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  1. What a great giveaway!! AV Orange would be my #1 Love the counterbalance feel!
  2. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YesCurrent driver setup? M5 9.0 Atmos Black TS 6SWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? The lower, deeper CG with higher MOI (more forgiveness) in the SIM and the 80g V Steel sole in the SIM fwyAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Very Excited to be able document experience with WRX and social media. Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Woodstock, Illinois 140cc I have used the original SNSR in the past, love the new pistol shape, and slightly firmer feel
  4. Titleist- TS2 or 3 He is on staff with Titleist now.
  5. Fuji Pro 2.0 7S This would a great compliment in my 3 wood to the Atmos Black 6S in my driver. I am a big fan of the gen.1 Fuji Pro shafts. The Tour Spec is one if the best driver shafts I have ever used and the reg. Pro is the perfect 3 wood compliment. Thanks Fujikura for the opportunity and keep up the great work and products!
  6. TM Community Username: AcceB1 Current Driver Specs: TM M1 460 '17, 9.75 loft, GD BB6 X flex Current HDCP: 2.1 RH
  7. Does anyone have any real life experience comparing the Modus 105 to the C taper Lite ? I know what the companies say, but want to hear real life application. Looking at S flex specifically, but curious about comparison in any flex.
  8. Please go to the Taylormade site and check out the newsroom link and listen to Jon Rahm talk about his switch to the new TP5X and put this to bed!
  9. Current USGA handicap 2.0 State the goals for your golf game in 2017 One, is to get out to play more golf! Two, rediscover my iron game. I've never driven the ball better, and this is the year to dial in the iron game. Favorite/least favorite club in your bag Favorite club is my 10.5 M1 driver (see above). Least favorite (more like my scariest club) is my 58 degree wedge. In a tight lie, it scares me to death at times. Which new club excites you the most in ‘17 With out a doubt, the P770/750 irons. With my goals for 2017, these really excite me, as they look like what I love abou
  10. 2 hdcp Woodstock, IL Lamkin UTX Yes, exclusively for the past 10 years Yes, of course Midsize, +2 wraps under lower hand
  11. Kinetixx IMRT KG860TP - D30 flex would be awesome! I have the iron shaft and love it! Thanks for the opportunity!
  12. [quote name='Johnny4379' timestamp='1446277506' post='12532026'] [quote name='JustTheTips' timestamp='1446254106' post='12531150'] [quote name='Johnny4379' timestamp='1446251537' post='12530962'] Love how it said limited time...like they are going back to full price There's another thread that said the ab line will be replaced at the PGA show [/quote] This deal is for a limited time. Right after it will be an even better deal. We might get the even better, better deal if taylormade too many of them. The club is a year old. It will be replace sometime soon. I am a bit tempted to get th
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