. Now I aim for the fat part of the green hoping for GIR, but I find myself trying to save par and/or walk away with bogies. I think I'm in a slump since I don't play as much as I used to when the weather was warm and days were longer. (from 2 to 3 times a week to 2 twice a month) I had planned a fitting for new irons in less than 2 weeks - currently use PXG 0311P gen1 for the last couple of years and I'm looking to replace them to whatever I'm fitted for. but now, I'm not sure if I should with the way my ball contact is right now, very poor. but at the same time I'm frustrated to have open looks to the green from a nice tee shot and I can't get on. what to do......
  12. I used to think this way when I hated being in the bunker. After awhile, I just got tired of "just get on the green". I had to figure out how to get closer to the hole. Also, Some greens I face can roll like "concrete", no way can I card a 5 on a 4 hole. and this summer I struggled with my putting.
  13. It depends on the bunker conditions and other factors if I would have to chip out of bunkers. I've tried "chipping" out of all types of bunkers, but it doesn't always work. Especially on really soft fluffy or fried eggs, deep bunkers, etc... so likewise I approach these shots differently. Also, I need to the ball to react out of the bunker, not just roll... I'm trying to get the ball close so I can try to save the hole. The other day I was 1 for 2 out of the bunker (save), but I missed a putt for save that hole. The other one was a tap in par.... Tap in par was a chippy type of out.. and the other was a floppy type of out.. higher lip. I used to hate bunkers and never new the differences till I started working on my bunker game. Now, my friends are shocked that I get excited being inside the bunker besides the green. Some green side roughs are harder than getting out of bunkers.
  14. I have that set up.. but the Ping g410 5w is rather strong. The loft is close, or the same as my old XR 3w which was my favorite club. I had the 3w LST which is string lofted too. Over time I used it less and less, so I got rid of it...
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