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  1. A few items for sale today. All prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS Priority or FedEx Ground. Only trade interest is TSi2 driver. 1. PXG 0311P irons, 5-PW, TT Elevate Stiff Shafts, Standard length and loft, 2* upright lie - purchased irons from PXG last year. Will shipping black box for extra $15 (it's a big box). Asking $old 2. Birdie Juice USA, Subpar hat - New w/o tags (did not come with tags). Asking $45 3. Under Armour Shorts (Grey) - Good shape, no rips, stains or tears. Size 38. - Asking $old 4. Under Armour Shorts (Blue) - same as above - Asking $old 5. Dunning Polo - NWT - XL Pink and Blue Stripe. Asking $old PXG Irons: Birdie Juice Hat: 3. UA Grey 4. UA Blue 5. Dunning Polo
  2. I currently play PXG 0311P which is a 45* PW, so I have a 50,54,58. I’m considering having my T100S PW bent to 45 to keep that loft difference…. Or it’s a degree and I’m not that good, so maybe I won’t … or like the true Ho I am, will likely buy a 48, 52 and top out at 56
  3. Benefit of ordering directly from Titleist is that you can get status on your order any time you want fairly easy. Benefit to GG is that you can use your scorecard and get some points. I don't know if everyone has it, but I had a 1x per year where I can get triple points on a purchase. Used it when I ordered my clubs and ended up with $140 Dick's cash.
  4. How are these irons still here? If I weren't expecting mine any day I'd be all over these.
  5. I'd say the toe-box is very roomy, maybe not that the entire shoe is wide.
  6. I've had a few pairs of the gallivanters and just got my first pair of FJ Tarlows. It took a while to figure out the sizing with FJ and my best comparison is that it's "dress shoe sizing" for me at least. I wear a 12.5-13 athletic shoe and never bigger than a 12 dress shoe. I ended up with the FJs in a 12 and felt some initial heel slippage. Once I wore them for a round, the slip went away and the bonus for these is that they're replaceable spikes. The Gallivanters are extremely comfortable, but I hated that those little nubs picked up absolutely everything (leaves, grass, mud) and were almost impossible to get off. Like @Minarets, I initially didn't love the look of any of the premier's except the Tarlow, the packard has really grown on me and am considering ordering a pair of the customs.
  7. They're cheap and low tech, but I love the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G. Simply wipe with a damp towel, dry and all the tackiness is back. I find that they're easier to clean and keep dry because there aren't all the indentations/crevasses in them. A bonus for me is that they come in white which while you think would get dirtier don't and they don't put marks on other things.
  8. Same order here (100s w/C-Taper Lite) at a fitting on 8/14 and at that time the Titleist rep had me hit and put me in CTLs b/c it fit my profile and was actually in stock (expected to ship late Sept). Hopefully that's still the case.
  9. 1. Handicap? 15 2. Right or left hand golfer? Right 3. Current wedges and setup? Cleveland RTX 588 (original) 50.8, Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 54.10 and 58.8 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? I'm intrigued by the new TM lineup and they look excellent. I have always played older generation wedges (as evidenced by my set-up) and would like to create consistency within my setup and get the right fit. I'd like to be fit for wedges and determine whether the gapping/3-wedges is right for me. 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? Yes 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? Yes 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Yes
  10. A couple of items this morning include shipping to CONUS. Feel free to PM me any q's 1. FootJoy Premiere Tarlow - Harris Tweed - Open Championship Limited Edition. Size 12, only tried on one of them. Comes with the Harris Tweed shoe bag. Purchased from TGW and will return, but thought I'd offer to this forum before sending back. Price is not for profit, but to recoup tax, shipping and Paypal fees. - $295 2. Jordan V Low - Wolf Grey - Brand new and taking a loss on these. Purchased from StockX and you'll see the tags still on them. - $255
  11. Just these 3 items today. Payment via PayPal and shipped via USPS First Class or Priority. Take the remaining 2 for $40 1. NWT - Linksoul Boardwalker AC Shorts Grey Size 38 - These are new with tags and in the sealed bag. - Asking $old 2. NWOT - Peter Millar Pink Seersucker shorts Size 38 - again, new without tags, never worn - Asking $old 3. Preowned - Linksoul Boardwalker Shorts Size 38 - Think these are "chalk color" (light beige). There is a spot that is pictured on the left side where I must have sat on something. Again, spot is small and I didn't notice it until I posted the pics (of course I can't see my own butt as much as my wife likes to think I have my head up my a**). - Asking $old
  12. They look like one of the jade variations to me
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