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  1. It sure looks like the weights can be moved to the back. There is an obvious track back there.
  2. Rolled the Hardwood and really liked it. Easy to align & a good medium firm feeling off the face.
  3. I like it. An industry standard shape with the Sik face tech for much less than an actual Sik putter
  4. e Does it have a shot shape bias? I don't need help going left.
  5. What kind of maintenance is required for that finish?
  6. Mine are 85g stiff. They feel a lot like Recoils to me.
  7. How To Apply 1. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? I've been cycling through putters trying to find the right one ever since the anchoring ban took away my beloved belly putter. I need to find the right one to develop confidence in & turn my putting back into a strength. The RST would help me set up consistently, so that would be one less thing I'd have to worry about. I've almost pulled the trigger on the Si5 Offset Mallet several times in the past couple of months after rolling one at the PGA Superstore, but just haven't committed for some reason. 2. What is your hand
  8. These look like they would have to have a lot of weight in the bottom if they aren't hollow.
  9. Honma 747P. A true GI iron with a thin top line and little offset.
  10. Radspeed Big Tour. Love mine. 1st 3 wood I've felt comfortable pulling in years.
  11. The i500 replacement would sell like crazy if they left the size & shape the same and just improved feel & finish.
  12. Great putter talk... I'm looking forward to trying the Hardwood. Somewhat unique shape & I like the alignment aids as well as the weight.
  13. Already have one, so not entering. Looking forward to following the reviews & contributing as well.
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