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  1. I start every range session with this drill now. It's both a way to loosen up with smaller swings that gradually get bigger/faster, but also a reminder to my body about connectedness. This drill also transitions naturally into 9 to 3 swings, which is another thing I like to do before hitting full shots. Interestingly I played a few holes tonight and on the last hole had my stance very narrow, hit 2 balls off the tee and both were my best drives of the night. No distance lost from where Iâd have hit my normally well struck drives. Wedges into the green were crisp and on line. I have a 36 ho
  2. This. My grandmother would do the same. A player that puts those kinds of eyeballs on golf, of all things, is a basket in which you put a significant number of eggs. The real pressure, though, is not whether Woods is a has-been. It's whether or not he's a could-have-been or, most importantly, the should-have-been (as in the best ever) that brings the pressure. I'd say there's as much, if not more, pressure coming from within than without, if y'all can dig that. That's what makes it the story. Now this guy who's still your most marketable will end up being the all-time leader in Tour wins but
  3. Count me as one who hates slow greens. For me, feel is taken out of the equation when I'm hitting the ball to get it to the hole instead of stroking it.
  4. I went to my local Tractor Supply and got two large veterinary syringes and a 10-pack of 18-gauge needles. Works like a charm, and I have less than $15 invested. I looked into the pressurized gun and didn't like the $60-plus price tag.
  5. Standard-sized grips are too small for me. I grip the club way too tight with them. I'm firmly in the midsize camp now. If the drawings of Mr. Nicklaus' hands in "Golf My Way" are accurate, we have the exact same size hands, so while I might not need a midsize, it definitely feels better to me.
  6. [quote name='IUbball23' timestamp='1358133439' post='6223155'] [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1358133353' post='6223149'] No need for buying an extension. Take an old shaft (that has steps) and keep cutting off the shaft (from somewhere in the middle) until you find a step section that will snugly fit into the Cameron butt end. Trim appropriately, abrade and glue. [/quote] ^ This works too [/quote] That's exactly how I did mine.
  7. I prefer the epoxy that has the beads mixed in already.
  8. I tried the first-gen version of the X. It spun A LOT for me ... if anyone remembers the old Spalding Tour Editions from the 80s, that's the kind of spin I got with the 20XI-X.
  9. I think I just found myself a late Christmas present.
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