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  1. I have a right handed Toulon Columbus putter 33 inches with a Gripmaster leather putter grip. Putter only no head cover. Its a solid 8.5 out of 10 Asking $190 Thanks for looking. Walter
  2. Did he make any putts? At the end of the day if he was putting well, to each their own.
  3. PING i200 irons, 5-PW, green dot, and stiff shaft. I am playing to well and ready to move on from these irons. $280 with shipping included.
  4. 180 out of a sand bunker, holed it for an eagle 2..........Beats my 2 holes in one......
  5. Played in our club match play championship and was 1 under gross after 12 holes and 4 down...........I hate handicaps..........
  6. Love being first off on a weekend. Usually play in less than 3 hours with perfect greens......
  7. Play with a local kid probably 10 times and he never has shoot over 69 when we have played. He has made some Monday qualifiers web.com stuff but still trying to figure it out. One day he turned at nine with a 29 and stopped because he had dinner reservations. He said i already hold the course record at 60 and i want to go to dinner.....WOW...
  8. From what i heard he would have to forfeit a $20,000,000 insurance policy. TAX FREE..... NOPE.....
  9. 48 year old. Played soccer, basketball, and baseball in high school. Had major knee injury playing college soccer and golf showed up in my life. Filled the need for competitiveness and fell in love with the game. As long as i can play i will.....
  10. I own 3 currently but have not been putting well. I am in the process of eBaying 3-5 more to test and play with over the next 2 months to prepare for my club championship.......
  11. 20 Years $150,000 Green Fees Equipment/Balls/Gloves/Etc Golf vacation/travel Loving every moment of it. Cant wait to spend the next $100,000
  12. I play i20's and have for 3 years now and they are easy to hit, look good at address, and are able to work the ball. My 2 cents.
  13. Will my golf game tell me? A little background about me, I am 47 year old 4 handicap and don't hit it as far or consistent as i once did. I find that after hitting balls and playing a round my shoulders hurt as well and think my stiff shafted irons might be to stiff. My swing speed with irons is 82-85 and with the driver approximately 93 mph. Any feedback or experiences appreciated.
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