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  1. Just these 3 items today. Payment via PayPal and shipped via USPS First Class or Priority. Take the remaining 2 for $40 1. NWT - Linksoul Boardwalker AC Shorts Grey Size 38 - These are new with tags and in the sealed bag. - Asking $old 2. NWOT - Peter Millar Pink Seersucker shorts Size 38 - again, new without tags, never worn - Asking $old 3. Preowned - Linksoul Boardwalker Shorts Size 38 - Think these are "chalk color" (light beige). There is a spot that is pictured on the left side where I must have sat on something. Again, spot is small and I didn't notice it until I p
  2. They look like one of the jade variations to me
  3. Happy morning after WRXers, just a few items today. All prices are OBO (reasonable) via Paypal and shipped via USPS Priority. If you want more than one item, shoot me a note and will look at discounts. Offers welcome. 1. G-Fore Galivanter Navy/White, Size 12.5 - Worn a few rounds, these are in perfect condition - $old 2. Jordan V, Size 12 Wolf Grey - NIB, purchased from StockX and decided against these - $280 250 3. Puma PWR Adapt Caged, Size 12 - Gray, worn less than 5 cart rounds - $old 4. Greyson XXL - NWT - Salamander (Dark Turquoise) and navy/purply stripe (see
  4. What's the make-up of the set? Appears to be just 3 clubs? Edit: Disregard... I'm a moron
  5. A few items for sale today. All prices are via PayPal and shipped in CONUS via USPS or FedEx. Only trade interests are Lajosi DD201 or Byron Morgan. 1. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 1.5 Black Mist - In excellent shape, putter is 34" and comes with headcover pictured - Asking $old 2. Toulon Las Vegas - In excellent condition, no marks, putter is 35" and comes with headcover pictured - Asking $old 3. Jordan V Wolf Grey, Size 12 NIB - these were ordered via secondary market and have the StockX tag on them. I decided against them and am just trying to recoup most of the cost
  6. Just to share, I've wrapped one as well (myself) and it was a PITA! Did it myself b/c to have it done professionally was actually more than the cost of painting it, but it's a valid argument on the covering scratches. Wherever you get it painted, ask for a touch up container also.
  7. I refurb'd one and took the shell up to Maaco while I had it off. Think they charged me ~$450 and that's been about two years ago, paint is still in great shape.
  8. A few items today. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority or FedEx Ground (likely FXG since USPS is a crapshoot these days). I have 1 Titleist putter shaft I'll include with one of the putter heads if you desire (will play 34.5"). 1. Scotty Cameron Classics Newport head - 328g - I've stripped off the finish and removed the paint fill and had intended to gun blue, but never got around to it. I've removed a lot of the bag chatter and used fine sanding. Pics tell the story. - Asking $old 2. Scotty Cameron Classics Newport Two head - 330g - same as above.
  9. Sorry for the untimely response, but I wasn't alerted to the post. It is $1999 from the website with around an 8-10 week waiting period.
  10. Flightscope Mevo+ in the wrapper still. Purchased a while back and just arrived; unfortunately car was stolen and have some expenses to cover. - $2750 via PayPal and Shipped via FedEx
  11. One item today. A Foresight GC2 in perfect condition. I know this is pricey, so happy to FaceTime or send any videos you'd like to see or chat through any questions. Purchases only through PayPal for both of our protection and will be shipped insured via FedEx or UPS (more reliable than USPS) at my expense. Asking $old for the package. Will consider splitting if buyer for Unit/Case and software. Foresight GC2 was purchased new in December of 2019 and used sparingly. Everything you see (other than the laptop) is included GC2 Unit (Serial A13627) - still has plastic on the scre
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