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  1. Sorry was just going off of brand it was attached to. yes Matador Midsize thanks BYK!
  2. 2 items both authentic Cameron gear. Selling together $75 will ship FedEx. 1. Mid Mallet Black Jackpot Johnny Headcover. Used it one round, don’t dig the Velcro 2. Matador midsize from Studio Design 2018 line. Grip off my Fastback. Fresh pull
  3. If you hit it well and its fit to your swing I wouldn’t spend the money. I’ve got a Cobra f9 fit to me and a Titleist 910d3 I played before. Gained some forgiveness, not a ton of distance. but it is fun to buy new clubs!
  4. Recently put Titleist 962s in play. Fresh grips and they came alive. Playing just as well as I did with my i200s and my long iron play has actually improved. Liking the club you are looking down at goes a long way sometimes.
  5. Titleist 962s I don’t play them ironically either. They are just really good ?
  6. Not at the moment. Just trying to move these on to new homes.
  7. 2 clubs tonight 1) Epic Flash 3 wood 15 degree everything stock Hzrdus Smoke 70 stiff Condition nothing out of the ordinary. Some marks in the clear coat and a lot of brush marks on the bottom. Also impact mark on toe that I got a good pic of - $105 2) Odyssey Triple Track Ten. Used 5 rounds in great shape. Just not my cup of tea. 35” will include head cover - $250
  8. 2 items that I have sitting around first is Cameron Studio Select. Full disclosure below plays 35” has 1” non steel extension in it20 gram weights; aftermarket no head cover 71* lie angle Scotty Cameron pistolini grip it’s used, has scrape on heel end, top line not beat up but not perfect either. Pics tell the story but you are buying a gamed Scotty Cameron putterlooking for sold Next Ping g410 crossover 23* only hit a few rounds, has some bag wear on backeverything dead stock Ping graphite 70 stiff looking for $110
  9. Simple sale. Fujikura Atmos blue tour spec stiff. Came out of Cobra f9. Has myfly8 tip. Minimal bag wear etc. pics tell the story $60 shipped
  10. No prob, just sold and have a couple guys in line if that falls through.
  11. Simple bit here lot of 3 Cameron grips 1x pistolero plus 1x pistolini plus 1x matador all in fine condition never saw the course sorry for the shadow in the first picture! $60 shipped
  12. Has a little bit of toe hang. Would not favor a heavy arc stroke. Can probably find some info on single bend shafts and what the favor in the forums as well
  13. Have not sold In awhile. Had a kid so things get busy quick! Just one thing tonight Scotty Cameron Futura 5w 35” Cameron pistolero grip good shape. No large dings. Some nicks and discoloring of the metal here and there. Played for a season Will include Whistling Straights cover as well looking for $250 thanks!
  14. This has been like a late 2000s WRX thread. Blind conjecture and anger! Those were the good old days! I’m excited for these putters, anything that is solid milled is going to be such a breath of fresh air at this point. have a Futura 5w and a Phantom would love to get a blade back in the collection
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