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  1. My putter came in Sunday night. When I unboxed/unwrapped it, I was surprised to see the darker spot on the face where the plastic was not covering it (see pic in my previous post). When I wiped my thumb across the spot, rather than wiping it off, the dark spot spread where I moved my thumb. The spot wouldn't wash off, so I assumed it was just an oil stain of some sort. I ended up just wiping my finger back & forth across the face until it was all the darker color. It's no big deal, but I didn't expect the discoloration. I took the putter to the putting green at my home course Sunday e
  2. I guess the new technology is the "radial weights" that are positioned on the sole just behind the face of the driver. It also now makes sense where they came up with the RAD name.
  3. Excited to be testing/reviewing the 10.5C. I chose the 10.5C because I've played center-shafted mallets for several years. My gamer has primarily been a Betti BB54, but sometimes I switch in the Itsy Bitsy Spider Stripe. Aside from both being center-shafted mallets, the other common themes for these putters is the lie angles have been bent to about 75* & the head weight has been increased to 390g. I've used putters with this type of set up since the anchor ban to help combat my shakey hands & the yips. With that said I'm going to play this putter at standard specs and see h
  4. The Big LB fairway will get a shot at replacing my EX10 Beta 3w. The amount of weight in the sole of the Big LB should absolutely launch the ball.
  5. I'm guessing theses are aimed at the same target audience as the xp-1 & tw-x irons, but I see these as a step back visually.
  6. Just got a text from one of the guys I play with regularly. It was just a picture of the set of 747Ps he just got & a line that said "Time to fight fire with fire". I guess he got sick of me draining his golf funds every week since I got these irons.
  7. That D9 looks really long front to back. Kind of a K15 shape, but with a weight in the back. If that's the case, it should offer crazy amounts of forgiveness, but probably won't be a distance monster.
  8. Had my 1st case of the lefts with these irons yesterday. Missed 4 greens due to over cooked short irons. Still hit 50% GIR which is pretty good for me. I think I was swinging too hard causing the Vizard 85g shafts to whip thru the ball with a more active tip. Either way, I still managed to put up a 1 under round from a shamble format.
  9. Played in a shamble yesterday & shot 1 under on 72 holes with the Rush. I got up & down 6 times around the green to save par during the round. Including a short sided flop shot from the top of a big mound behind the 18th green with a huge group watching. I made sure to let them know I pulled the shot off with a Pinnacle. LOL.
  10. I started my round this afternoon with a ProV1x, but it didn't take long to switch back to the Rush. The ProV was shorter off the tee & irons and I actually prefer the feel of the Rush now too.
  11. I passed on the simulator this afternoon because the course was actually open. I expected it to be closed due to the rain we've had. I didn't stick anything close this afternoon, but did hit half my iron approaches on the green & the rest were near misses that led to easy chips & makeable putt attempts. I had back to back approach shots that I thought I mishit that ended up on the green. It was pretty dark by that time, so I had no idea where they were when I hit them. I was thrilled to find both shots on.
  12. I plan on getting on the sim tonight in the garage since the weather has cooled off enough to be out there. Will be fun to get some numbers on the launch monitor to see if they match what I think I'm seeing on the course.
  13. I have the F9 OL 3, 4 & 5 hybrids. The 3 is a no-brainer for me when I need to hit a tight fairway
  14. Spin is the big factor here. You could benefit from the SZ at your swing speed if you generate more than normal spin for some reason. I create to much spin from a negative AOA, so a low spin driver helps me even with a moderate SS.
  15. I can't compare them to the 737P, but I can tell you that I can launch the 747s into the stratosphere. The combo of the Vizard 85g shaft & these heads sends rockets.
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