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  1. Easiest Pings to hit Ever!!! Also the ugliest. I had a friend that played these irons gor 20 years, hung them up in 2012...
  2. Its harder on my eyes to read the posts, the borders between posts do not pick up well. However I dont use social media, and this is the only site I post on, hate to see it go to waste since I personally have benefitted from a wealth of knowledge on classic equipment in this forum.
  3. Wilson Staffs, followed by Hogan Apex IIs, or Ping Eye 2.
  4. Love those old bags with the tubes in them, terrible to carry but great on a cart, or push cart.
  5. Every one here is interested in old clubs, value really can only be determined by what people will pay Ebay is your best bet to find what the price point for a given club will be. We would love to see what you have but cannot honestly assign a value to a club or set of irons. We can as a group tell you the history behind a club, and would enjoy doing so.
  6. Sam Snead played around this area often, since we are the closest large town near Hot Springs. He would occasionly play in games with locals at our club. Lots of legends about him around here. This is way before my time at this club but people claim when he was in town he was open to a challenge if the money was right. I cant imagine Tiger or Phil doing this today.
  7. When I first bought a set of DX irons and was doing research on them I thought the same thing, lower priced but still a green grass model. I got the Kaplan book on ebay and found out that they were truly just a different model that was aimed at the ball striker that needed some assistance. In any case the DX irons are my favorite macs to play with, they might not look as cool as my MT85s but they play better.
  8. Anything that has to do with golf and has Arnold Palmer's name on it is going to be valuable to someone. Most people who would be interested in this item would do exactly what you are suggesting. The best way to determine value is to search Ebay listings for like modeled clubs. There were a lot of those irons and woods made.
  9. Nice looking clubs. Store line, great wall hangers for any golfer, fun to play with but not a "players club" when they were originally manufactured.
  10. Not a step below as much as more of a "game improvement " iron before such things existed.
  11. Love that putter, would look great next to a set of FG17s or tour blades.
  12. I play with 2 individuals fairly regularly that are mid 70s. One guy is a retired dentist, and one guy is an accountant. They both rarely if ever shoot above a 75. Both hit driver 220- 235 with a draw, but thier game is all in thier irons and wedges. The dentist plays a different set of clubs almost every time we play, usually modern clubs, and cannot miss a wedge shot, never has a long putt. He played college golf, for a divison one school.The accountant also retired used to write for a national golf magazine, he just has a great all around game and plays all over the country. They both play
  13. I cellared tobacco for years, so luckily I have a large cabinet full of blends that are no longer commercially availible. It really is the best way to enjoy smoking, but cigars seem to get all the glory.
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